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ab - Animals/Nature


Obscure Poems
Some Guy
(And A Dog Named Lou)

Far and away in a little known town
A man sits in a dimly lit room
Next to him is his trusty hound
In the distance the moon does loom
There is not much for him to do
So he sits in his shack
With the hound he calls Lou
He is not good with people or words, has no tact
Conversations are his bog
He'd rather not go out and socialize
So he stays home with his dog
For entertainment his computer and Lou he relies
His monitor gives off a hue through the window
As he searches an internet dating site
Looking for his equal, a dumb bimbo
But he has no luck this and every night
So decides to play internet poker
Thinking he too can be like Barry Greenstein, Phil Ivey or Gus Hansen
But he plays more like Al Roker
And is not quite as handsome
So he sits alone with Lou
Irrelevant in life with nothing else to do

Anson Pine

Hallelujah For Fallujah

I am obscure
Known to no one
My life I endure
On the run
Killed a man in Fallujah
And throughout the Sunni Triangle
Cut off their heads and yelled hallelujah
One quick whack and his head no longer did dangle
I may just be one Iraqi
But you can't stop a whole country
That's gone completely whacky

Saeed Ahmed Al-Shehhi Haznawi

Watching Time Run Amok

I am as restless as a letterbox
That happens to live across
From a teenage boy with cherry bombs
That he is inclined to toss
Feeling the after shocks
Of not wearing enough sun block
Staring blindly at the clock
And watching time run amok
And under paid
In a relationship
But not getting laid
Life is a vicious, relentless and winding road
A spiraling out of control merry-go-round
Headed straight into a bottomless commode
And someone forgot to put the seat down

Lumpy Rutherford

The Introduction

Limitless arrogance
Ignorant to consequence
Blind or just very dense
To impending pestilence
Superior in stubbornness
Magnificent in creating a mess
Excels in causing distress
Clueless on a plan for success
Resents any form of dissent
Believes that he is heaven sent
Ladies and gentlemen
Please welcome your President

Buddy Sorell

A Glimpse of Freedom

I'll never forget the beautiful sunsets as dusk descends on Baghdad
The gorgeous autumn leaves flecked with hemoglobin and plasma
My friends Kenny and Todd shipped back to the states in a glad bag
On a positive note this desert air is really good for my asthma
Grape leaves with no preservatives always please my palate
I'm happy I'm drinking cold spring water instead of camel urine
My first roommate here took his life with a pewter mallet
I have a snapshot of a Bedouin holding the shroud of Turin
We've been told we cannot rest 'till we've erased every insurgent
I don't know what insurgent means but I'll kill them just the same
When I wash entrails from my fatigues I use a strong detergent
When I get back to my job at the post office I'm sure I'll go insane

Ned Heffersow


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