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mare - Comics/Fantasy/Anime


Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Faust Part I

(Scenes VII to XV)

A. S. Kline ã2003 All Rights Reserved

This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose.

Scene VII: A Street

(Faust. Margaret, passing by.)


Lovely lady, may I offer you 2605

My arm, and my protection, too?


Not lovely, nor the lady you detected,

I can go home, unprotected.

(She releases herself and exits.)


By Heavens, the child is lovely!

I’ve never seen anything more so. 2610

She’s virtuous, yet innocently

Pert, and quick-tongued though.

Her rosy lips, her clear cheeks,

I’ll not forget them in many a week!

The way she cast down her eyes, 2615

Deep in my heart, imprinted, lies:

How curt in her speech she was,

Well that was quite charming, of course!

(Mephistopheles enters.)

Listen, you must get that girl for me!


Which one?


The girl who just went by. 2620


That one, there? She’s come from the priest,

Absolved of all her sins, while I

Crept into a stall nearby:

She is such an innocent thing,

She’s no need to sit confessing: 2625

I’ve no power with such as those, I mean!


Yet, she’s older than fourteen.


Now you’re speaking like some Don Juan

Who wants every flower for himself alone,

Conceited enough to think there’s no honour, 2630

To be plucked except by him, nor favour:

But that’s never the case, you know.


Master Moraliser is that so?

With me, best leave morality alone!

I’m telling you, short and sweet, 2635

If that young heart doesn’t beat

Within my arms, tonight - so be it,

At midnight, then our pact is done.


Think, what a to and fro it will take!

I need at least fourteen days, to make 2640

Some kind of opportunity to meet her.


If I’d seven hours at my call,

I’d not need the Devil at all,

To seduce such a creature.


You’re almost talking like a Frenchman: 2645

But don’t let yourself get all annoyed:

What’s the use if she’s only part enjoyed?

Your happiness won’t be as prolonged,

As if you were to knead and fashion

That little doll, with every passion, 2650

Up and down, as yearning preaches,

And many a cunning rascal teaches.


I’ve enough appetite without all that.


Now, without complaint or jesting, what

I’m telling you is, with this lovely child, 2655

Once and for all, you mustn’t be wild.

She won’t be taken by storm, I said:

We’ll need to use cunning instead.


Get me a part of the angels’ treasure!

Lead me to where she lies at leisure! 2660

Get me a scarf from her neck: aspire

To a garter, that’s my heart’s desire.


So you can see how I will strain

To help you, and ease your pain,

We’ll not let an instant slip away, 2665

I’ll lead you to her room today.


And shall I see her? And have her?


No! She has to visit a neighbour.

Meanwhile, you can be alone there,

With every hope of future pleasure, 2670

Enjoy her breathing space, at leisure.


Can we go?


Her room’s not yet free.


Look for a gift for her, from me!

(He exits.)


A present? Good! He’s sure to work it!

I know many a lovely place, up here, 2675

And many an ancient buried treasure:

I must have a look around for a bit.

(He exits.)

Scene VIII: Evening, A small well-kept room.

(Margaret, plaiting and fastening the braids of her hair.)


I’d give anything if I could say

Who that gentleman was, today!

He’s brave for certain, I could see, 2680

And from some noble family:

That his face readily told –

Or he wouldn’t have been so bold.

(She exits.) (Mephistopheles and Faust appear.)


Come in: but quietly, I mean!

Faust (After a moment’s silence.)

I’d ask you, now, to leave me be! 2685

Mephistopheles (Poking about.)

Not every girl keeps thing so clean.

(Mephistopheles exits.)


Welcome, sweet twilight glow,

That weaves throughout this shrine!

Sweet love-pangs grip my heart so,

That on hope’s dew must live, and pine! 2690

How a breath of peace breathes around,

Its order, and contentment!

In this poverty, what wealth is found!

In this prison, what enchantment!

(He throws himself into a leather armchair near the bed.)

Accept me now, you, who with open arms 2695

Gathered joy and pain, in past days, where,

How often, ah, with all their childish charms

The little flock hung round their father’s chair!

There my beloved, perhaps, cheeks full, stands,

Grateful for all the gifts of Christmas fare, 2700

Kissing her grandfather’s withered hands.

Sweet girl, I feel your spirit, softly stray,

Through the wealth of order, all around me,

That with motherliness instructs, each day,

The tablecloth to lie smooth, at your say, 2705

And even the wrinkled sand beneath your feet.

O beloved hand, so goddess-like!

This house because of you is Heaven’s like.

And here!

(He lifts one of the bed curtains.)

What grips me with its bliss!

Here I could stand, slowly lingering. 2710

Here, Nature, in its gentlest dreaming,

Formed an earthly angel within this.

Here the child lay! Life, warm,

Filled her delicate breast,

And here, in pure and holy form, 2715

A heavenly image was expressed!

And I! What leads me here?

Why do I feel so deeply stirred?

What do I seek? Why such a heavy heart?

Poor Faust! I no longer know who you are. 2720

Is there a magic fragrance round me?

I urged myself on, to the deepest delight,

And feel myself melt in Love’s dreaming flight!

Are we the sport of every lightest breeze?

And if she appeared at this instant, 2725

How to atone for being so indiscreet?

The great man, alas, of little moment!

Would lie here, melting, at her feet.

Mephistopheles (Appearing.)

Quick! I see her coming, there.


Away! Away! I’ll not return again. 2730


Here’s a casket fairly loaded, then,

I’ve ...

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