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Show me what u,ve got

Yo! I love my Hip-Hop, so if u feel dat u can bust sum good plz do... O and no wack SHIT up in dis MADA FACA...
Im a hustler kile wa bona kae umrapper a gqogi All Star/I'm da type of nigga ga o mosheba ke legintsa/Soweto where I'm 4rm ba mpitsa Masenya, lyricaly ba ntseba/ le maketse gale nkuthlwa ke rapper ka vanacula/ek se suta ke batla go suthla and dats my lyrics/I don't care how heavy u are ke tla go kuka/I'm hardcore even though otla o tswere Bazooka/atleast u heard it 4rm me ga wa uthwa ka dirumour....SHIT DATS 1 OF MY SCRIPS SO PLZ BUST SUM 4 ME 2...AIT!!!

You wont last long like weed in brass bongs
Just another fag on sum sad bitch ass songs
I shine sober cuz Bugz is a soldier
Beat that ass like Roy Jones

bomb like Sadan, split america in two
The wrap all around your haed like Erika Badu
My issues, miss use, human inatomy
Tearin your flesh and you muscle tissues
Knock em out _then check em in
And stand firm hold my nuts waitin on your second wind
The nine shot, punch you in your naval and rip your spine out
Talkin bout you run this shit when u got no legs
Plus you all booty like Jennifer Lopez
Scratch the skin off your back like fur theives
Grab your throught like a nurse squeeze
Make the earth freeze
Stick you for a lifetime like herpes
Challenge Evil Canivel
_ jumpin in a Regal
Challange _Riggs
and being lethal
Challengin fiends
and stealin aluminum siding
Challenge eminem
smokin dope while hang gliding
Challengin hit field hunkies
To a square dance
And climb Mt Everast blindfolded with my bare hands
Aint no fair chance
If any one want beef
Then Come to me....
10 seconds kiss you ass good riddance
Tell them niggas i wasnt bull shittin
We could fight like a kung fu flick
Choose you weapon
Shake hands
Knock you ass out in 10 seconds
I have shitted on so many M.C's
_should be my sponser
Have _ rob ya for your diamonds and pearls
While im in the next room havin my way with your girl
I swear _, any mc up in here
My niggas pop so many guns you swear it was new years
You gunna need a _when my friend battlin you
Pop shit my gangs on Vermont Avenue
You niggas aint crooks plus you all shook
Have you mom suck my cock while i read playboy books
I aint sayin im the illest mc
But ask 10 outta 10 niggas and 10 gunna say me....

Pushin cats in wheel chairs down flights of stairs
Startin fights with chairs
(Some body died!!)
Like we care
Invite bitches to go hikin with me
Up a mountain
Throw em off
And tell there moms she died from skinny dippin in the fountain...
Make way for the hell raiser
Mysterious neighbor
Cuttin throats with broke Coke
Bottles and rusty razors
I ain't the one to save you in a crisis
I kick you while you're down
Snatch you up and ask you who's the nicest
Better say me
Or I'll put your next to some vice crips
And squeeze until they lifeless
I stayin confidence with my mind
About being good or evil
I'm deceitful
Lethal when I leave you...
In various locations
I'll be wylin' out at places
I'm why they're running out
Of handicap parking spaces
Intense dreams
You want suspense? It's endless
How I massacre crews
Leave you solo and friendless
Contact lens less then lifeless
The trifest MC
You never wanna fight with
Or rock a mic with
Carry a knife with
Da Brigade on the night shift
Pack this big dick that I use to fuck your wife with
You ain't the nicest
Derelicts with intelligence
Leaving your grill wide open like pelicans
Just wait
My words penetrate through your vertebrate
Til it snap your neck brace
And crack your chest plate...
Spitting up bills scriptures and gumps
Till you punks get the picture
Get it?
If rap was a whore you couldn't hit it
I make it my business
Twenty four seven to try and stick it...
Gotta get it
I gotta give it to you non-stop
Bombs drop lyrical warfare I'm onslaught
Dead bodies rot
I'm making your body rock
Licking them off like lollipops
That the shotty pop
Da Master snatch rolex chains, watches and anklets
Dissin' the stank bitch
Packing heaters to make you thank quick
Now ain't this
Something you don't want a piece of
Don't worry about waiting...

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