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While you will find that many 'Goth's' listen to Black Metal and/or Death Metal.. There are 'Goth's' who listen to more Mainstream genres..
Me.. I do listen to Black Metal and Death Metal.. I shall list bands (with the genre they fall into next to the band name..).. As well as other genres I listen to..
Genres I listen to the most:
-Black Metal..
-Death Metal..
-Gore Metal..
-Dark Ambient..
-Industrial Noise..
-Hardcore Dance..
-Hard House Dance..
I listen to other Genres and Sub-Genres as well..
Bands/ Artists/ DJs I own CDs of:
Dance etc CDs:
-Euphoria: Hard House.. Mixed By Lisa Lashes..
-Euphoria: Hard House.. Mixed By The Tidy Boys vs Lisa Pin-Up..
-Hard Dance To Hardcore Acceleration.. Mixed By Billy 'Daniel' Bunter..
-Ministry Presents:.. Futuretrax.. Mixed By Seb Fontaine..
-Nukleuz:.. Trance Sessions.. Volume One.. 2005..
-Mark H..
-Vinyl Vera.. June '04.. "Not Worthy"..
Metal etc CDs:
-36 Crazyfists (Post-Hardcore/ Metalcore)..
-Akercocke (Blackened Death Metal) (My 3rd favorite band)..
-AMEN (Punk)..
-Arch Enemy (Melodic Death Metal)..
-The Berzerker (Extreme Metal)..
-Black Sabbath (Heavy Metal)..
-Bleeding Through (Metalcore)..
-Bullet For My Valentine (Metalcore)..
-Cannibal Corpse (Death Metal)..
-Chimaira (Metal)..
-Children of Bodom (Metal)..
-Circulus (Psychedelic Folk/ Progressive Rock)..
-Cradle of Filth (Extreme Metal)..
-ChthoniC (Melodic Black Metal)..
-darkest hour (Metalcore)..
-Darkthrone (True Norwegian Black Metal)..
-The Distillers (Punk Rock)..
-DevilDriver (Death Metal)..
-Dimmu Borgir (Symphonic Black Metal)..
-Draugar (Black Metal)..
-Hatebreed (Hardcore Punk)..
-Hate Eternal (Extreme/ Brutal Death Metal)..
-HIM ("Love" Metal)..
-Himsa (Metal)..
-I Am Ghost (Post-Hardcore Metal)..
-Immortal (Black Metal)..
-In Flames (Melodic Death Metal)..
-King Diamond (Heavy Metal)..
-Leaves' Eyes (Symphonic Metal/ Folk Metal)..
-Lordi (Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal)..
-Lustmord (Dark Ambient/ Industrial Noise)..
-Machine Head (Heavy Metal)..
-Mortiis (Dark Ambient (early)/ Industrial Rock (now)..
-My Dying Bride (Doom Metal/ Death Metal)..
-My Ruin (Hard Rock)..
-Napalm Death (Grindcore (early)/ Death Metal (now) (My all time favorite band)..
-Nile (Extreme/ Brutal Death Metal)..
-Opeth (Death Metal)..
-Pig Destroyer (Deathgrind)..
-Satyricon (Black Metal)..
-Stone Sour (Alternative Metal)..
-Strapping Young Lad (Extreme Metal)..
-System Of A Down (Metal)..
-Theatres des Vampires (Symphonic Black Metal (early)/ Gothic Metal (now) (My 2nd favorite band)..
-Type O Negative (Goth/ Doom Metal)..
-Vesania (Black Metal)..
-Within Temptation (Symphonic Metal)..
Bands, I own MP3s of (not in alphabetical order):
-Amaranthine Trampler (Funeral Doom Metal)..
-Beyond Terror Beyond Grace (Death Metal)..
-Eternal Scapegoat (Metal)..
-EXSANGUINATOR (Death Metal)..
-GrotBag (Grindcore)..
-jism webs (Grindcore)..
