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Doing her bidding

My wife Keri and I love each other very much. I'm a little older than she is, and there's a dominant/submissive thing going on here too; she tells me what to do and I do it. It wasn't always that way of course, but the more we got into it, well, the more we got into it! The sex part got to be the best part. After sex with her, she tells me to clean up the mess I made and I happily do it. I just love her creampies!In all the years we've been together, we never talked about getting involved with others. But recently, I happened to tell her about an incident in my life when I was a teenager. I had taken a neighbors car for a joy ride and got caught by the police. It wasn't like I had to break and window and hot wire it, the idiot left the door unlock and the keys in the ignition; it was pretty much an invitation. However, the court viewed the act rather dimly; I was sent to a reformatory for six months. And like most young boys who go into those places, I was forced to suck off the older, mostly black, inmates or get gang-raped or beaten. I'm not gay or bi; I did what I did to survive. The first time was a pretty shocking experience, but after that it was not that big a deal. That was my first experience with sucking cock. Upon hearing this, my wife got rather excited and wanted to see me suck off another guy – a black guy would be even better. The more she thought about it, the better she liked the idea. What really turned her on was that she could demand that I suck off another guy in front of her and I'd do it; I'm so submissive to her wishes!Now she wanted to have a threesome with a black guy with me doing the work of a cuckold. She wanted me to get the guy hard for her, mostly by sucking him, make a creampie with him, and have me eat her creampie and then clean him up afterwards. It was a nice idea, but there was one problem – we didn't have a willing guy, black or otherwise.

"I do have one possible candidate," Keri offered. "There is a guy at work, Sam, who has been hitting on me for a long time. He knows I'm happily married, but that never slows him down. He has even suggested a threesome when it became obvious that he wasn't going to get in my pants. I have always blown him off. He isn't black but he just might do. The only sticky part is whether he is willing to have you suck him off. I don't know if he's homophobic about that sort of thing. Moreover, I think he would be the kind that would keep his mouth shut after it.""Keeping his mouth shut later would be good." Apparently in Boston the notion of sexual harassment isn't exactly a big item in the workplace, either that or this guy is either smooth enough or has a few lines that skirt actual sexual harassment. I thought about it and finally agreed. "Okay, we can try Sam," I said. I've never met Sam, didn't know what he looked like, but had heard of him from her. Suddenly being faced with the fantasy becoming a reality made me exactly what you would expect – nervous.The next day Keri went to work and sure enough, Sam hit on her. She didn't exactly blow him off this time, but approached Sam with the idea. When he was interested, she told him a little about me; just how much she had told him I didn't find out until later. He said he was free that evening so she invited him over after work. After that she called me and told me what was going to happen that evening.

I got home before they did and had to cool my heels until they got there. I was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof when they walked in. Keri gave me a sly grin; he shook my hand and acted like we were old buddies, but had a bit of a smirk on his face. I began to wonder if he knew something I didn't. After the introductions and to loosen things up, Keri and I had couple of martinis while Sam had a few of beers and they made office small talk.Under some pretence I called Keri into the kitchen. "About this blowjob thing, I'm not all that wild about blowing Sam. I'd rather you didn't mention what I did when I was a kid." She said, "Too late. I told him because he wanted to know what spurred this on between us. And," she reminded me "I'm in charge and you'll do as I command."Oops! It looks like he did know something I didn't – he knew a lot about me I would rather he didn't. After that, it was very awkward for me to look him in the eye, knowing what he did. Nonetheless, I was still excited about what was about to happen, even if I did have to blow him.After about an hour of drinks and chit chat, Keri suggested that we all go in the bedroom and get undressed. I felt uneasy as I don't think i've ever been nude in front a man in a number of years, much less having a nude strange guy in our bedroom. Getting undressed in front of two men didn't seem to bother Keri at all – her clothes came off very quickly. After all, she does have a pretty nice body and liked to show it off. She sat on the edge of the bed, patted it next to her. "Sit right here, she told Sam. "Mark, you can sit in the chair there and just watch.""Sam," she began, "you and I are going to get it on and Mark is going to watch. When we are done, he's going to eat the creampie we make. You might say he's my cleanup man." Sam sat next to her and they started out with a few light kisses. It didn't take too long for his hand to start feeling her boobs and toying with her very hard nipples. Her hand gravitated down to his cock, which was just barely above completely limp. Sam seemed nervous with me watching because even though she was now fondling his cock and balls, he wasn't getting very hard. I hoped he wasn't too nervous and this was going to be a non event tonight.

