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tot - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

The Judge's CourtRoom.

You Can Hear The Screams Of Objections From This F@C'ing Place.

Greetings to my Family, Friends And Visitors.

It has been 20months since the beginning of an unbelievable journey that started for me. The most loved/hated movement on Darkmountain was born....

What a journey we had sofar... and what awaits for us in the future? Who knows and who cares, just as long as we can look back on our path and say: " F@c'n Hell! It was been an awesome Ride!"

So for those of you who have started the ride with me and those who has just recently joined, thank you for changing my limitations into beautiful preveliges.

A SPECIAL word of thank you to Tox, General and Biatch... Without you F@c would never have been and become what it is, it is an honour to walk with you guys, you are the pillars of this Movement, you are the Heart and Backbone of F@c.

God Bless
This Court Is Offcially In Session.

Ab Initio In Toto Ad Infinitum De Facto.

A Grave & Dire Matter Needs To Be Addressed. Over The Past Few Months I Have Heard & Read Statements That Is So Horrendeous, That The Very Essence Of Humanity Is In Question. In My Final Verdict, You Won't Find Any In Nuce [ Sarcastic Remarks For Those Who Don't Understand ], But Only The Utter Truth Of The F@c-ts At Hand.

The Irrevocable F@c-t Remains That The Dark Mountain Is Indeed Infested With Irredeemable Cunts [ Where Cunts Refer To: Flirts, Retards, Idiots & The H.elpless R.etards Clan - HR].

After Numerous Statements From Professional Witnesses [ Dr. Oz & Dr. Phill ] It Is Clear That Dark Mountain Is In One Hell Of A Predictament. Dr. Oz Said, And I Quote: "Stupidity Is An Illness That Can NOT Be Cured Or Treated And I Am Sorry To Say, But The Only Way To Help These Cunts Is By Constantly Reminding Them Of Their Stupidity. If There Is A Cure For This, It Must Be With The Self-Healing Rrocess."

This Quote Is From Dr. Phill: "Cunts Have A Mindset Of Their Own, Not Even I, As Great As I May Be, Can Cure Them, They Are So F@c'ing Thick, Not Even Hypnotic Treatment Can Help Them. Idiocity Is Incurable."

Taking It All Into Consideration, I Have Come To The Conclusion That... Cunts, Flirts, Retards Or Idiots [ Call Them What You Want ] Will Never Be Apart Of The Intelligentia, And Their Ignorance Is Unrivalled. Unfortunatly They Are Part Of Our Society Of Human-Beings, But It Still Doesn't Give Them The Right To Trespass Where They Are Most Unwanted.

Hence My Verdict Is In Favour Of F@c. So F@c All Clans/Cunts. I Quote From The General: "We Are The Cornerstone Of The Dark Mountain." So Anyone Who Dare To Cross Swords With F@c Shall Be Prosecuted. I Hereby Give All F@c-ateers The Right To Obliterate Any & All Cunts. And For The Other Mountain Users That Share The Same Sentiments With F@c, Feel Free To Join In Their Righteous Quest Against Cunts.

Ex Unitate Vires

This Court Is Adjourn!

May God Have Mercy On Your Souls.

Quoted From Judge[F@cc] Himself.
UPDATED : 10/12/2007

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