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Q1: What is ´Satanism´?
A1: Satanism is the belief in the existence of Satan as a sentient being or spirit in the universe, and the worship of satan and obedience to his perceived principles, standards, and goals. As Satan is defined as a metaphysical being - Devil or Archangel, such belief in him constitutes a religion rather than a ration philosophy or ideology.
Q2: Can one be a Satanist without believing in the existence of Satan?
A2: Not if words are to have their generally - accepted meanings. A Satanist is one who believes in the existence of SATAN, just as a Christian is one who believes in the existence of Jesus Christ,a Buddhist in the existence of Buddha, and a Muslim in the existence of Mohammed. A person who clams to be a "Satanist" but denies Satan is simply using the title for ulterior motives such as personal glamorization or commercial exploitation. If that person denies the existence of all metaphysical beings, he or
or she is by definition an atheist, not a Satanist. If he or she professes to believe sometimes and not others, when it may suit his convenience, he or she is a hypocrite.
Q3: If true Satanism does not believe in Judae/ Christian/ Islamic mythology, why does it call itself a "Satanic" religion?
A3: For the last two thousand years most of the social cultures in which Satanism currently exists have been dominated by one or more branches of Judaeo/ Christianity. This influence is far more pervasive than most people consciously realize, extending into theses societie´s most basic assumptions about group and individual relationships, law, justice, ethics, social mores, family units, cosmology, and metaphysics. It is easy to not be a member of a Christian church, or to call oneself a non-Christian;
it is far more difficult to escaped from J/C social conditioning.
To understand what is real Satanism we must look beyond the T.V / Movies that flood our minds of the hollywood´s visions of blood thirsty occults dancing in the moonlight, spilling the blood of there victoms for sacrifice or storys of ritual abuse by those covering up child abuse by placing blame on an easy to often used target. ITS TO EASY TO SAY THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT...
Satanism is the belife in a real Satan, But it is not about worshiping him as a higher deitie, Its following Satan´s path and becoming our own shepherd.
To achieve the steps to start, stay on and maintain the journey of the left hand path, We all have to find the passion that drives and empowers us to reach each level that is directly in front of us.
There is no point in trying to skip steps because thats just failing yourself and neglecting your potential of becoming released from the chains of this entombed spiraling world.
This means one must face oneself, what is ment by this is: This is your life and its your responsability for your own life, actions, situations and problems.... No God is going to give you a quick fix or heavenly intervention. Its not even your parents fault or societys fault, even with the J/C factor these things may not help our journey but its how you respond to the daily grind and over coming these things by being truthful to yourself and being in contact with your emotions and interlectral process.
The left hand path is not about chaos, there is structure involved, Im not saying chaos isn´t a useful as a tool. But one must have control of it and not be consumed by it.
Remember the old saying think before you speak, well this holds true, but one must beaware of themselves and beaware of and try to defeat our own faults that hold us back. Faceing the fears that hold us back and remember that everyone is different, but no one is better than you if you achieve and are true to yourself.
Trying to escape the mythologies of the Judaeo / Christian / Islamic belifes and the social grasp it has on people and the influencing conditioning it has through out all our systems of government and even our day to day life is hard.
But we can achieve this and have victory over this starting with being aware, conscious and alert of these facts and were it is in place. If you wish to know more please vist The Temple of Set´s Official Website

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