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mein k se

Any Suggestions?

Think You Got What It Takes To Upgrade FAC?

Any FAC'er Or Visitor May Leave Suggestions, We Shall Consider Them, IF! They Are Worth Being Considered.
lol I concur both of them are a Narcissistic buffoon who intends to cascade abortive vernacular to enhance their injudiciousness lack of common sense by making it a public dispensation...I am bedazzled at how the way they are exhibiting their they depict their ineptness towards eachother is uproarious lol!...seriously girls you need to get a grip of your insecurity it's pitiable having to read your inconsequential tedious virtual cat fat indeed grow up!
17.07.2011 07:51 EDT,
oh my word you guys need to grow up and come to realise that this is only a website not a warzone...Get over your egos build a bridge and get over one is better than anyone and stop trying to prove your stupidity on the site! GROW UP!
07.11.2010 06:04 EST,
Looks like you resorting to the uneviable vituperation that's very much unequivocal the unexceptional atrocious indeciphereble comment which in such a case yet again explains the indefatible indelicate behaviour that you are incessantly articulating to the very best oulimit...sweety get over your inferiority towards me it's pathetic all i read in your putrid statement was contradiction...If you liy re you back ? yet another contradicting idiot you are...why dont you take your own advice and get over your virtual obsession with me.....
18.03.2010 14:13 EDT,
ai. Zoe. Let me gv u sumthng else 2 start a rumour over lol. I left mxit hun, so if u wana say sumthng 2 me u will hv 2 cum here and waste ur time. I cnt undastnd what ur infatuation is with me, bt wat eva it is..take da time and grow up, u obviously dnt hv a life and i pity u 4 it. Im so sowi dat i couldnt say bye 2 u lol. Enjoy ur pathetic virtual life further, and plz dnt stop keeping me famous nw lmfao, uve done so well up 2 nw, keep it up gal. Mwahahahaha
20.01.2010 10:37 EST,
I can't believe it that FAC still's a shame that the ban was lifted -sigh- and to top it Kimmy is pregnant and Deon is the father of the baby? omg! how disgusting !
05.01.2010 10:41 EST,
-suggests an upgrade-(G) kekekeke
22.04.2009 02:09 EDT,
er..i either missed the 'guestbook' or there isnt one..roglmfao..i think its safe to say that the same old same old is happening on mxsh!t..i gotta say..going cold turkey is not that bad lol..although a mxit rehab would make big bucks lmfu..i pop into sites every now and then but people dont update anymore(''.)..oh well..just dropped in to say 'hoezit,howzit,v0ken hello,yes yes nbs'..keep up the k@k..its what keeps ppl going8o have a good 2009 ppl.:)
07.01.2009 16:51 EST,
Lmj ur mental propaganda and ur insecurity of social development has made me cum 2 realise da points of ur flaws r ur emotional weaknesses kim denial dnt suit u bwahaha u got nutn 2 do than justifying urself in a contradictory way if u had beta things 2 do y rply miss kiddybot?lmao my useless attempts surely had a major effect on u inferiority complex has emerged swty if ur intemidated i suggest u abandon da sh!p wh!le u can coz th!s kitty cat aint bkn down mwah tata nw bwahahahaha! Thnx 4 da pvt msg lmj!
28.12.2008 10:02 EST,
Lol ai zoe me offended? Y u thnk dat kido? Becuz i replied 2 ur msg? Jeez zoe i truly thnk u da 1 wit issues here lol and u just proved u DONT have anythng beta 2 do wahahahaha. Nw zoe take ur own advise and grow up lil gal becuz realy u nw forcing me 2 gv u attention and i promise u i have beta thngs 2 do dan 2 waste my time on a fannyfart like u. Stop ur kiddiesplay and focus more on ppl dat wil b interested in ur useless attempts. So let ths msg sink in nw and prove 2 me u mature and dnt reply. Ai kido..hope u get ths lmfao
28.12.2008 06:33 EST,
Wow ('',)u were seriously offended lmfao.shame.and u actually remarked on da ass kissing thing wow. I congratulate u not many ppl wud lmfao Y does it concern u wot i write btwn i am at liberty in liberating myself hun if u hv a prob.tough get over it. . .it seems 2 me dat u hv issues dealing wid da fact dat my 'assumptions' r true. Lol u going on like i stole ur dummy !. . .kim y dnt u tk ur own advice and cum and find me i dnt run after excrement i hv beta things 2 do unlike u mxiting 24/7/365 days ciao !
25.12.2008 00:40 EST,
Hi faccers...1stly i wana thnk judge 4 da gr8 job hs doing wit da site...and ja zoe lol hylton did start da site and did a gr8 job 2 u nt wrng bout i assume u waitng 4 a special thnx 2 lol. Zoe..ty 4 visiting our gr8 site, hope it was an educational experience 4 u, at max i ask u 2 plz say ur say in da rums honey.,plainly becuz mst ppl visiting our site is mature and realy are nt interestd in kiddies play..nw next time u want a reply on ur mumbo jumbo plz zoe...u knw whr i hang out, u welcum 2 cum lick my ass like al da ppl u so freely accuse of doing oh and thnx 4 going thro...
22.12.2008 16:14 EST,
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