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Vegetos frazes

...Vegetos frazes...

Kadangi Vedzitas sawo snekoje naudoja labai jau daug tokiu zodziu kuriuos sunku suprasti, as juos, keliose wietose, pakeiciau paprastesniais..:)

-Allow me introduce you to my son.. His name is Trunks.. He too is a true super saiyan.. He´s not as quite as strong as I am, but it would be hard to tell the differece between us.. He has increadible power..

- Call me crazy, Kakarot, but you make it sound as if you´ve become a great deal stronger than me..

- How could I let this happen to my son! He has sacrificed everything for me, and I´ve done nothing but ignore him! There was still time to change things.. Cell has crossed me for the last time.. He has tricked me in battle, marked my saiyan ancestry, but this, THIS time he´s gone too far! He´ll pay the ultimate price for what he has done to my son!

-I´ve become completely useless on this battlefield.. I´m making a total mockery of my saiyan race.. I´m sorry Gohan, I am..

-The only moron in this place is Babidi.. He didn´t investigate this planet carefully, did he.. If he had, he´d know, that the most powerful fighter alive is standing in front of you..

-Maybe if it was 500 times gravity you might have an advantage, but 10.. I don´t even feel it..

-You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there´s one thing a saiyan always keeps, his PRIDE!

-Me, a warrior elite, with my fingertips I hold the power to destroy entire worlds.. I´m a saiyan with royal blood the last of my kin, and on my shoulders rests the glory of an instinct warrior race.. Whole civilizations trembled when they heard my name.. But you didn´t, did you Kakarot..? And at your hands, my honor and my pride began to crumble of my feet.. It was at your hands, that I suffered my first great humiliation.. Imagine my added shame when it was you, not me, who defeated freeza.. You was the first in a 1000 years to take the place among the super saiyans of legendary.. A place that I have been raised to believe was my royal birth right.. And imagine what I suffered when the strength that I have worked for my whole life was surpassed by a child, your son succeeded where I, the prince of all saiyans, had failed.. It´s time to take back what´s mine! I will not live my life as your 2nd.. Every breath you take is an assault to my honor.. But no more.. You´ll be cut down inch by inch, the way you´ve cut my pride!

-I was a perfect warrior, cold & ruthless! I led by my strength alone, uninhibited by foolish emotion!

-I can´t sense him, Kakarots son is gone.. I´m sorry Gohan..

-I assume that ugly blob there is Majin Buu.. If so you were the one that killed Gohan!

-Why is it that Kakarot holds me so.. Is it because he´s always one step ahead of me, succeeded where I have failed.. First it was Freeza.. Then Cell.. Nobel Kakarot, giving his life for the lives of his friends.. For my life.. Well no more! After all we´ve been thru It´s finally my turn! I´ll settle this so we can both rest in peace.. Kakarot, when you wake up, this will all be over.. I may be gone, but this planet will be safe.. I stake my life on it..

-Is this the best your monster can do Babidi?! The TERROR of the universe?! Ha! Pathetic..

-Trunks, you´re my only son and I haven´t held you once since you was a baby, have I..? Come here son.. There´s one thing you should know: You´ve made me proud my son..

-Heh, you´re a fool! I´m going to crush you, and throw you into the wind!

-Trunks, Bulma I do this for you, and YES, even for you Kakarot..

-You wand me to help you?! You have some nerve to ask for it Kakarot.. You think I still don´t know what you did to me..? I have traveled to the other world, I know everything about your technique, your super saiyan 3.. You hid it during our battle.. You allowed me to believe that I can defeat you!

-I´d get away from him(Gokou) if I were you.. You´ve got bigger things to worry about..

-I don´t understand.. First you´re laughing at me with that ridiculous laugh, and now, now you´re yelling at me at the top of your lungs.. Didn´t anyone teach you any manners..?

-Kakarot! I can´t believe this! Do you see what we have to put up with becase of your incompetent decision! And you´re supposed to be a saiyan! They´re gone and we can´t even wish them back.. The dragonballs were destroyed along with the Earth..

-Heh, so Kakarots finally in the mood, is he..

-Kakarot I´m right here! Huh.. Look, I know it´s your turn now, but I think I´d better cut in at this point.. Unless you´re finished eating dirt..?

-Amazing.. How can you do it Kakarot..? You´ve always been like this.. Very since the day I first met you.. Always ready to meet the next challenge, even if it´s bigger then you.. Then it was the same on Namek, you´ve beat Recuume when you were standing still.. You´re power had increased so dramatically since our battle on Earth.. I thought that you had done it, that you have become a super saiyan.. How could a low class soldier accomplish so easily, that I, I had struggled all my life to achieve.. Then, after 3 milleniums it has finally happened, a new super saiyan has emerged.. And somehow it wasn´t me.. Then at last it happened! I too transformed.. After living every moment, every day for the single purpose of surpassing it, I have finally became a super saiyan myself.. The prince had reclaimed his throne.. But no matter how strong I became, your power still exceeded mine.. At firs I thought it was your love ones, that it was your instinct to protect them that spurred you on, and pushed you beyond your limits.. But then I found myself with a family of my own, my power didn´t increase at all.. I used to fight for my pleasure, for the thrill of the hunt.. And yet, you showed mercy to everyone, even your fearsome enemies.. Even me! You never fought to kill, or for revenge.. Only to test your limits, and to put yourself beyond them.. To become the strongest you could possibly be.. How can a saiyan fight like hat, and at the same time be so gentle, that he couldn´t even hurt a fly.. It makes me angry just thinkin´ about it! But perhaps it´s my anger, that made me blind for all this time.. I see it now, this day has made everything clear.. You´re better than me Kakarot, you´re the best!

-I know you don´t intend to switch.. You can´t fool me.. Come on.. You know better than anyone, that I don´t stand a chance against Buu at this level.. He´d tear me apart.. Don´t give me that.. I know what you´re trying to do Kakarot, so forget it.. I fought him, I had my chance.. He´s stronger than me, you know that.. Go get him! And don´t you worry about me.. You´re at super saiyan 3, you should generate more than enough power to destroy that monster..

-If I can´t last one lousy minute, then perhaps I deserve to die..

-Do you wanna win this battle or not..? Then what do you say, we drop this idiotic sentiment and win this thing! And don´t worry about me, I´ll keep my end of the deal..

-What´s wrong..? Leaving so soon..? You´re no warrior, you´re just a mindless freak of nature, a spited out chewing gum.. Is this what you want..? Well, is it? I don´t think so.. You´re scared aren´t you..? Go ahead and run away..

-What´s so funny freak..? What did you think huh..? That I was going to roll over and die, form an attack like that.. You´re nothing just a trickster.. I´m a warrior! The Saiyan Prince! Vegeta!

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