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Match Four

ECW Championship rematch: Tommy Dreamer vs. Forxx

"I SEE YOU BECAUSE YOU WONT GET OUT OF WAAAAAY... I HEAR YOU, CAUSE YOU WONT QUITE SCREAMING MY NAAAME.... I FEEL YOU, CAUSE YOU WONT TOUCHING MY SKKKKKKIN... I NEED YOU, THEY'RE COMING TO TAKE YOU AWAAAAAAY" blares Breaking Benjamin as Forxx marchs out of the back alongside his manager and the ECW Owner Paul Heyman, Paul giving a huge smug grin as he heads around the ring to retrieve a microphone, the crowd jeering Forxx every inch of the way

"Forxx quite possibly the most unpopular champion in ECW history, at least since Mike Awesome anyway" claims Styles as Heyman, in black suit and Yankees cap enters the ring, mic in hand

"Ladies and gentlemen..." begins Heyman as he moves to the center of the ring, Forxx leaping onto the apron and stepping through the ropes into the ring

"Look at this guy..." spits Tazz "He looks like a corpse on crack"

Styles has no answer as Forxx stands by his manager, the big man sneering at the rabid crowd who are all over his back

"Ladies and gentlemen you are PRIVILEGED to bear witness not only to the rebirth of ECW, to the NEW breed of extreme... but tonight you will bare witness to the destruction of the man who symbolizes everything that went wrong with the old ECW... Tommy Dreamer"

The crowd pop

"Tommy isnt a star, he isnt even a wrestler... as somebody once said... he's nothing but a glorified stuntman. Tonight, a REAL wrestler, Forxx will claim the ECW Title for a second time and then go on at Survivor Series to unify the ECW and WWE Championships when he defeats Mr Sports Entertainment personified Randy Orton"

The crowd jeer, many confused as are Styles and Tazz. Heyman smiles

"Yes you did hear that correctly, you see my client Forxx is OFFICIALLY laying claim to the number one contendership of the World. Who has better credentials than this man? United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion and ECW Champion, the most dominant man in the business today. Randy Orton, Ric Flair, i dont care who, thats a challenge made, either accept it like men or walk away from this man... the NEXT Undisputed Champion of the World"

With that and to another round of jeers and you sold out chants Heyman exits the ring to the outside and the arena erupts, Alice in Chains hitting


"TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY" cry the fans as Dreamer strides through the entrance way in black pants and ECW T-Shirt, the ECW World Title over his shoulder. Dreamer stops and grins at the reception before heading down the aisle, slapping hands at either side as Forxx looks on from the ring

"Tommy Dreamer, as Paul E said, all about what ECW stands for but where as Heyman now takes that to be a bad ting Tazz, i can only see it as good, ECW is not about Sports Entertainment, not about Vince McMahon, not about Stephanie or Brian Gerwitz, its about everything that man went through to stand in this ring today as ECW Champion"

Dreamer climbs the steps and into the ring, heading to every side of the ring with the belt before handing it to our Referee, it being paraded again as Jason Roberts steps forward, Dreamer and Forxx staring each other down across the ring

"Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first the challenger, weighing in this evening at 326lbs, he is a former ECW Champion..... FORXX" we hear as he steps forward with both arms raised, shooting Dreamer an acid look before heading back to his corner and leaning back against the ropes, the crowd roaring again as Dreamer steps forward


