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Unexpected Pleasure

I am 43 years old at the time of this incident I was 40. I am good looking plum woman with fair skin and with height 5'3 weight 70 Kgs and having vital statistics 38 32 36. I am a housewife having 2 daughters studying in college.

My husband is a businessman and he is cool, calm and very open minded person and our sex life is also very much satisfactory. We both needs sex at least 3 to 4 times a week. During sex we often talk about his fantasy for me to get fucked with a stranger in his presence but we never put it into real action. Though, I liked that fantasy, I could not move into that direction because of social status but that fantasy became reality unexpectedly. Let us proceed and you all might get wet, I hope.

One evening we got a call from my niece saying that her mom (my sister in law) in Pune is hospitalised due to some unknown critical illness and wants both of us, me and my hubby to reach Pune at the earliest. Somehow for me it was not possible to go to Pune immediately. So, my hubby alone went there and we decided that if require he will call me or else he will come back in a day or two. Somehow he managed booking in AC luxury sleeper Coach and informs me that whenever necessary.

I do the same and after two days I got a massage to rush immediately to Pune as the condition of my sister in law became critical. I tried for train ticket but could not get it to and I wrapped a saree, took my bag and dropped both my daughters to their Nana-Nani's place. I went to Surat from my town and searched the same travel company fortunately there was a single bearth left which I got when I got into bus I came to know that it was a double bearth which I will have to share with somebody who yet not reached.

I tried to get my bearth exchange but all in vain it was 9.30 in the night. I was looking for a person with whom I will have to share the bearth. I was restless as there was only two couples only two ladies in the bus who obviously not ready to adjust at last moment one young boy came in hurry and I came to know that he will accompany me throughout the night. He must be around 20 to 21 years old fair and handsome and well built. I climbed up and took my bearth of window side and then too then took his bearth.

It was like sharing a double bed I was bit uncomfortable but he was outspoken. We started talking and I came to know that he is a college student studying at Pune and he then started reading a book. I loosen my saree pallu and tried to sleep. It was around 10.15 pm in fact. I was looking to his book so as to know what he was reading. In short time I fall asleep. I do not know the time but my sleep disturbed due to a soft touch of somebody at my stomach as if trying to unhook my blouse.

My pallu wrapped on my blouse was pulled successfully as it was already loosen by me only. I neither opposed nor responded to this act and pretended to sleep. I started liking his act and also started becoming wet and he was pushing my boobs over the blouse and then he unhooked my blouse so now only half of my boobs were covered under bra. He then started pushing and softly fondling my boobs.

He also inserted his palm into my bra and tickling my nipples one by one. Still I was pretending as if I am fast asleep to my surprise he moved down after sometime and pulled up my saree above my knees. His hand was now moving on my thighs and finally touched my pussy over my panty. It was already wet. He noticed that wetness so firmly inserted his left hand into my pussy. Now he was playing with the lips of my pussy which made me horny.

I grabbed his cock and he was in half pant as soon as I grabbed his cock and opened my eyes he came on me, hugged me and started kissing me. I was also giving a passionate kiss. I removed his half pant and he himself removed his sneakers and T-shirt. He was completely naked in front of me it was 11 pm. He turned me and unhooked my bra. I got up and he then removed my blouse and bra. I was top less now and he pushed my hand to his cock.

It was around 6 inches long, thick and tight like a rod. He forced me to suck though I dislike it but done for his satisfaction. I sucked it hard for more than 10 minutes; meanwhile he was continuously fondling and squeezing my boob’s vigour sly. He then came on me. I was flat on my back and he was again kissing me hardly on my leaps, checks, ears, neck and finally took one of my boobs into his mouth and started sucking it and his other hand was squeezing my other boob.

I was enjoying the situation very much as my fantasy has become a reality. I started moaning and he kept his hand on my mouth to shut up and I closed my eyes and hold his head firmly which was sucking my boobs. Suddenly he pulled out my saree and before I say something he removed my petticoat also. I did not resist even when he remove my panty and made me completely naked. He went down now, spread my legs and started licking my pussy.

This was a whole new experience for me and my husband had never done this. We both were out of control. I was moving my heaps in madly excitement and crossed my legs around his head tightly. His tongue was moving around and inside my vagina with his leaps he was pulling my pussy skin and sucking and drinking my pussy juice. This was giving me immense pleasure and he continued this for more than 15 minutes.

