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Neha Bhabhi In Goa

Today I am presenting one of the incidents from my life with my Bhabhi Neha which happened with me when we were in a trip to Goa. That time I was staying with my brother and her wife Neha in Pune. They were married 4 years ago and still didn’t have any kids.

There was a long weekend so they made a plan trip to Goa and also asked me to join. I was a bit hesitated to join them as I didn’t want to spoil their stay but they insisted and I also agreed. It was a 4 night trip and they booked 2 hotel rooms in cottage kind of area in Goa after reaching there I found that place was awesome.

It was small cottage on the sea shore and very lonely place. It was a summer time. That day we roamed around Goa in bike whole day and had a nice time. I had no issues drinking in front of them but my brother doesn’t use to drink. So next day morning I woke up around 8 and went to my brother’s room. I saw he is getting ready for someplace.

I asked her what happened, where are you planning to go. He said that he had a urgent issue in office and has to go for tonight at least. He said he will be back by tomorrow evening and can extend the trip for one more day. I said then we all can go back, but he said that as we already paid for everything you guys be here and he will try to wind up everything and come back as soon as possible.

Then he left leaving Neha Bhabhi and me there. I told Bhabhi what kind of person brother is? She smiled and said “yeah, I know. But he is like that. Office is his first priority. But don’t worry we can have good time here. I did not have any bad intention towards her but she was an awesome beauty. She was around early 30s but had maintained herself like a 24 years girl. She was very fair and her face was very pretty.

She had an awesome figure may be 34-28-34, and being a modern girls she use to wear very trendy clothes. She used to look awesome in tight fitting dress. She had a very proportional figure. So coming back to the incident we thought of to go to beach and try some water sports. We got ready and went out. She was wearing a loose top and a track up to her knees.

She was looking amazing, I told her “Bhabhi you are looking great.” She smiled and thanked me for my compliment. We took a bike and went for a beach. She was seating at my pillion seat and I was ridding the bike. She was seated crossed leg. All of a sudden there was a kid on the road and I braked hard. When I did that she slammed into my back and her boobs brushed my back.

It was a strange feeling but I liked that. Her perfect size melons were so soft and round. I said sorry to her and she said “ahhhhh its ok abhi.” I felt good and while on the way deliberately applied brake a few times and every time her soft boobs crushed on my back. I was enjoying the ride now. Then in some time we reached the beach. Being a summer time there was not a huge crowd there.

As soon as we reached beach, there were some water sports guys came to us and started convincing us for some water ride. We selected the banana ride. As there were not very huge crowd so we both and the expert were on the banana ride. I asked her that whether she knows swimming. She said “No I don’t know swimming, is swimming required for this?” She was a bit nervous about my question.

I said no no, it’s not required. Also you are wearing the life jacket so you will not get drowned and I know swimming very well so don’t worry. She was a bit relived to hear that. Then all of a sudden as expected they turn the boat upside down and in no time we were in water. As she didn’t know swimming she was gasping in air and screaming. I went to her and in that moment she grabbed me with all of her force.

Her boobs were pressing on my chest and she was holding me as tight as she can. I said her “Bhabhi don’t worry I am here.” I reply she said in her scary voice “Abhi don’t leave me, I am very scared now.” I put my hand around her thin waist and said “look at me, I am here.” When I hold her waist her top was not there and my hand touched her bare thin waist. And still her boobs were pressing against my chest.

It was a strange kind of feeling but I was enjoying touching her now. I know she was close due to that fact that she was scared but I was taking advantage of that. I was getting a bit hard on my cock also by now. After some time she was getting a bit relaxed and was able to float. But still she was holding me. I was also not leaving her and was putting my hand on her waist and pulling her in to me.

Then I asked her “Bhabhi how are you feeling now? She looked at me and said “I was almost dear when the boat flipped. If you were not here then I don’t know what have happened.” I said nothing would happened to you bhabhi, and anyways I am here only. Then she started to get more relax and was now enjoying the float. She also let go me for a second and again hold me tightly as she was going down.

This time she holds me around my crouch area and in that move her hand brushed my cock. When it happened my cock was now in full attention mode. I slowly took her up again and literally she was in my arms now. I said to her “Look I am going to teach you how to float ok.” She nodded her head in affirmative. I asked her to release her legs and try to float.

