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waterveilcavern - Comics/Fantasy/Anime


Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Faust Part I

(Scenes XVI to XXV)

A. S. Kline ã2003 All Rights Reserved

This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose.

Scene XVI: Martha’s Garden

(Margaret. Faust.)


Promise me, Heinrich!


If I can!


Say, as regards religion, how you feel. 3415

I know that you are a dear, good man,

Yet, for you, it seems, it has no appeal.


Leave that alone, child! You feel I’m kind to you:

For Love I’d give my blood, my life too.

I’ll rob no man of his church and faith. 3420


That’s not right, we must have faith.


Must we?


Ah, if in this I was only fluent!

You don’t respect the Holy Sacrament.


I respect it.


Without wanting it, though. You’ve passed

So many years without confession, or mass. 3425

Do you believe in God?


My darling, who dare say:

‘I believe in God’?

Choose priest to ask, or sage,

The answer would seem a joke, would it not,

Played on whoever asks?


So, you don’t believe? 3430


Sweetest being, don’t misunderstand me!

Who dares name the nameless?

Or who dares to confess:

‘I believe in him’?

Yet who, in feeling, 3435


Says: ‘I don’t believe’?

The all-clasping,

The all-upholding,

Does it not clasp, uphold, 3440

You: me, itself?

Don’t the heavens arch above us?

Doesn’t earth lie here under our feet?

And don’t the eternal stars, rising,

Look down on us in friendship? 3445

Are not my eyes reflected in yours?

And don’t all things press

On your head and heart,

And weave, in eternal mystery,

Visibly: invisibly, around you? 3450

Fill your heart from it: it is so vast,

And when you are blessed by the deepest feeling,

Call it then what you wish,

Joy! Heart! Love! God!

I have no name 3455

For it! Feeling is all:

Names are sound and smoke,

Veiling Heaven’s bright glow.


That’s all well and good, I know,

The priest says much the same, 3460

Only, in slightly different words.


It’s what all hearts, say, everywhere

Under the heavenly day,

Each in its own speech:

And why not I in mine? 3465


Listening to you, it almost seems quite fine,

Yet something still seems wrong, to me,

Since you don’t possess Christianity.


Dear child!


I’ve long been grieved

To see you in such company. 3470


Why, who?


That man who hangs round you so,

I hate him in my innermost soul:

Nothing in all my life has ever

Given my heart such pain, no, never,

As his repulsive face has done. 3475


Don’t be afraid of him, sweet one!


His presence here, it chills my blood.

To every other man I wish good:

But much as I’m longing to see you

I’ve a secret horror of seeing him, too, 3480

I’ve thought him a rogue, all along!

God forgive me, if I do him wrong!


There have to be such odd fellows.


I’d rather not live with such as those!

Once he’s inside the door, again, 3485

He looks around in a mocking way,

And half-severely:

You can see he’s not at all in sympathy:

It’s written on his forehead even,

That there’s no spirit of love within. 3490

I’m so happy in your arms,

Free, untroubled, and so warm,

Yet I’m stifled in his presence.


You angel, full of presentiments!


It oppresses me, so deeply, too, 3495

That when he meets with us, wherever,

I feel that I no longer love you.

Ah I can’t pray when he’s there,

And that gnaws inside me: oh,

Heinrich, for you too, surely it’s so. 3500


It’s merely an antipathy!


I must go now.


Ah, will there never be

An hour where I can clasp you to my heart,

And heart to heart, and soul, to soul impart?


Ah, if I only slept alone! 3505

For you, I’d gladly draw the bolt tonight:

But my mother hears the slightest tone,

And if we were caught outright,

I’d die on the selfsame spot!


You angel: no need for that. 3510

Here is a little phial to keep!

Three drops of this, in her drink, she’ll take,

And Nature will favour her with deepest sleep.


What would I not do for your sake?

I hope that it won’t harm her though! 3515


Would I advise it, Love, if it were so?


Ah, I only have to see you, dearest man,

And something bends me to your will,

For you, so much, I have already done,

Little remains for me to do for you still. 3520

(She exits.)

(Mephistopheles enters.)

The little monkey! Has it gone?


Spying again, are you?


I’ve heard in infinite detail, how

The Doctor works his catechism through,

And I hope it does you good, now.

Girls are always so keen to review 3525

Whether one’s virtuous, and sticks to the rules.

They think if a man can be led, he’ll follow too.


Monster, you can’t see

How this true loving soul,

Full of a belief, 3530

That is wholly

Her salvation, torments herself so,

In case her lover should be lost indeed.


You sensual wooer, beyond the sensual,

A Magdalen leads you by the nose, I see. 3535


Abortion, of the filth and fire of hell!


And how well she reads one’s physiognomy:

In my presence, senses, without knowing how,

The hidden mind behind the mask: she feels

That I’m an evil genius, at least, and now 3540

Perhaps, that it’s the Devil it conceals.

So, tonight? –



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