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ill - Logos

Best Hip-Hop Has 2 Offer

This is Some of the Hardcore Rappers In da fucken WORLD!!!!!


"Second Round K.O."

[in the first section Tyson speaks over the "Rip Rock" instrumental]

[Mike Tyson]
Yo Canibus man, whassup man?
I caught you on that cut with Wyclef man - you were boomin
But I caught these foul slouch-ass niggaz, youknowmean?
Talkin foul bout you the other night
on the corner of the boulevard man - I wasn't with that
but I ain't know you well enough to defend you though right?
But you seem like you got true game
But.. peep game man, they've been playin me all my life man
You know I won the title a couple of times, did right, youknowmean?
But they can't hurt us man, we gon' do it
Get up in this ring man put on these gloves
Let me show how to handle yourself man
You don't got nobody out there with you
I gots to show you man, get up in there move that head man
Come on to me man, but when you come man you gotta come for blood man
Come up to me man, come on bust that nigga whole man
Niggaz talkin that shit about you..

Hey Mike Tyson here speakin with the Canibus man over here
Yo Canibus your main objective out here is to do nuttin but
eat eat eat eat MC's, for lunch, breakfast
Hey man they been playin me all my life man
You know I won the title a couple of times did right
No but they can't hurt us man
We gonna do it, get up in this ring man, put on these gloves
Let me show you how to handle this yourself man

So I'ma let the world know the truth, you don't want me to shine
You studied my rhyme, then you laid your vocals after mine
That's a bitch move, somethin that a homo rapper would do
So when you say that you +Platinum+, you only droppin +Clue's+
I studied your background, read the book that you wrote
Researched your footnotes, bout how you used to sniff coke
Frontin like a drug-free role model, you disgust me
I know bitches that seen you smoke weed recently
You walk around showin off your body cause it sells
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