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The Toxic Chamber.

Words That Are Echo'ed From The Lips Of Toxic, Oh The Humanity!


UPDATED : 14/12/08

Hello f@ccers, i'm back! yes,it's been a while,but like all good things it was worth the wait.

Noticed that the new trend is to assault the rooms with long (big sounding) words?

I say : WTF!?

If you can"t spell it...don't use it. The key to effective conversation ? communication is to type in such a way that any person will be able to understand what you wrote..even the poor SLD clan must be able to graps the gist of your text even if they have to strain their puny underdeveloped brains to the point of exhaustion!

To conclude, the point of "countering" during a "battle" is NOT to retype what was said but rather to take into account what was said and then to hit back with a text that is so superior that the other person must either concede or use "DC" as an excuse.

G2G familia, blessed be and be blessed!

Hello Again, Yakitty Yak And All That Cac! Let Me Get To The Point...

I Was In The F@C Room[ Goblin Cove, As If You Didn't Know That ] When The Most Hilarious Thing Happened!

TJ Aka 'The Most Hated Guy' On Dark Mountain Entered & Decided To Bad-Mouth Our Members... Well, Coming From Someone That WANTED To Be Part Of Our Movement It Was Ridiculous...

He Ranted, He Raved And Just Like The Big Bad Wolf In The Three Little Pigs Blew Alot Of Wind To Prove Yet Again That There Is No Medical Quick-Fix For Stupidity!

Then, To Top The Cake He Claimed To Have Beaten The Best Battler In F@C! I MEAN WTF?! Just Shows You How Much A Well Planned Setup Can Boost The Morale Of Even A Pip-Squeek On Dark Mountain. So, Lets All Give TJ A Big Hand & A Round Of Applause For Being The Sucker, The King's Fool, The Silly Twit With An Attention Span That Will Make A Gold Fish Seem Einsteinish In Comparrison.

Tip #3 : If The Sun Is Shining..It Might Get Hot


Hello Again, Now That You Have Had Time To Digest And Ponder About Your Sudden Burst Of HeartBurn...

Wow, A Movement That Actualy Cares About Its Members And They Are Allowed To Do What They Want?!

Yeah, Get Used To It!

Last Night A F.D Clan Member [ Flaming Death ] Went Off Track & Tried To Make Us Commit Suicide By Typing Random Thoughts That Had No Bearing To The Topic At Hand, Then, A Certain "Baby Thug" Entered The Scene Then Tried To "Rap Battle" Us!

What The F@c?

Do We look Like Americans? [ Please Have A Look At "Members Of The F@c Movement" To See The Pictures Of The Members ]Slim Shady's Blood Letting F@c, How Unoriginal. No Wonder Scholars Have To Rewrite The English Language. Now, Kindly Take Note That Agraphia [ Inability To Write ] Is No Excuse To Revert To Inconsequencial Nonsense. Rather Type .Exit In The Room And Go Try Your Luck In The Flirt Zone Where The Only Diss You'll Find Is "Your Mother..." Or Even "Your Po3$..."

So, When You Enter A Room And Your Are In The Presence Of One Of Our Illustrious Brethen. Pay Close Attention To What Is Being Said, Cause You Will Much And It's Not Everyday You Get Tips For Free!

Freebie Tip #1 : Look Thrice Before Crossing The Road.


Do Not Expect A Flurry Of Eloquint Essays Or Tributes To People Even I Hardly Know... But You Can Rest Assured That Here It's No Holds Barred!

Say It Like It Is! And F@c The Consequences

Upon Entering DarkMountain Leave All Thoughts Of A Quick Cybersex Feeling Right At The F@c'ing Door... Act Like Sigourney Weaver In Alien... Tread Lightly Or Get Ready To Rub A Very Sore Ass From Getting Kicked As Fast As Jacob Zuma Using Protex Soap!

Now For Those In The Know How Of All The Intricate Plots, Schemes And Clan Tags That Gets Changed As Fast As Baby Diapers... Clan Wars Are A Waste Of Moola When Your F@c'ing HR!

These Wanna'be Loud-Mouth Can't-Even-Copy-Paste Wankers Should Rather Continue Playing Thier Pac-Man T.V Games... What A Disappointing F@c'ed Up Performance! Spraying Them With Insectocide Will Just Harm The 0-Zone... BUT... If You Want To Really Have Fun Gang-Raping Some Newbies... Well, Just Aim For The HR Tag!

You Can't Miss! Guaranteed!
Quoted From Toxic[F@C] Himself.

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