-Lordhelme (Black Metal)..
-Obscurity (Death Metal)..
-Ocultan (Black Metal)..
-Polyphem (Industrial)..
-Northern Legion (Black Metal)..
-speedcorewhore (Gabba)..
-Gothminister (Goth/ Industrial/ Industrial Rock)..
-Mmrothilla (Heavy Rock)..
-CUPCAKE (Death Metal)..
-Diabolical Dismemberment (Death Metal)..
-Flesh Embraced (Death Metal)..
-ManArchY (Techno)..
-Morgueazm (Metal)..
-necros (Techno)..
-Darkim (Death Metal)..
-Infernal Tenebra (Black Metal)..
-Taur Nu Fuin (Dark Ambient)..
-The Amenta (Black Metal)..
-Vermin Infested Cunt Lickers (Metal)..
-Vilify (Metal)..
-wrecked (Rock)..
-Aardtmann Op Vuurtopberg (Dark Ambient)..
-Angtoria (Metal)..
-Cruor Ignis (Metal)..
-Devil Sold His Soul (Metal)..
-Grotesque (Death Metal)..
-Hungry Lucy (Industrial/ Pop)..
-Love Spirals Downwards (Industrial/ Pop)..
-Magica (Metal)..
-Neon Zoo (Industrial/ EBM)..
-The Synthetic Dream Foundation (Industrial/ EBM)..
-War From A Harlots Mouth (Metal)..
-Ankle Deep In Blood (Gore/ Death Metal)..
-By Dawn Cursed (Black Metal)..
-Carnophage (Metal)..
-Cuntmuncher (Metal)..
-Demonic Resurrection (Metal)..
-Depresion (Death Metal)..
-humanizerr (Metal)..
-Seven Angels (Metal)..
-UNCLE CHUCK (Metal)..
-Die In Progress (Death Metal)..
-Dykeslayer (Dark Ambient)..
-Infetu (Dark Ambient/ Industrial Noise)..
-Warpmasher (Noise)..
-Bowel Fetus (Doom Metal/ Death Metal/ Grindcore/ Deathgrind)..
-filthymaggotcunt (Grind)..
-Shade Empire (Death Metal)..
-Vomitorial Corpulence (Christian Gore/ Grind Metal)..
-ZONTOX (Metal)..
-Breed Of Dawn (Rock/ Metal)..
-INGER DE FIER (Industrial)..
Bands I enjoy.. But own no CDs.. Or MP3's of.. Yet..:
-1394 (Black Metal)..
-Aborym (Black Metal)..
-Agalloch (Black Metal)..
-Akitsa.. (Black Metal)..
-Ancient Rites (Black Metal)..
-Beseech (Metal)..
-Bigod 20 (EBM)..
-Bird Flesh (Grindcore)..
-Blood Has Been Shed (Metal)..
-Blood Red Throne (Death Metal)..
-Bloodbath (Death Metal)..
-Burzum (Black Metal)..
-Carpathian Forest (Black Metal)..
-Celtic Frost (Black Metal)..
-CKY (Rock)..
-Corpsefucking Art (Death Metal)..
-Dragonlord (Black Metal)..
-Eternal Tears of Sorrow (Death Metal)..
-Goretrade (Gore Metal)..
-Gorgoroth (Black Metal)..
-Gothminister (Goth/ Industrial)..
-Handful of Hate (Black Metal)..
-Lord Gore (Gore Metal)..
-Meshuggah (Industrial/ Death Metal)..
-Mindless Self Indulgence (Extreme Metal)..
-Naglfar (Black Metal)..
-Siebenburgen (Black Metal)..
-Static X (Industrial Metal)..
-The Agony Scene (Metal)..
-The Dresden Dolls (Goth)..
-The Klinik (EBM)..
-Thy Serpent (Black Metal)..
-Vader (Death Metal)..
-Vile (Death Metal)..

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