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Meditation is a great way to get in touch with your soul, and understand the conditions of your life and the spiritual laws that govern it. Lots of people believe that our real psychic powers and spiritual intuition lie within the inner realms, which we touch in our dreams. Meditation is a terrific way to discover these realms and bring them from your sub-conscious mind to your conscious mind. Through meditation you can learn how to use the power of your inner resources to bring about positive change in your life, and promote spiritual growth.
The key to learning to use meditation properly is finding your own personal way to reach the altered state of consciousness. Controlled meditation is a learned skill, and only comes with practice. Relaxation should be your number one goal when meditating. Below are some simple steps for achieving the altered state of consciousness through meditation.

1) Find a comfortable space, either sitting upright or lying down.

2) Make sure you will not be disturbed, take the phone off the hook and eliminate as many distractions as possible.

3) Begin to perform deep breathing. Inhale for a count of four, hold for a coun of eight, and exhale for a count of four. Keep your breaths slow and regular.

4) Now perform a slow progressive relaxation. Take your time with this. The longer you take, the more relaxed you will become.

5) At some point during the relaxation process, you may encounter resistance. Your mind will start to wander. Do not get upset about this, it is a positive sign! This reflects that you have accessed the sub-conscious mind, which is where you want to be. When this occurs, simply return your focus to the relaxation. You may have to do this repeatedly, but by doing so you are training the sub-consciuos to follow your conscious directions rather than its own. You are teaching it to do what you will it to do.

6) Once you are relaxed, focus or concentrate on an image or idea. Visualize as much about this particualar image or idea as possible. Remember that here there is no future, and no past. To the subconscious mind there is only an eternal present moment. Visualize, imagine, taste, touch, smell, and hear everything about your particular idea or image. Make it as concrete in your mind as possible.

7) Enjoy the flow of this meditation. As you meditate, allow the images and thoughts surrounding the focus to pass by. Note them, and allow them to simply flow. They will be remebered and they will register. Do not try to analyze them.

8) Allow yourself to gently return to conscious awareness. Know that as you do, your abilities return with you stronger and more vibrant than ever.

9) Take a deep breath and feel yourself grounded and balanced in your body and mind.

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Please remember that meditation takes practice, concentration, and relaxation! The more you practice meditating, the easier it will be to reach the altered state of consciousness


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