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!?!....s0 kraze madir iz a frog....!?!

...1 ugly marach0d...

even th0 dat goat easy talks shyt up0n shyt every dam day 0v da miserable existance he calz a lyf,4 once he waz ryt wid kraze madirchot l0l luk at diz t0asty kunt n i h0pe yawl realise dat tryna rape a fr0g isnt vewi smart eish kraze i knw t0ngaat ppl r fukt but u bring a wh0le new meanin 2da w0rd sunn0 u wantd fame nw ya gt it!
Wow leonard al dat 4 me i mus hav wealy hit a nerve hey o wel thats ur own thing that.time to grow up nw k cheers
12.02.2008 22:29 EST,
...shack:)ur an easy target 2 destr0y n u expect me 2 grace u wif a battle afta i sh0wd u da difference between a fake n a realist?ur minature levels 0v understandin w0nt save u dis tym:) u b0und 4 failure al ur lyf n dts y u turn 2ur fne 4 c0mf0rt u measly c0ckgrabbin weasel.hw da phuk cud u ewa fink dt u st00d a chance against me l0l ur ch0ir head public wanka u dreamin big nw.ur a deadbeat mutant farkn duble sperm result n kraze p0es u type as if u racin a snail n u expect 2b a w0rthy 0pp0nent 4me l0l carry 0n hidin behind yaw screen n watch hw its gna bl0w up in ur disfigurd face;)
10.02.2008 21:18 EST,
n bitch! u advertisn ur self in a feeble attempt 2 diss me l0l u l0st bey0nd c0mparis0n cunt u can burn me?i dnt even try burnin u,i jus type w0ts relevant 2 a g0bbling naaai lyk u n watch 0w it afekts u :D c i gt ur eyes bulging m0re w0rse dan in ur pic heehee u feelin swuk nw ryt ;) n wer did i pik 0n madaz:? ur c0ckeyd puss iz swayin in directi0ns n pikin up fings fum ur vi0latd anal n addn it 2ur w0rthles indirect diss in which u sh0w as utter crap l0l u d0n get it,ur as lame as an amputee claimin u w0n dis n dat wen da 0nly tyn ul eva win is da ryt 2 be reservd in ur duble st0rey t0ngaat ...
10.02.2008 21:08 EST,
n 2 fink i was gna tyk dis page 0t bc0s c0bra saw a glimpse 0v h0pe in u :) kraze kraze kraze welcum 2da syt wurld u 0utdatd piece 0v a misusd c0nd0m.u stuck in reverse gear l0l ur dum farka u c0mparin me 2 ur pathetic existance :? chek it,in ma eyes ul always be weak n u clingin 2da h0pe 0v achievn gl0ry 0n mxit aha c yer u m0rfy,d0n use dt mxit lyn 0n me cake i aint da p00z dt jumps fum rum 2 rum lyk a fr0g lukn 2 battle :o( u are!! B0ya i burn ppl n i burn dem g00d...5 repliez 2 1 thng i sed l0l gues i struck ur 1 n 0nly nerve in dt dysfuncti0nal brain 0v urs;) http://www.expozed.peperonity...
10.02.2008 20:58 EST,
oh n i meant to type Mice not Nice u right asian that pic is farkd...n naicker who the fark are u putting ur full name n swearing mudas so proudly i gt a good mind to track your ma down n expose her 2 dis site..nd wired wats tat point u speak of coz u missed ur points like ur tip of your cock been nipped n for the rest of u haters out there if i make url grind teeth like wired so wat? get a dental plan! im hot so if i make url perspire go 2 d store n fetcha mitchum catch u lobcockz on d rebound
10.02.2008 13:15 EST,
lmfao now now wired i tired of breakin u down in2 an oblivion but this site really is a joke y dnt u trash it n create www.eskomsuckzasmuchaswired...fuck ur sites name is "exposed''but its workin in a way u neva expect..all u doin is makin ppl aware tat mxit gets to u it torments u n it already dne serious harm 2 u,BAD BAD MXIT :-(boo woo muda fucka..dis site lyk a cry 4 help lmfao if it makes u feel better il apologise for winnin all the time n let u win nex time hope u get wel soon dnt make mxit ur life
10.02.2008 12:55 EST,
lmfao u n easy got something in common including clinton U 3 BLIND NICE FELT THE WRATH OF KRAZEMADIR COL lmfao u so intimidated by a crew that just started n u already got names lmfao wired seriously u need to smoke weed come my district we got the poison il even let u take real pics of me if u so desperate for makin your site a hit...but i must say this site is something created to vent frustrations n anger it seems that way good for u most ppl keep quite n bottle up their misery wel done gotta commend u
10.02.2008 12:44 EST,
oh n btw asian bat i been making u swak ever since your guttries bust n spilt on my shoe all i did was be a gentleman n use my shoe as a butt plug in your anus to put an end to your shyt! u might say im morbid but theres a truth in everything i type ere bitch. every time i came 18 u shut your hole like u skrik ima take the shoe back..but the look of things seems the last tomb raider fut u..but now months later when i erase your frail erase your frail ass 4rm memo u start all over agn like a rixatrix bitch
10.02.2008 11:44 EST,
lmfao saMANtha aka asian doll ur mentality really emphasizes the man in your nick whats a cockbox your brain derelicted hitch hike dyke who stretches her butt cheeks so garden boys like shivan can shovel your mudbox thinkin to yourself with daft kunts like wired around who needs to use toilet paper now your rectum nothing but a bibcock but remember big cocks come when u least expect em now dear dyke y dnt u fart n make your lips flap n take of like a kite n get a life dnt brown nose on ppls sites
10.02.2008 11:25 EST,
Ooopz i meant frog nt drog da site of dis fucka effectin my typin... Cum 18 kuntlin n run ur thumb like a cockbox cum wid ur pointles essays n ur lies yoh u 1 sad sad dogla hey .... No offence
30.01.2008 18:49 EST,
Lmfao wired to 3much pupz hahahahaha n ja sure luk dat fuckin a drog aint a gud idea bt u knw kunts dnt listen:-) hey truth is truth ah kraze is probably da cause of us getin dc da shyt bag
30.01.2008 18:39 EST,

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