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Got in bed with John

Hi my name is Sam, To tell you about me I am 21 year old female from Maharashtra fair and my size 42 D to be more specific. I have always seen guy looking at my assets like hungry dogs which makes me feel proud of my assets. Today I am going to tell you how me and my office friend John and John and I have been working in the same company and we are good friends even now. I never thought me n john would ever have be on bed and I tell how it all begun.

One fine day john came to me and told me that he wanted to tell me something I started wondering what exactly wanted to say? Suddenly I taught does he like me? I was like no way he has been dating his girlfriend n serious for her and even I am serious for my guy. I asked him what he wanted to tell me he was so sacred telling me what he was in his mind and I had to convince him a lot.

I was right he told me he has a crush on me. I was shocked hearing this because I never did anything to show him that I interested in him and but my life changed after this. I kind of started liking him as well. I still remember what he told me that if we start this we wouldn't be able to stop. We use to spend more time together after work and we work in a Bpo so we our shift would get over around 3.30 am we used to go on long drive after that on his bike.

We first kissed each other in the lift and wow the feeling was amazing. I love the way he kisses me. We only met in office time and it had become a routine work for us whenever were alone in the lift after our shift was over we would stop the lift on the 3rd floor as everybody thought that the floor was haunted and nobody come over there and so we used to stopped there and kiss each other like mad he would press my boobs over my dress fuck and the felling was so great he amazing.

We never thought things would go beyond kissing n pressing boobs. One day we all friends decided we will go out and would be out the whole night. John told me that he wants to spend some time with alone even I was excited so we decided we go to his other house which was always empty so that night we all plan to go Gorai in john headed towards his house in vasai. Ours friends were calling us to ask where we were and why we taking so long.

Well we never answered their call as we knew what excuse making when we met them later and it took us 1 hour 30 in to reach his place. His house was in complete mess when we entered and he locked the door and then our eyes met he was coming close to me and I started breathing heavy thinking about what’s going to happen next and we went to his bedroom he made sit and told me that he would not go for intercourse without my permission.

I was kind of relaxed as even I was not ready for it and he came close to me n he kissed me. Oh god! What a feeling and we started kissing each other like mad as we were alone at his place it was 3.30 am and he pushed on his bed and he came on top of me. I was going mad the way he was kissing me and I had sex in past but he the best one so far. He was kissing me on my suck my tongue I was equally responding and suddenly his hand was on left boobs and it felt so good then his right hand on my right boobs.

I feeling hornier I was dam wet down and he then removed top and my black bra and he went mad seen my bare 42 D boobs and he started squeezing them with both hands like there is no tomorrow. Let me describe him he tall dark guy but still looks cute and sexy he was not into gym and all but still was strong I love to feel his chest it’s so tempting and perfect. I was enjoying it so much with him I never enjoyed so much with any other guy. The way he pressed my boobs kissed me and made me so horny that I could stop myself anymore.

I wanted him to fuck me now I was so despo but he kept his promise ad did not go any future. I decided to tease him. He asked me if I was enjoying me and I lied saying I dint enjoy he got angry he said I’m a pussy hehe and I am lying and he also said can fuck me for 45 minutes and for sure I would enjoy a lot but since I am pussy I am scared and I told him it’s not possible he can’t fuck for 45 minutes he can’t give me pleasure he said if I allow him he would show me his capacity bingo!

That is what I was waiting for I gave him green signal and asked him to go ahead n fuck me. Hearing this in 1 short he removed my pant and panty together and I was naked in front of him with my cleaned shaved pussy exposed to him and I was kind a of shy and he spread my leg and he touched my pussy. I started shivering and my juices started flowing out in the mean time his long perfect finger were working on my cunt.

His touch was making me mad and he put in is 1 finger inside my burning cunt I scream out of excitement his finger fucking was making me moan loudly like aaahhhh and mad aaah come on fuck me hard more hard aahhhh! I was screaming then he inserted another finger in it was too much for me to handle. I could not take it anymore I started begging him fuck me now I can’t take it hearing this he removed his clothes now he naked in front of me.

His dick is perfect man to satisfy long may be 7-8 inches I’m not sure never measured it measured and he came on top of me he held his dick in hand and touched my entrance I was on cloud 9 it felt amazing and he pushed his dick in it went completely without any difficulty and he started fucking me in slow pace and we both started moaning loudly aaaaahh yeah yeah moans became louder and louder we started breathing heavily!

I still remember him saying I want you so badly aaaah. I can fuck you all day aaah and I can fuck you all day aaaah fucking you feels so good! hearing this and I stared enjoying it more and more I stated screaming and moaning begging him to fuck me hard n pleading him to fuck more hard and he stared fuck me faster and faster it went for 45 minutes nonstop he is best fucker . I have ever experienced he strokes were hard n long ones touching my g spot.

Every strokes satisfied me but at same time made me horny and hungry for his dick after 45-50 he collapsed on me we both were tired and satisfied it was around 5.30 am and we did not realized we it’s so late. We dressed quickly and joined friends in gorai all our friends started asking us so many questions as soon as we reached that where we were why so etc and well how we managed to get away but I am sure they must have love bits on my neck and suspected of what happened but never mind

We still together and enjoy at his place when his mom and his sister is at work. I am just waiting my cycle to get over so that I can get fucked by him again which be writing soon once we go to bed again

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