She was not able to do that. I went to her side and put my hand on her stomach. Oh my god her top was not there and my hand came in direct contact with her naval area. It was so soft and awesome. I raised her with my hand support and ask her to try to remain on the water. She was already scared and must not have noticed that was I was touching her.

She was still having difficulty to raise her so I put one hand on her thigh and was now holding her on the water. My hands were brushing her lovely tight thighs now. I readjusted my hand to get her float and put my hand on her chest area. I didn’t did that intentionally but my hand was directly on her breast. It took time to realize that I was touching her boobs. When I understood where my hand was I quickly took that away and said sorry to her. She was also in a bit of awkward situation when that happened but said “it’s ok.”

Then after some time we came out of water. I looked at her and she was all wet. The clothes were so stuck to her body. Her boobs were clearly outlined from the top of her t-shirt. I can see the bra through her wet top. Also her nipple was erected from her top. The pant was also skin tight and I can see her panty line from her back. She had such a nice and round ass. First time I was seeing her like that and that was making me very hot and horny.

We were on the beach for some time and I had great view of her whole body. I was now feeling lucky that my brother left me with his awesome wife. Then afternoon we came back to hotel. She said that they have already had an appointment in a massage clinic and already paid. So she asked me to accompany her and also have a massage session in place of my brother.

I was more than happy to accompany her. She changed into a jeans and a red top. The jeans was so tight that her whole figure was displayed. Her ass was so round in shape and her pussy was so well shaped. Also the boobs were bursting thorough her red top. Seeing her now was making me erect.

We reached the massage center and it was very ethnic one. We went to the reception and told about the appointment. They took us to a room with two massage tables. I think they were mistaking me as her husband which I didn’t mind. They gave us a dress to change. I looked at Neha bhabhi and she said “Can you go outside, so that I can change.” I did the same and went to washroom and I also changed. Mine was only a boxer and I removed my underwear also.

I came back to the room and saw Neha bhabhi wearing a loose gown up to her knees. I was thinking she also must have been removed her bra and panty by now. She looked at my bare body and gave me a smile. Then two lady in middle age came inside the room and closed the door. They asked me to lie down to a massage table and she also lied down next to me. Then the lady started to massage my legs and also the other one was massaging Neha bahbhi’s legs.

She was putting her face on the other side so she was not seeing that my eyes were struck on her super sexy legs. The lady was putting her hand inside the gown and massaging her thighs also. Seeing that I was getting erected now. Then the lady lifted her gown more up exposing her thighs now. Oh my god, what a scene that was. I was seeing my bhabhi super milky thighs now.

I don’t know how she was feeling but I was on the 7th heaven now. The lady was putting her hands inside the gown and I can see her hands touching her ass and massaging there. My heart started to beat like a train. She was putting her both hand on her thighs and pushing it all the way towards her ass and coming back. I can see her round shaped ass been crushed my the massage lady. I was wishing that I could be the massager.

Then the lady lifted her gown a bit more up, I can see the start of the roundness on her ass. Then I saw the lady took some oil and started to rub in between her ass cheek. She was massaging her ass crack now. I can hear Neha moaning slowly like aahhhhh” She was massaging her ass crack all the way down her to her pussy slit. Oh Neha was jerking her body when she was being touched in her private part. Oh what a scene I was witnessing now.

Then after some time like that the lady asked me and her also to turn around. I turned but there was a huge bulge in my pants. My cock was like a tent now. The massage lady looked at that and smiled and said something to the other lady in their local language. They started to laugh and hearing that Bhabhi also looked at me and saw the huge bulge. I was so embarrassed that time. I saw her eyes were struck on that for few seconds and then she looked at me and gave me a smile.

I was feeling like running away from there. I was so embarrassed that time. Then the massage lady put a towel on top of that and that made the bulge down. Then she started to massage mu chest area. Neha bhabhi again turned her face on other side. I saw the lady unbuttoned some button of her and put the hand in her chest area. Oh my god she was massaging her boobs now.

I was getting so excited now. I started to look her hands and I can see that she was massaging all over her boobs now. By chance there was a gap there and I saw just a glimpse on her boob now. Oh what a milky white boobs she had. I was desperate to see her boobs now but can’t do anything in that position. The lady keep on pressing the boobs and I was watching that. She was cupping her boobs with her hands and also massaging her ...

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