I was excited by the thought that I was having sex with a young stud who is almost half of my age. He was not ready to leave my chut. I pulled him up and told him not wait but just enter his dick into my vhut at one stroke. He positioned himself and I spread my legs to welcome his dick into my chut. He kept his lund at the door step of my chut. I was ready and he gave a hard stroke, a great jerk. His total length was inside my chut.

He falls down on me and I hugged him tightly by crossed my arms around him. We maintain this ideal position for 2 minutes and then he started fucking me. 1st stroke, 2nd, 3rd, 15th strokes and jerks went on hard and hard. My eyes were closed, hands were crossed holding him tightly, and legs were tight and straight. He asked me where to discharge, inside or outside the pussy. I said bindas chhod de meri chut me.

He increased the speed and thrust 20th, 21st and finally got discharged into me. He falls on me I told him to keep his lund into chut only. I experienced orgasms and we remained in this position for around 10 minutes. I was very much excited thinking of sex with a guy of my daughter's age. I was 40 at that time completely naked in moving bus with a naked guy on me. Wow! Neither I nor he was ready to separate and still his hand was on my boobs which were totally squeezed but bus stopped.

It was a regular halt and it was 11.30 pm lights were on. He gave me a shawl and he wore t shirt and half pant. I asked him to do something so that I can wear saree but he smiled and told ase he nange rehana he raat bhar and I also smiled. He went down bus then started at 12 pm. I was tired but happy, wish to sleep. He too hugged me and slept within an hour I got up. I felt something on my boobs. He was sucking it and I allow him to do so.

I told him that you do whatever wants to do, I am sleeping and he said ok but how can I sleep. He started fingering my pussy. I asked, "2nd round ka vichar he kya? He replied, Aaj to puri raat sone nai dunga, chhodte chhodte hi Pune pahuchenge. I said subah tak tera lund khada hota rahega kya? He said, Aunty aap mera lund jitni baar muh me leke chusogi utni baar vo chhodne ko taiyar ho jayega. I started sucking his cock and made it hard again and this time he wanted me on top.

I placed my knees on both his sides, hold his cock placed it at my pussy and we both gave a jerk again that 6 inches tool was inside me. He holds my boobs, pushed it, squeeze it and pulled towards him. He wrapped his arms around me and now he started giving strokes. I was totally exhausted. I came down and allow him to come on top. He inserted his dick into my pussy again and gave 12-15 strokes this time before got discharged it was 12.45 pm thus 2nd round finished still he was not allowing me to wear cloths.

We both were tired slept naked and I got up at 3 am early morning and saw him. He was fast asleep I thought that I should not miss chance like this. I must wake him up and get fucked as many times as possible. I kept my hand on his dick and started playing with it then sucked for more than half an hour. To my surprise it got hard again immediately I pulled him on me and asked him to enter his lund into my chut. He was thankful to me as I woke him up otherwise would have lost chance to fuck horny aunty like me and I was enjoying 3rd fuck session.

This time he wanted to enter into my ass hole while he was fucking me 3rd time he told me about his wish of ass fucking. I told him that I have never experienced it he said that he will also do it for the 1st time. So, he then lift my legs, folded from knees and kept his tight lund at my ass hole. He spited there and gave a stroke it was painful for me but slowly I started enjoying this situation too. Simultaneously, he was not leaving my big boobs ideal continuously he was fondling both the boobs.

Finally after giving few hard strokes he discharged into my ass only and I was so happy with him. We slept at 3.30 am. I got up at 5 am and I asked him to get my bag. I took churidar and kept saree in beg and I wore my panty and asked him to help in wearing bra. I dressed up completely. We saw each other and he said Chalona aunty, chotha shot b ho jaye. I said no it’s enough he said this time I will not remove top only fucking in fact it was difficult for me also to resist.

He pulled out my churidar and panty. I sucked his dick again for 5 minutes and our 4th shot started aahhhh. We kept ourselves in hug position till bus entered into Pune city. What a night it was and we got down at same stop both got into rickshaw at one medical store he bought one tablet and asked me to take. It was a contraceptive pill. He dropped me at my destination and we kissed in rickshaw and departed and I hope all of you will like my experience

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