Enormous roar for the hometown boy


Dreamer puts his arms out and roars into the crowd, turning to face Forxx as Roberts slides out and we're underway. The two men circle each other for a brief moment before locking up, Forxx backs Dreamer into the ropes and scores with a Shoulder Thrust, big time impact into the midsection. Dreamers winded and looks to be in trouble already as Forxx drags him by the head from the corner and scoops him up over his shoulder.... Snake Eyes across the top Turnbuckle. Dreamer bounces off clutching his face... and is Clotheslined to the outside by Forxx, the challenger immediately following. Dreamers to his feet and looks to hit Forxx with a quick right - blocked, Forxx hits one of his own, Dreamer staggering into the railings but hitting a perfect and unsuspecting kick as Forxx approaches. It only buys him a little time but its more than enough as Dreamer hits another right and a third, grabs Forxxs arm on the outside, after the Whip... reversed, Dreamer smacking into the ringpost and Forxx going right for the steps. Styles is horrified as Forxx with that freakish strength lifts the top of the metal steps over his head and charges at Dreamers whos still hanging on the post, his head about to be crushed between metal and metal... Dreamer leaps aside just in time, an enormous clang as they connect. Forxx is momentarily stunned and staggers back, unsteady on his feet under the weight of the steps... Dreamer scores with almost a spear, a roar goin up as Forxx hits concrete, the steps coming down over his head. Dreamer grins and calls for a weapon from a near by bunch of fans, sure enough he's soon handed a chair. Dreamer moves over to the downed Forxx, the steps still over his face.... THWONK, Dreamer smacks the chair into the steps, the noise surely deafening to Forxx as Dreamer does it again and again and again, eventually tossing the chair into the ring and kicking the steps from Forxxs now bleeding head. Forxx tries to sit up and sure enough he gets all the help in the World from Tommy, pulled to his feet and Whipped into the barrier with enough force to send the barrier half over, the fans leaping back. Dreamer moves quickly in, stomping Forxx down to the concrete and reaching once more for something from the crowd, this time a cup of beer. Dreamer frowns, possibly hoping it'd be glass but he drinks it anyway and spurts to contents into Forxxs face, not just and insult put almost certain to irritate the gaping wound across Forxxs forehead as Joey Styles points out. Forxx is dragged to his feet and rolled back under the bottom rope, Tommy taking a second chair from under the ring along with a silver object that we cant make out, sliding them both into the ring and following. Forxx is staggering to his feet, using the ropes for support as Dreamer strides over, the object in his hand... and he presses it into Forxxs face, the crowd roaring as the camera gets in close to reveal its a cheese grater, a small ECW chant starting as Forxx cries out in pain. Dreamer casts it aside, the challengers flesh and blood hanging off it. Dreamer goes to the chairs, laying one flat on the mat and picking up the other, stalking Forxx as he turns toward him... THWACK, he smashes the metal off his opponents cranium. Dreamer scoops Forxx up over his shoulders as he keels over, looking for the Dreamer Driver on the chair... but Forxx has the head, spins around to the side, head under his arm... DDT on the chair, beautiful counter. Forxx whips blood and beer from his eyes and looks enraged at the sight of it on his hands as he gets up, picking up Dreamers chair and lifting it high... THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, beating the seven shades out of the Innovator of Violence. Forxx grabs Dreamers head as he tries to cover up, Styles outraged as he puts it between the two pieces of the chair, taking a page from MNMs book here.... but Forxx stamps on it instead, the crowd wincing as Dreamer thrashes around clutching his surely shattered neck, Forxx giving a sick little smirk as blood pours from Dreamers mouth, Heyman screaming Forxx on, his delight clear on his face. Forxx holds his arm aloft, signaling it could be time for the Execution as he moves the other chair back into place with his foot. Forxx grabs the rising Dreamer by the head, the chair cast aside as blood pours on the canvas, Styles alarmed at the amount as he covers Tommys mouth and neck, the white letters on his T-Shirt also splattered. The crowd suddenly give a massively mixed response to something off camera, Forxx not noticing as he scoops Dreamer up over his shoulder... and suddenly a figures in the ring, having come from the aisle

"THATS RANDY ORTON, THE WWE CHAMPION" screams Styles, this ECW crowd largely booing him as Forxx turns around, Dreamer still on his shoulders... Standing Dropkick by Orton, ignoring the barrage from the crowd. Forxx drops Tommy and staggers back, Orton pouncing... RKO, Dreamer rolls across



"THREE, DREAMER RETAINS" blares Joey as the crowd pop, Alice in Chains blaring from the speakers as the RKO T-Shirted Randy Orton offers a hand to Dreamer, Tommy taking it and standing as Paul Heyman puts his own hands to his head in shock

"IIIIIIIII...... IIIIIIII....... IM THE MAAAN IN THE BOX... BURRRRRRIED IN MA SHIT........ WOOOOOOOONT YOU COMMMMMME AND SAVE ME? SAVE ME?" roars the music, almost but not quite drowning out the "He's a cokehead" chants aimed at Orton

"These ECW fans not happy with the WWE Champions assist here" acknowledges Styles but Dreamer seems happy enough, blood still poring for his mouth, one of the steel chairs in his hand.

"Well if you're a WWE fan you'll have see that Forxx attacked Randy Orton last Monday on Raw, i gotta believe he's still pissed off that Orton won the King of the Ring when he was unfairly eliminated in his opinion, Paul Heyman throwing his hat in the ring as the number one contender before this match" recaps Joey, Orton holding out his hand to Dreamer who takes it... and as the crowd roar wont let go as Orton tries to break away. Orton looks alarmed but suddenly the chair in Dreamers other hand is swinging

THWAAAAAAAAAAAACK, Dreamer flattens Orton to the roar of the crowd

"THATS RANDY ORTON, THATS THE WWE CHAMPION" blurts out the stunned Styles as Dreamer holds aloft the chair with a sadistic grin

"ECW, ECW, ECW, ECW, ECW" roar the delighted crowd, the chant giving way to "TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY" as Dreamer reaches out of the ring for a mic and his ECW Championship, coughing up some more blood before he speaks, breathing heavy

"Orton... let me tell ya.... i dont give a CRAP if you're the WWE Champion, the IVW Champion or the God Damn TNA Champion, this is MY turf, MY ring and this IS... E....C .... FUCKING W. You don't belong here and ECW doesn't want you here"

The crowd erupt, more ECW chants ringing out

"Thanks for the assist.... but no thanks... i don't need WWE help, i dont want WWE help and Paul?" Tommy points as the grinning Heyman, his face falling immediately

"I thank ya for bringing back ECW, hell, i thank Vince McMahon, but the fact is, you sold your damn soul to him, you're just as Sports Entertainment as Randy is, so if you dont get backing up that aisle in the next few second, ill kick your damn ass as well"

Heyman nods, actually thanking Dreamer in his panic as he backs up the aisle, Dreamer standing over both Randy Orton and Forxx, holding aloft the ECW Championship

"Let the bodies hit the floor" he grins, dropping the mic with a buzz of static, This is Extreme now blasting out as the fans go nuts, the camera showing every pant, the crowd just as ruckus now as an hour ago, Joey Styles and Tazz signing off as we focus again on ...
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