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Fengshui is a Chinese version of Vaastu. The word fengshui which is normally pronounced as 'Foong' means 'Wind' and 'Shui' is pronounced as 'Shway' and means 'Water.'

Fengshui is reportedly 4000 years old. Some historians believe that it was born in 600 A.D. Originally it was practiced by the Emperors and members of the Royal Families. It was also held in great secret. Slowly the knowledge spread out and today fengshui is widely practiced in Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and to a lesser extent in the Europe and USA.

There are two schools in fengshui one is called the Compass School and the other is called the Farm School. The Farm school is not particular about directions and is more visual in approach. The Compass school stipulates what should exist in which direction.

As per fengshui, there are three components on which universe is made of. Every living being, every plant and every object is supposed to represent one of the three. These are the Yin, Yang and Chi. Yang is male in nature where as Yin is female in nature. Basically Yin and Yang are two forces which are responsible in creation and sustenance of all living and non-living objects on earth. Chi is the force which is produced due to the interaction of Yin and Yang.

The understanding of Yin, Yang and Chi is essential to understand the concept of fengshui where Yin and Yang are in balance, Chi is also balanced. There is no plant, animal or object which cannot be classified under Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang interaction brings about energy, alertness, health, strength as well as sound sleep and relaxation.

Chi is dynamic force and it is Yin, Yang and Chi which dynamically balance in the whole universe. However, a landscape can alter the composition of Yin and Yang and therefore alters the quality of Chi.

Manipulating the landscape to get the best form of Chi is the science of fengshui. Fengshui believes that all the four directions should have different levels to create excellent Chi. They prefer the turtle mountains at the back, the green mountains representing the dragon on the left and the white tiger mountain on the right. The plain open land should be in front of the plot. This is supposed to be the best landscape where Chi is liberates in plenty.

Unlike vaastu, fengshui does not stipulate where your master bedroom should come and where your kitchen should come. On the other hand they believe that depending upon the various directions, a good form of Chi should be allowed to enter and move in coily movements to occupy the structure.

As per fengshui, not only the landscape should liberate good Chi but the building should be such that the Chi moves slowly to continuously move towards the various directions in the building. The characteristics of Chi in every direction is different and can give you a particular gift which is necessary for the enrichment of life. Thus family, happiness, relationship, name, fame, children etc. are all possible when good Chi circulates in a related direction.

Fengshui also believes that gadgets can be of immense help in verifying and altering the characteristics of Chi. Wind chimes, crystals, Pa Kua mirrors, fruits, plants, colors, lights are all used to change the characteristic of Chi

Advantages of Fengshui

Fengshui is gadget oriented. Where there are buildings which cannot be altered to suit vaastu, Fenghui remedies can be tried in any place be it small appartment, a small office or big corprate buildings. The gadgets are not expensive and by trial and error one can find ideal placements.

Disadvantages of Fengshui

The landscape preferred in fengshui does not appear to be correct with factual studies. Fengshui appears to be more suited to China where desert storms in North make China need for mountains in the North side. Vaastu appears more universal in approach compared to fengshui. I have seen that the effect of vaastu is the same for example, buildings constructed as far away in Australia, England or America. However, one has to accept that the gadgets themselves are capable of changing the atmosphere inside the structure. Experiments of these gadgets have proved that they can bring good results.

In any case of apartments and leased buildings one may not be in a position to come for structural correction however difficult it may be. In those cases, the student can adopt fengshui measures. Even if they don't work, the expenses spent for trial is very less.

For more information on fengshui gadgets, see the web site of Our SHOP

As far as new buildings are concerned adopt vaastu only. Vaastu is more scientific and almost decade of study in thousands of buildings by various vaastu consultants in India has established beyond doubt that geography recommended by vaastu is the best.


You can yourself decide whether the house apartment you are living now is good or bad. Check the following:

Are you feeling listless and tired most of the times?
Do the family members fall frequently sick?
Have you or your dear ones involved in accidents?
Were there any surgeries on any member of the household?
Is any one in the family suffering from Cancer? Hear problems? Kidney Failure?
Difficulty in conceiving even though medical reports is normal?
Career Problems?
Marriage on the rocks?
Financial losses?

Month Modern Traditional Star Sign Planetary Stones
January Garnet Garnet - Crusaders used this gem for protection from injury. Ancient warriors thought it would bring victory. Capricorn
(Dec 22-Jan 19)
Lapis Lazuli
February Amethyst Amethyst - Saint Valentine wore an Amethyst. It made up Cleopatra's signet ring. Aquarius
(Jan 20-Feb 18)
March Aquamarine Bloodstone - was the preferred stone when carving religious subjects. Pisces
(Feb 19-Mar 20)
April Diamond Diamond - The brilliance of a Diamond as always been appreciated throught the ages. It is also a Girl's Best Friend. Aries
(Mar 21 - Apr 19)
May Emerald Emerald - was once believed to ward off many kinds of sickness, the green represented life, which is renewed in the spring. Taurus
(Apr 20-May 20)
June Pearl Alexandrite - Discovered in 1839, it was named after Prince Alexander of Russia. It reflected the Russian national colors, red and green. Gemini
(May 21-June 20)
Tiger Eye
July Ruby Ruby - the red in a ruby represnted blood, which represented life. Cancer
(June 21 - July 22)
August Peridot Sardonyx - Roman soldiers wore this gem to bring good fortune and in the middle ages, it was believed to bring gravitas to the wearer. Leo
(July 23-Aug 22)
Rock Crystal
September Sapphire Sapphire - represented a pure soul. It was often worn by priests for protection from impure thoughts. Virgo
(Aug 23-Sept 22)
October Opal Opal - represented hope and love in the western and eastern worlds. Thieves wore these in hopes of not getting caught. Libra
(Sept 23-Oct 22)
November Topaz Topaz - was believed to have a relaxing and cooling effect: on boiling water, fever, and even anger. Scorpio
(Oct 23-Nov 21)
Garnet or Ruby
December Turquoise Zircon - was thought to protect citizens from the Black death in the middle ages. It was also used by travelers to bring safety in travel and make the wearer welcome when visiting new places


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