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Love After Marriage

this is the story how I have been transformed from a girl to a woman for a better understanding, let me describe it in a third person narrative I2 years ago Chitra and Karthik were two young kids always fighting for silly reasons whenever they got a chance. One week ago, they were a married couple compelled by their grandparents.

Karthik is the old couple’s son’s son and Chitra is their daughter’s daughter poor Chitra’s father had died 5 years ago but all of them have been well settled, though at different places. Karthik an IT professional at Hyderabad, smart and sincere at job earning 1 lakh month. Chitra an equally efficient girl, traditional and beautiful, earning an equal amount at Mumbai as IT professional. The things came to the hook when their grandfather got Karthik and Chitra married hurriedly. Though young and independent, owing to their respect towards their grandfather, they got married even against their will as children, none liked the other.

Now, both had reserved their tickets to their places. The train was as rush as ever and both got Rac. Chitra was getting restless time to time on seeing Karthik opposite to her seat and said to herself and I hate this guy. He is as disinterested as ever looking only at trees and windows and anyways, it is only up to Hyderabad that this so called husband will be here. I can be happy thereafter meanwhile, Karthik fell asleep and dropped himself towards her. Chitra, to create some space, thought of switching off his laptop but she saw a message typed by Karthik to his girl friend, Swapna.

However, he did not send it. The message read his disinterest towards the marriage and how he was forced into it. It also read his love for Swapna on reading his plan to get divorce from Chitra and having a registered marriage with Swapna as early as possible Chitra felt a deep prick in her heart. However as she is also not so interested in the marriage, she did not think about it much but the feminist in her made the message deleted and sent it to trash. The next morning, train stopped at Hyderabad and her Mumbai train is in the late afternoon. She would have stayed in the railway station itself, but the night probably had an impact on her.

The thought of her transient relationship with Karthik and that it would not last longer, made Chitra ask Karthik that she would stay at his home until afternoon. He agreed hesitatingly even in the auto, Chitra sat the very next to Karthik even though he began feeling uncomfortable in the apartment, while asking keys from the next flat, Kavitha aunty asked Karthik about Chitra. He said in a lovely way my wife. It was then that Chitra had observed him.

A very handsome, tall, about 6 feet, slim at the same time rough, broad chest and the best description is an athletic figure. Chithra gave Kavitha aunty a warm smile and followed him to his flat feeling tired, Chitra had a short nap by the time she woke up, Karthik asked her to have a bath, ordered some food from canteen and started warming the food in the oven. She came out after a freshening bath while serving the food on the table, Karthik just noticed Chitra coming out after the bath and he got lost seeing her beauty.

He remembered one of his friends telling that a gal’s beauty to be best seen only after a bath. She is a beauty goddess. It was about after 8 years that they have met. She had grown up well; her warm eyes, sweet lips, cute smile, wonderful hair, the white dupatta the pearly white dress she is wearing made him mad but following the dignity, he came back to his senses and asked her to get seated but he really tried hard to take his sight out from her beauty.

They talked nothing Chitra broke the ice by saying and I have some shopping here for half an hour after that, we can leave to the station. Karthik had just nodded but both of them were with heavy hearts, as none want to leave the other now. That afternoon, when they reached the railway station, it is said that the trains are cancelled due to floods in Mumbai. Chitra asked him to drop her at bus stand but Karthik doesn’t want to let her go indeed, said that it would be difficult even if she goes by bus there.

Chitra told Karthik that she had a friend here but presently she is out of station now Karthik asked Chitra to stay at his friend’s sister’s house but she didn’t feel comfortable with that idea. Finally, Chitra suggested staying at Karthik’s house. Karthik was a bit hesitant but Chitra was very happy thinking of the time she is gonna spend with her lovely hubby. They reached the flat and after having the dinner, Chitra saw him packing his things in a small bag.

He said that he would be staying in a nearby lodge as his mother was not at home. Chitra giggled and assured him that she is not going to be a problem for him for the night. They both laughed heartily and the next day Karthik overheard Chitra talking to her friend over the phone about her favourite hero Hrithik Roshan’s movie releasing that day. Karthik arranged for the tickets for both of them and took her to the movie Dhoom-2.

