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Developing ESP And Psychic powers

Unleashing Your Psychic and ESP Abilities

We have all seen psychics on TV. I'm not going to waste time convincing you that psychic powers are real, because we already know that they are. The government uses psychics and remote viewers, the CIA uses them, and the FBI has been known to crack cases with the help of psychics. Psychic powers do in-fact exist, and we all have the ability to develop them.

Many of the same principles of Manifestation will apply in our Psychic and ESP hints and tips. First and foremost you must be in the right mind frame to learn. Your conscious mind has to be put aside and your subconscious mind needs to lead. Mastering the brain frequencies to separate your conscious thoughts from your subconscious thoughts is the hardest part. To help you with this, we have developed an ESP Enhancement recording. These recordings will allow you to obtain an "Altered State Of Consciousness" and resonate the brain frequencies needed to get you in the right mind frame.

Once you are in the right mind frame, the first step is to clear your mind. You must let go of all thoughts, questions, and concerns. Think of nothing. Psychic notions come from unexplained means, not from your brain leading your thoughts. You don't want your thoughts to lead your brain.

Now that your mind is clear, it's time to practice the bi-directional flow of thought. ESP energy works 2 ways. Outward flow and Inward flow. You should know the difference and be comfortable activating each of the processes.

Outward ESP Energy Flow- This is when you project your thoughts outward. Your thought energy you project interacts with outside energy and can cause paranormal happenings. An example of this is the "Energy Wheel". An energy wheel is a device that is made which users can control with their mind. By simply projecting thought at the wheel, users can make the wheel spin, stop, and change directions. We will talk more about Energy Wheels in the upcoming newsletters.

Inward ESP Energy Flow- Inward energy flow is the opposite. This is when outside energy is perceived by our minds. Examples of this are predicting the face value of a playing card, psychic readings, and such.

It is important to understand both of these energy flows because they are the base foundation of thought flow. Take the time to practice both Inward and Outward thinking. The more you practice, the more accustomed you will become to the feelings.

Both Inward and Outward thought control is extremely enhanced with our ESP, Telepathy, and Remote Viewing recordings. If you are serious about developing ESP abilities, I strongly suggest trying our Binaural Beats. They will assist in reaching the right frequencies, clearing your mind, and help you project both Inwardly and Outwardly.

Jim McElwee

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