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fireheart x - Newest pictures Animation Animated

ミ★I will be dEr★彡

maH dBf...

thank y0u f0r beinG dEr..

"when did we bec0me friends?
I can't really reMember.
It started in a siMple way...

But it grew in a very special place...
Here in mah HEART! "

"FRIENDSHIP is s0mething that can last f0rever.It has n0 v0ws,n0 rituals.It 0nly needs pe0ple wh0 are willing en0ugh t0 care and make friendship a

"Real friendsip isn't affected by s0cial status,distance 0r even time.With a real friend,y0u can pick up a relati0nship where y0u left it,n0 matter h0w l0ng its been since y0u wer t0gether...

"Real friendship isn't tarnished by m0ney 0r lack 0f it,n0r it is enhanced by prestige and success.A real friend will always expect the best 0f y0u & will always stand her gr0und in defending y0u..."

Silence is n0t the absence 0f s0und.Its the presence 0f w0t s0und cant express..
And in my silence...
"I'm here, m0re than y0u can imaGine."

"wE can never say h0w 0ur friendship w0uld g0 and h0w l0ng we'd stay t0gether..All i kn0w is that we'd be miles apart...y0u'd reMain as 0ne 0f the special piece 0f puzzle c0mpleting mah life."

"If everything w0uld change and everything w0uld fade,still i w0uld n0t break the b0nd we've made...

If y0u f0rget me there's n0thing i can d0.But 0ne thing is f0r sure...I'd still be here f0r yh0o0o0..."

"The best 0f friendship d0esnt 0nly sh0w when y0u're t0gether.

It sh0ws when y0u're apart yet y0u realize that despite distance and silence...
Friendship still SURVIVES..."

"It d0esnt mean that i d0nt care when i prefer t0 be silent..
Remember that presence isnt measured 0n h0w 0ften y0u talk,but 0n h0w 0ften y0u listen.D0n't w0rry;I'm just here...always."

"I may n0t have the widEst arM t0 hUg y0u when y0u ave a pr0bleM,..

I may n0t have the best sh0ulder f0r y0u t0 cry 0n when y0u need 0ne...bUt i ave the biGgest heart t0 keep y0u f0rever."

"y0u d0nt need t0 hear mah V0ICE t0 kn0w that i CARE...

And y0u d0nt have t0 feel mah T0UCH t0 kn0w that I'm here...

y0u just havE t0 kn0w that s0mewhere...s0meh0w I'm always here f0r y0u...

"I may n0t be y0ur m0st charminG friEnd 0r s0me0ne speciaL t0 be pr0ud 0f...but f0r just keeping me in y0ur life is en0ugh reas0n f0r me t0 say...tHank y0u s0 much f0r letting me 0ccupy a space!"

"wHen the day c0mes that y0u st0p needing me...I will give y0u space and lEave y0u al0ne.
But i'll never st0p being here f0r y0u.Bec0z I still want t0 reMain as s0me0ne y0u never th0ught y0u'd still have..."

"When y0u d0nt see s0mething,it d0esnt mean its n0t there.
I may n0t always be visible,bUt it d0esnt take visibility f0r y0u t0 kn0w...that I CARE..."

"Days end s0 Quick and the tiMe runs s0 fast...We never kn0w h0w things w0uld last.

But 0ne thing is f0r sure,that even with0ut seeing each 0ther...I'm just here,c0me what may..."

"I can never ch0ose the pe0ple wh0 will c0me int0 my life...
But I can always cho0se the 0nes I wanted t0 stay f0rever...

Th0se pe0ple i kn0w w0rth YHO0O0O0!"

"Call me up when y0ur heart needs c0mpany...Take my hand when y0u feel al0ne.

Turn t0 me when y0u need s0me0ne t0 lean 0n.Bec0z till tiMe runs 0ut...I will always stay ar0und."

"y0u've been go0d t0 me and I'm glad t0 have y0u ar0und...

If tiMe c0mes that y0u feel y0u haven't d0ne n0thing go0d...
ThiNk 0f ME!

AnD reMember that I d0 believe that y0u're w0rthy en0ugh...t0 be treasUred F0REVER."

"If ever I'll be g0ne t0m0rr0w,h0pe y0u w0n't f0rget the things I did f0r y0u.Even if its n0t en0ugh t0 satisfy y0u,I just want y0u t0 kn0w that in every single thing i did...I've been a TRUE FRIEND t0 y0u..."

I may n0t always be there when y0u need me...

But a part 0f me laughs when y0u're happy.And cries when y0u're sad...

The 0ther part stays str0ng en0ugh t0 pray f0r y0u...

That's the bEst thing a far friEnd c0uld d0...


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