I could tell Keri was getting a little impatient. She gave me that look and I knew what was coming. "Come over here and kneel in front of Sam," she said in a stern voice. This was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. But, I did as I was told. I moved out of my chair and knelt between Sam's knees. There was his cock, and not all that hard."If you want a creampie, you're going to have to make Sam hard for me," she curtly informed me. "That's okay," Sam said quickly. "i'll get hard enough real quick here. It works when I need it." By now Keri had her legs apart and Sam's hand was down there playing with her pussy.Keri said "Don't be silly, he's sucked cocks before and getting you hard is his job! Besides, I really want to see this!" With that, she reached down and pushed my head into his crotch. "Give his cock a couple of nice kisses first," she said. "Then I want you to take it in your mouth and really get him hard – I want to see you deep throat him."So I kissed it a few times, he smiled, put his hands on my head, and pushed his cock into my mouth. It was warm and semi-hard and felt funny in my mouth. Apparently Keri didn't think I knew what to do or wasn't working on his cock very well."Use your tongue, you know, how I do you," she urged.
I was, and as I worked a little faster, he started pumping my head up and down on it more vigorously and I could feel him getting harder. What old memories that brought back! Well, he started to swell in my mouth, so you might say I did know what I was doing. Fortunately he wasn't too long and I could take all of him in my mouth – Keri was getting to watch one guy deep throat another. During all of this, Keri was kissing him and patting me on the head, saying "That's a good boy, Mark." I felt humiliated, but kind of liked it coming from her.

Sam was really having a good time now. He was getting blown by me, kissing Keri, playing with her rather magnificent tits, and from time to time fingering her wet pussy. If he had died and gone to heaven it wouldn't get any better than this.If felt a little funny blowing another guy after all these years. I was getting into it, making him very hard now and taking as much of it as I could in my mouth – which was still just about all of him. It wasn't too long before I began to taste a little pre-cum on his cock. Yea, he was getting real excited. But, unbeknownst to him, I didn't care if I was pleasing him, I was really interested in doing this to please Keri – I was making Sam nice and hard for her – I was doing what she wanted.When Keri saw that Sam was hard enough, she pushed me away. She moved over on the bed, spread those sexy legs and said, "Come on Sam, time to make a real nice creampie for Mark. We need to make a nice juicy one for him.""I think I'm going to love this part," he said getting into position. I could see that Keri was really wet, and it was obvious that she was really turned on: this whole scene had really turned her on. Sam got in place, positioned his now hard wet cock at the entrance to her waiting pussy and slowly shoved it all the way into her. I found it rather exciting to watch another man starting to fuck Keri. He just looked over and smiled at me without saying a word. He started moving slowly in and out, making sure that I could see his cock, now covered with Keri's juices. This was actually the first time I ever watched two people fuck. Watching a porn flick is one thing, seeing it up close and personal is something else! And, watching my wife getting a nice hard cock from another guy was really turning me on. By now, my cock was just as hard as Sam's.Pretty soon Sam picked up the pace and really began to ram it into Keri. She had her arms and legs wrapped around him, her sexy ass was just off the bed, and she was going at it just as much as he was. "I hope you give me a lot of cum," she groaned."

Count on it baby. I cum buckets," he said as he rammed his cock deep into her wet pussy. "i'll fill your tight pussy up and then some."There as a lot of grunting and moaning on his part, and while I thought this would go on for a while, and it didn't take long for him to come – he was surprisingly fast. Keri was starting to get rather vocal and while the volume was certainly getting up there, it hadn't quite reached the crescendo that it does when she cums. As he started to cum, Sam shoved his cock deep into Keri and began unloading his hot thick sperm deep into her. He certainly looked like he was having a great time – and appeared to be really filling her with his cum. These were short stokes now, as he kept his cock deep inside her while he got off; thrust after thrust, and squirt after thick hot squirt went into her. I knew I was going to be in for a tasty treat pretty soon. Interestingly enough, I don't think Keri got off, or if she did it wasn't exactly what you would call a good come. He had simply been too fast. She doesn't just cum because someone sticks his cock in her; it takes her a little while, even with a fast fuck. She kept her arms and legs around him and her sexy ass slightly off the bed as he filled her. I think she would have like to have humiliated me a little longer by having the actual fucking last a little longer, not that I found it humiliating at this point – it was just plain hot watching them. Now done, Sam gave a big groan, pulled his wet and now spent cock out of her, and rolled off of her. Now he just lay next to her on his back exhausted. His ...

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