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More yo Mama jokes

Yo Mama So Stupid

she stole Free Loafs from the Bakers.

I told her drinks were on the she went and got a ladder...

she make Homer Simpson look like a Nobel Prize winner

she took the Pepsi challenge and chose Cif.

she noticed a sign reading ´Wet Floor´ she just did!

it takes her two hours to watch 60 Minutes.

when you were born, she looked at your umbilical cord and said, ´Wow, it comes with cable too!´

she asked for a refund on a jigsaw puzzle complaining it was broken.

she got locked in the Quickie Mart and nearly starved to death.

she sold her Car for Petrol cash!

she reckoned a Quarterback was a refund...

she once attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a Kerb.

she cooks Indian curry with Old Spice.

she leaves tell tales signs she´s been using my computer - white out (tipp ex) is on the screen.

she took a job cutting grass on an Oil Rig.

when I asked her Are You Single? - she said, no ´I is Double jointed´

I found her peaking over a glass wall to see what was on the other side.

it took her 2 days to make Microwaveable Pot Noodles.

she invented a silent car alarm.

that when you stand beside her you can actually hear the ocean

she really thought the cinema was selling Free Willies...

she watches The Three Stooges and takes notes.

she was born on Halloween and can´t remember her birthday.

she thought Morning Dew was a New York radio station.

she lost her shadow.

she went to a Whalers game to see Kiko.

she somehow got fired from a Blow-Job

she thought Hot Meals were stolen food.

she make Laurel and Hardy look like Nobel Prize winners.

she aks me what Jeans I wear. I said ´Guess´ and she said - ´Wrangler???´

when I asked her to purchase me a Colour TV she asked me...´Which colour?´

You Momma so Stupid that they even make Crazy Pranks & Hilarious Gags she can understand

Anything Yo´s - So Damn Stupid...
Yo Poppa so stupid he studied for a Dope test!

Yo Postman so stupid that on his recorded delivery form where it says ´Don´t write below dotted line´, he puts ´OK´

Yo teacher so stupid she booked herself into the Bettie Ford clinic cos she thought she was Hooked On Phonics.

Yo Boss so stupid he bought everybody in the department solar powered flashlights incase of a blackout...

Yo Business associate so stupid he thought Gangrene was another golf course.

Your Kid Sister so damn stupid she put your puppy in the oven to make a Hot Dog.

Yo´ Sister is so insanely stupid that last week she asked me to go to the lost and found with her when she missed her period.

Yo Dentist so stupid he uses mayonnaise as tooth filler

Yo Sister so dumb that she thought Taco Bell was Mexican phone company.

Your Grandpa so achingly stupid he think Beirut is a famous baseballer.

Your kid bro so stupid he try to strangle himself with his mobile phone.

Yo Minister so stupid he gives Sermons on Genesis....Phil Collins old band...

Your Kid sister so damn stupid she stands up on an empty School bus.

Yo Mom so stupid that Oxford had to change the definition of now read: Dumb(n) - yo´ Mama

Yo Burglar so stupid he broke into yo house and stole food stamps

You cousin so stupid I told him to take out the he moved house...

Yo Bus driver so stupid that she went to Disneyworld, saw a sign that said ´Disneyworld Left´ so drove home.

Yo Politics professor so stupid he ask George W Bush to guest lecture on Government 101.

Yo´ accountant so darn stupid he thinks a Quarterback is an income tax refund.

Your Computer Repairman so stupid he picks up your floppy´s with magnets

Yo Girlfriend so Stupid it makes this Free Super Sexy Desktop SpaceBabe look like Einstien´s wife

Yo Mother-in-law so stupid, she won first place in the Dan Quale spelling contest

Yo Archeology Professor so damn stupid they have to dig for her IQ!

Yo Girlfriend so stupid, she teaches night classes at Stupid College.

Yo´ Father in law so idiotic that he took a spoon to the superbowl.

Yo Sister´s so stupid she could trip over a cordless telephone.

Yo Dog walker so stupid he took yo pet dog to the Clippers game to get him a haircut

Your Big Sister so god awfully stupid that they had to burn her school down just to get her out of 3rd grade.

Yo Father´s so freakin stupid he has 1 toe on each foot, yet he just bought himself a pair of flip flops.

You Grandma´s so stupid when I tell her it´s chilly outside, she goes to fetch a bowl.

Your Grandpa so freakin stupid he sent me a fax with a 1st class stamp on it!

Yo BT Telephone repairman so freakin stupid he asked me what the number for 999 was...

Yo girlfriend so stupid when her Apple Mac says ´You´ve got mail´ she runs outside to wait for the Postman

Yo Uncle so astonishingly stupid that he thought Nestle Cheerio´s were a new type of Donut Seed

Yo Auntie so dumb her weekly shopping list consist of 1 item - ´Hundreds and thousands´

Your Dog´s so stupid he bury´s his own tail

Yo mama´s so stupid, wait...she had you didn´t she!

Yo Mother in law so stupid I saw her in Safeway´s frozen food section with a fishing rod

Yo Uncle so stupid...heck, he marry your Auntie for christ sake!

Yo Priest so stupid I saw him worshiping at the feet of David Copperfield

Yo Reverand so stupid he asks David Ike for advice

Yo Grannie so dumb she go to the 24-hr convenience store and asks what time do they close...

Yo Mother in law so hellishly stupid, that Tony Blair is considering making dumbness a crime, punishable by lethal injection.

Your doctor´s so stupid he uses his mp3 player as a stethoscope

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