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Okay alota rumours have been going around saying my Baba's behind that site. Here's the truth believe it or believe the person thats spreading this boring rumour, (thats really unnecessary), known for their lies and dishonest behaviour....
What REALLY Happened is Rieyaaz got a comment in our guest book, he visited the site and after seeing what was on it told roxy about it. She looked at the site and put 1 and 3 2gether and got 5. Now she's accusing Rieyaaz for making the site instead of using her brain and thinking for once b4 she speaks. Its clear Rieyaaz has a site of his own and if he felt that roxy and all those other ppl was important enough to him he'd put that stuff on this site not make a whole new one and act like a girl:{
As for Cae, she thinks that only Rieyaaz, grant, herself and i know about the story why she and grant broke up:? Well thats not the case. You ppl make as if you know Rieyaaz so well but infact none of you know him at all. His real friends know Rieyaaz has a big bek and tells every1 what shit his caught on. He told many ppl all these things and i told my friends too cos to us it was funny 8o
Pointing fingers at Rieyaaz wont make it true that he created the site. You ppl jst dnt wanna believe that some1 in ur own group have back stabbed you:? Maybe you should think b4 you go around trusting any1....
And another thing. You ppl say Rieyaaz is jealous of cw@r when he was given the chance to be one of you when roxy made ur site. But he chose to stay with desert. Get off ur high horses cos unlike you ppl we dnt go looking for fame on a application 8o
You ppl are like maggots praising that clan as if it was a ball of shit lmp2 wake up and come to the real world jirre this is a clan on a application you are not a bunch of celebrities in the world ur jst a bunch of kids:?Scared 2 meet any1 in the real world so u live off this application trying 2 make ppl feel shit so that u wont feel so crap about ur own pathetic lives:?Talkin kak about me cant hurt me either so go ahead trash my name on the site:{u jst make it more clear that u dnt no anything about me:)

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