She was surprised and complimented that his would-be wife will be the luckiest person in the world. He smiled at her and when he went to bring dinner that night, it rained heavily and Karthik who is feeling ill even before the marriage, got fever that night. The next morning, when Chitra went to wake him up, she found him shivering with high fever and cold and she immediately called a doctor with the help of Kavitha aunty. The doctor advised her all the necessary treatment and the need for strong supportive care.

She followed all the necessities as needed and he suggested her to go back to Madurai and send his mother to Hyderabad but Chitra didn’t allow him to do that by saying that there is no need to make aunty worried as she can handle it all by herself. However, even his quite personal things like feeding, cleaning up were done by Chitra those two days. Karthik got cured of his viral fever the 3rd day morning. He got up much freshened that day but he became very sad on coming to know that trains are again running between Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Chitra was there watching the news on the TV silently both of them tried really hard to hide their tears. Karthik went out immediately away from Chitra even she was in a similar situation here. He got determined and went to railway station. He booked a ticket to Mumbai. It was for the next day afternoon after coming home, none talked to the other. That was a melancholic time to pass on. It was Chitra who started conversation about the future plan.

Karthik told her about his love towards his colleague, swapna and his interest towards their divorce, if Chitra agrees. Chitra was dumb folded but she controlled her emotions and started teasing him at last, she asked him to show her Swapna that evening as she would be leaving the next day in fact she thought of seeing the lucky girl who is going to have this lovely, well planned, hero of her life. Meanwhile Karthik called Swapna and invited her to dinner to his flat.

Chitra was waiting hard to pass these heaviest moments of her life to see the girl going to share her lovely husband. She had seen a lot of men in her life but she couldn’t come out with the peculiarity of Karthik may be his innocence, care towards his girl friend and may be the single thought that she is his wife made her love him madly in no time. She burst out into tears but then finally prepared herself for the truth

Karthik’s situation here was no better and the thought that after their divorce, Chitra is going to marry another guy , the service she had done to Karthik while he was with fever and how much he had hurt her by telling his wish for divorce had made him restless and repent hard. He was now thinking about his decision but summing up totally he was unable to leave this loving wife in the evening, Chitra decorated the house as much possible for the guest, but Karthik got busier with the gifts he bought for Chitra for her send-off the next day.

No one is able to talk with the other and but one can surely say a silent love bridge has formed between the two. Chitra got ready with a creamy white saree and a white simple pearl necklace which added to her beauty. However they are not as beautiful as her heart, willing to sacrifice her lovely husband to a girl whom she has never known but only for her Karthik’s happiness, leaving herself gloomy afterwards in the night before Swapna arrived Karthik was waiting in the balcony.

Chitra after arranging the dinner and went to the balcony and there was her God in a deep thought. She approached him and soothingly held his hands and pressed them a little, affectionately. Karthik got startled and looked towards the entrance to make sure that Swapna has not come still and looked towards his wife. Chitra gave him a warm smile. That was the moment, the world has lost its inhibitions. Karthik hugged Chitra tightly and all her emotions came to the boiling.

She could not stop her loving husband holding her. Karthik was also in no mood of stopping as Chitra had embraced him completely. He just lifted her up in a lovely manner and made way towards the bed room. The room was completely decorated as if for a honeymoon night. It left her wondering. Karthik without wasting time started exploring her body and her virgin body was shivering all the time and she could not control it.

The sight of Chitra completely embracing herself within his masculine body made him love her even more. He lifted her chin gently and planted a kiss on her cheeks as in affirmation Chitra turned her face towards Karthik getting the signal, Karthik planted a deep kiss over her neck. Chitra couldn’t control herself and she kissed Karthik’s lips gently and parted. Karthik doesn’t want to leave her and caught her lips with his lips and in no time went deep inside her mouth.

Chitra was enjoying this very much and she parted her lips apart making space for his tongue inside her mouth. Karthik was happier than ever and immediately explored her lovable mouth. They kissed each other like the initiators of the human race. They kissed as if no world exists. They kissed as if no day tomorrow. Karthik doesn’t want to leave her. He even hugged her tightly and kissed on her back. Chitra was shivering and she fell onto the bed losing her support.

Karthik caught her on the bed, planted a kiss near her ears and whispered shall, I continue my dear wife! Chitra had no words but she kissed his broad chest in affirmation. She finally said you have all the rights and so the journey of life of the new couple began in a lovable way they both became semi nude in no time and got them covered by a soft, satin blanket. She covered her milk treasure with her hands.

He gently kissed her palms, held her both arms with his and separated them from her Twin ...

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