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What exactly is doomsday?

Doomsday is about 10times ´worse´ than judgement day. Judgement day is the day when the one aspect of ur life goes wrong (i.e the death of al humanity). But doomsday is when every single fragmentary of ur life turns sour and screws up (i.e the end of the world). But also when all of the things in ur life go ´wrong´ sadly days like there happen without warning! U cannot predict their coming. My doomsday which i bearly recovered from was back in feb 04. I fancied this gorgeous girl (stil do) so much it drove me crazy! Every second word in my head was her name, every second beat of my heart whispered her name. Then we fell out, at first it thought it wud b good 2get some distance but it was quite the opposite. I felt empty with out her. The only solution i seen was to make it worse (what?). To really hate her and for a while
Worked. She made stupid moves involving other people (my family) thus makin me REALLY angry an i did want her 2die. This alone tore me up. But alongside this i was havin ´problems´ with teachers at school. Four of eight to b precise. Each 1 was drivin me potty aswel. Also i lost a few mates and life just seemed as if i had the world and 10others on my shoulder. I then slumped into depression, not talkin to most unless i really had 2. The girl was stil being a demon, the teacher probs were dissipating an i gained a few mates bk. But it al felt ´empty´ without the girl. Twas then tat i realised, i may hav been infatuated with her but she was also the best friend i had had in a very long time and i did not want to lose her. Doomsday got me down, kicked me in the teeth, and kept kicking but u can live without teeth can you not?
Because of this realisation it was then i seen the ´right´ thing to do. By now twas march 04. I wrote her an her mates -who also hated me- letters apologizing for all i had done though i was provoked i swallowed my pride and made my final move. It took some time for replys but they were promising. We decided to give friendship another go but tension was more abundant between us than water on this earth. It took a very long time for the friendship to build back up. It has never been wat it was before Doomsday but i lived. Barely. But "history repeats itself" and as its comin up 2feb again i feel Doomsday Two lingering upon me. I just hope it wil not come. I wil try as hard as possible to delay it. You cannot stop Doomsday, it will happen but it is possible to anticipate it and prepare for it. We nearly fell out again
Just an hour ods ago the girl and i had a mild arguement but ok it was mild but its the first arguement since the fallout! Is it a sign? Should i prepare? Too late. I was preparing from the second we made up. It will happen because of how i feel but i wil try 2stop it, even at the cost of life if it comes to that. anyhow the moral of the story is dont fall head over heels bout ur best mate! That and Doomsday is unavoidable, it wil knock you down and try to keep you down even if it means destroyin everything you own and taking everything and everyone you love away from you and turning them against you. Just keep cool. Do not let Doomsday win. Fight for wat is urs. Not many survive Doomsdays coming and recover from it. I did so i consider myself so lucky i am stil sane.
Honestly tho doomsday does really do you down. It comes, it stops vitals gettin to you (love, money, food), it turns your friends, family and even enemies against you. And finally Doomsday even turns you against yourself! Standin up2 Doomsday is futile as it wil jus hit harder if there is anything left to hit. Some poor people never recover from the effects of Doomsday, others (lucky sods) never experience Doomsday until the end of their lives. But it is a unwritten law that Doomsday WILL come for everyone eventually. But Doomsday can only screw one life up at a time. Then it moves on 2 f**k w sum1 else. Eventually Doomsday wil return 2finish u off if u recover first time. Resistance is futile. Write in the guestbook and tel Me of your Doomsday encounters and how you coped (or didnt). Thank you

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