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Kicking is a fundamental and versatile technique used for passing,shooting and clearing
True footballers refer to it as striking the ball because it sounds more controlled.
There are two general types of kicks based on the position of the ball, GROUND KICKS AND VOLLEYS

GROUND KICKS:-In order to produce a quality kick you'll need balance and composure.
The placement of your supporting foot is just as important as your other kicking foot. To control the height of your shot or pass,be aware of where your supporting foot is in relation to the ball
By placing your supporting foot in line with the ball,you will achieve power while keeping your kick low. By placing it slightly behind,you will produce a rising or lofted ball. Your upper body also plays a role when kicking the ball. When you lean back the ball will rise and if you lean forward your kick remains low and hard. In order to get the maximum power from a strike,the knee of your kicking leg has to be above or in line with the ball at the exact moment you make contact.
Follow through in a sweeping motion in direction of your target. If you have trouble understanding this concept try landing on your kicking foot after you strike the ball
VOLLEYS:-When striking the ball in the air,proper balance is essential. Therefore,you need to adapt to the path of the ball by making quick adjusments in your footing you are ready to swing only after you have positioned yourself at a proper distance from the ball. You should not attempt a volley if you feel that you are reaching out too far or when the ball is too close to your body for a good swing
Some situations may require jumping and volleying at the same time stay composed and concentrate on timing your leap.
The best way to practice your technique is against a keeper who consistently serves the ball back to you. If that is rarely an option,then any regular replacement.
Beginners should work on kicking dead balls(meaning thex must trap it before kicking) while advanced players can practice striking the ball without settling it first. Many variations and drills available,such as aiming at a tarhet on the wall or dribbling in random directions before you kick.

Being able to strike the ball from any situation will improve all aspects of your game which include kicking,for example passing,finishing,clearing and so on. In order to learn the proper mechanics,practice with as few interruptions as possible. Also look at better or more experinced players and study their technique. A friend can be very useful when you're working on your volleys. Ask him to throw the balls at your feet and try to hit it back to his hands. Practicing volleys is slightly more of a hassle when you're alone,but it can be done. Simply toss the ball (or kick it) upwards and strike as it drops down. Stay composed and adjust to its path. Don't swing desperately if the ball is out of reach

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