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How to see Auras

How to See Auras

All living things have an aura and with a little practice, you can learn to see auras of people, animals and plants. A persons aura is an energy signature that gives you a glimpse of the real person. In ways it is like a snap shot of the soul for it shows not just the face they have chosen to show the world, but the real person under the face and it all starts with learning how to see auras.

Developing an auric vision can provide information that can help in business situations, help you get along with friends and relative better and even protect you from those that would harm you by giving you insite into the emotions and thinking process of a person at this moment in time.

In fact, there are those that believe much of what we call "psychic abilities" can actually be traced to a persons ability to sense the aura without even realizing it is being done. In other words, our natural ability to sense a persons energy field is instinctive, much like it is instinctive to use our arms to cover our faces when an object is thrown toward us.
Seeing your own aura

For the purpose of this lesson, let's call the person whos aura is being read, the test subject. You should be your own first test subject to get yourself use to seeing auras.

Since you are reading this article and it is only available online, I feel safe in assuming you are sitting at a computer. Hopefully you have a browser that allows you to open a new tab or empty window. An empty window is the perfect place to see your first aura. The background is blank and solid white but also back lighted. This creates the perfect atmosphere to train your eyes to see beyond the normal spectrum we see as being the real world around us and to get our first look at your aura.

If you are still using an older browser that does not allow you to open additional windows, get a piece of solid white paper and use it instead of the blank window.

Hold your hand up near the screen (or on your piece of white paper) and you will notice your hand appears to look closer to a silhouette than the way your hand looks in your everyday life. This is good and is exactly what you want to see because it helps lead your eyes to expand the spectrum of light they are capable of registering.

Focus your attention just below the base of your middle finger. This allows the majority of your hand to be seen with your peripheral vision instead of using the center of your eye and it is the peripheral vision that will allow you to see auras.

For most people, as your continue to concentrate on the single spot on your hand, within the first minute or so, you will begin to see an image around your hand. You may not see it all the way around the hand at first, but seeing even a small part of it lets you know your eyes are starting to see the fine energies the aura is composed of. In other words you are starting to develop your auric vision
Practice makes perfect

As you continue to concentrate, you will see the image surrounding your hand become clearer, stronger, easier to see. In most cases, a single color will begin to become dominate in the image, however it is possible for an aura to be made up of many colors, so do not fret if you see multiple colors.

The ability to see an aura requires your eyes to physically adjust to seeing wave lengths of energy that are slightly beyond the normal range of vision. This is rarely an instant change and will start out small and improve with repeated practice.

It is important however, that you do not over strain your eyes. Your goal is to exercise your eyes, to build up your visual muscle so to speak so you can see beyond the visual spectrum the average person sees.

Practice for only a few minutes each day, giving your eyes time to adjust to seeing in this new way and before you know it, you will find yourself starting to naturally see auras of other people around you when the situation is right.

If your eyes start to hurt or you start to develop a headache while practicing, you are pushing yourself too hard and should shorten your exercise periods until your eyes have time to adjust. Slow and easy are your keywords for this lesson.

Copyright 2009 - Fern Owl and Alive In America LLC.

This Lesson is copyrighted under the laws of the United States and numerous internation treaties. It may not be reproduced in whole or in part on any other website or in any other media, including but not limited to print or electronic media, without the expressed written concent of the author.

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