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Final step for Manifestation

Final Steps of Manifestation- Receiving Your Gifts

Hello again. I hope you have had time to practice the tips we talked about in our last letter. Lets sum it up quickly before we move on to the final tips.

The first and most important step was to relax, clear your thoughts, and get into the right mind frame. This is the hardest step and our Manifestation recording can help with that. Once you were in the right mindset, you imagined yourself achieving your goals and succeeded. You didn't use negative words, and you projected all positive thoughts. This step needs to be repeated several times.

Now that you invoked the laws of attraction, you have to prepare to receive the gifts the world will bring you. Many times the outcome isn't immediate, and many times your gifts arrive in unexpected ways, but if you follow the practices, the world will respond every time!

Physical Actions Help- While your projecting and waiting for your gifts, don't be afraid to get into the physical feel of things. What I mean is, say you asked for a new car. Don't only picture the car, but actually put your hands up, grab the steering wheel, and feel the power of the car with your mind. Move your feet as if you were stepping on the gas pedal, and feel the wind in your hair. Believe with all your heart that you are in the car of your dreams, and bask in the happiness it brings. Do the same with any thing you ask for. If you ask for money, actually move your hands as if you were counting the money with a grin on your face.

These actions actually stimulate your brain even further. You get the idea.. If your gifts don't arrive right away, do not get discouraged. Never doubt the power of manifestation.

Now, in order to receive your gifts, you need to be inline with the universe. Your karma needs to be clean, and your thoughts need to be positive. You need to sense and feel the harmony within the world, and express happiness in your daily life. Don't lose focus on your goals and happiness, and continue manifesting as you await your gift.

Be prepared for the unexpected. The world might deliver your gift directly, or it may lead you to an open door. When your chance comes (and it will come), you will need to take action. For instance, maybe you asked for wealth. The wealth probably won't just arrive at your door step, but maybe when your dropping off your mail, maybe you will notice a business card on the bulletin board that is offering 1/2 of all profits for doing something you do well. Out of the blue, a business opportunity came along that will yield high returns.. Don't overlook the opportunity, but grab the card and investigate the offering.

Perhaps you asked for a new car. You may find yourself walking in the mall and run across a free car giveaway raffle. Make sure you drop your name in the bin because this might be the Earth's call. The world mysteries can't be deciphered, just predicted.

If you been delaying this process, it's time to start using these techniques! You can start Today by using our Manifestation Binaural Beat Recording and following the steps in the previous newsletters. Once your brain is in tune with the All Giving Earth Frequencies, the improbable becomes absolute.

Jim McElwee

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