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Can you give one good reason why India cannot be the richest country?

A part from the reason that the ATTITUDE of Indians resultin corrupt and self seeking politicians getting elected to rule us? All the evils that we see in India today like corruption, leadership without vision, unstable governments, public sector inefficiency, religious tensions are all originating from these elected leaders directly or indirectly. India can definitely be the richest country of the world one day. Our country has all the human and material resources that are required to become the number one country.The natural ingredients necessary to become the richest country are:1. Adequate geographical size,2. Adequate population, having a good level of natural intelligence,3. Reasonable level of natural resources,4. Will of the population to be superior ( you must be ambitious; you must have desires).India is pretty strong on the first three requirements and that is why India can be the number one country. India has an immenseresource of experienced, high calibre professionals in all spheres of knowledge and technology. There is no goal that these professionals cannot achieve, if the right conditions are provided, because they are as good as anyone else in the developed countries. The achievements of India and Indians worldwide in areas of space technology, nuclear technology, agricultural research, and software development gives a glimpse of what this sleeping tiger is capable of.Considering these strengths, India has all the potential to achieve a growth rate of 13% which would take our current per capitaincome of $1600 to $34,000 by the year 2025, which would be equal to the UK per capita income in 2025, assuming that the current UK per capita income of $22,000 grows at 2%. This 2% growth rate is considered to be a realistic growth rate for a developed country like UK.There are historical reasons as well to believe that India could be the richest country in future. Historically empires rise andfall.The British Empire where the sun never set does not exist...

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