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*Personal Poetry*

Date: 26/10/2006
From: Dolphinprincess
To: The love of my life

I lose myself in your beautiful eyes. I cant pull away even if I wanted to try. Your perfect in every way. The thought of you just makes my day. You came to me from the heavens above. You flew in on wings my angel of love. When nothing seems to go quite right and I no longer can see the light,I look upon your angelic face and I'm taken away to a far better place. I cherish every word you've said. You move me like the music I play in my head. In this world of false truths I know only one thing is true. I'd give up everything just to be with you.

Date: 13/09/2006
From: Dolphinprincess
To: Defy

I thank God he sent you to me,
For you and I were meant to be.
We have a bond too strong to break, We have a love no one can take. In you, I have found a love so true,My heart is filled with love for you.
Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat,You make my life whole, you make my life complete. My love for you grows more with each passing day,The thought of your gorgeous face takes my breath away:Those beautiful eyes fill my soul with happiness,
Those luscious lips I love to kiss.
I love you, now and forever


Date: 01/09/2006
From: Dolphinprincess
To: Defy

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. I LOVE YOU!!


Date: 18/08/2006
From: Dolphinprincess
To: Defy

When you said, "I love you,"
I went over the moon.
My heart sang its glory,
The stars sang in tune.
As when with a word
God brought forth light,
So with these words
You ended my night.

So with these words
You made something new:
A bond of devotion
Between me and you.

How powerful words
To shape who we are!
We ponder in silence;
Our words cross a bar.

Your words crossed a threshold
And entered the past,
Yet they have created
A world that will last.


Date: 25/07/2006
From: Dolphinprincess
To: Defy

* L O V E *
When I looked in your eyes I knew it was true,
My heart never lies I was in love with you,
As you stood there just looking around,
My whole Body Melted into the ground,
I Remember the Day, I Remember the Time, I Remember the Place, It’s always on my Mind.
You Looked so Good In your Shirt and Jeans.
I remember the night you were in my dreams.
I wish I could be with your Day after Day,


Date: 11/07/2006
From: Dolphinprincess
To: Defy

You are a part of my being. You mix with my thoughts, even the most studious, and instead of disturbing them, you give them greater harmony and spirit. My mind demands to think of you as my body breathes for only you. I no longer control this simple task of exhaling, I’m certain that your love allows me to survive. A solemn passion is conceived in my heart; it leans to you, draws you to my center and springs to life, wrapping my existence around you. I do not easily surrender my heart, yet it has been yours from the beginning. The first time you held me in your arms I felt a longing to linger a moment and a lifetime in that soft, sensual tenderness I found in you. I cannot defend my heart from you. You have become a necessity in my life and I know that I love you. I love our private world, free of limitations and full of expectations. Our place where we can express emotions so full of life they burst into a million stars, lighting up the heavens where love is born. You will always be able to take me to that place and I will always cherish it. When your eyes meet mine, it is as if your soul passes into me. I cannot wait for the time when, finally, in my sleep I reach for you, I find you near and submit myself to my dreams knowing your love will be there in the morning. I have never known such a beautiful and flawless happiness as this love you give to me. You overwhelm me and you exhaust me. I am so much in love with you.
Forever, I LOVE YOU


Date: 14/06/2006
From: Dolphinprincess
To: Sumone very special to me (Subaru)

Some times i sit and look at the stars,
and ill name the brightest one after your name,
because no matter where i go,
or where i am,
theres always some thing that reminds:
the days we laughed and first kissed,
that night we watched movies,
all snuggled and sweet.
Because every one knows that we were meant to be together,
thats why i shall wait until your ready to try again,
because your name is with mine,
imprinted in my heart,
and remember when your ready to love
ill be here thinking of you.


Date: 14/06/2006
From: Dolphinprincess
To: Sumone very special to me (Subaru)

You are mine, my best friend,
The one I can confide in, until the end.
The one who has seen every tear,
Whose hands boldly hold all of my fears.

You are mine, my other half that makes me complete,
Who never lets me feel like I am going through defeat.
You're the one who has always been there,
To show me how much that you truely care.

You are mine, my happiness in me,
Who's opened my eyes and really made me see.
Your compassion and love has shone through the clouds,
Leaving me with no more fears or doubts.

You are mine, an angel for me,
Whose smile is sent to make me happy.
The one who always has faith in your heart,
To make sure that I don't fall apart.

You are mine, without any question,
Giving me lots of hugs and affection.
You are mine, my best friend,
Whom I will always love until the very end!

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