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Every Brother is member of a clan. A clan is a group of vampiri that series of common characteristics share one. Popular mythology of the Siblings suggests that all the vampiri of a clan come down from an ancient progenitore, the patriarch of that one stirpe, even if nobody knows who indeed can be these mythical founders. When vampiro Abbraccia a new Brother, the infant belongs to the same clan of the progenitore. Some “sottoclan” of vampiri exist also, call blood lines to you. A vampiro it cannot never change just the clan.

It moves them and sensuali, the Daeva cultivates is desire between theirs prede that the physical perfection between same they. The formations of this clan are composed are from sexual predators that give sensuali edonisti. In the candidates to Abbraccio the Succubi mixture of carisma, culture, abilities to seduzione, desire to arrive, passion and physical beauty try one. Much Daeva mortal Abbracciano them to which they are legacies, but this tie nearly always is demonstrated false, one mixture of pure lussuria and silks. Little relations are therefore euforiche like that a Daeva and a its infant elapse between as soon as Embraced, and little fastly become more icy a lot.

Nickname: Succubi.

Disciplines: the Daeva is masters of Maestà, the vampirica Discipline of the lussuria and desire. Their blood moreover favors sovrumani thanks and the power of the Disciplines of Celerità and Vigore.

Weakness: the cursed blood of the Daeva renders them slaves of their darker passions. Every time that a Daeva has the occasion to yield to just the Defect but not makes it, loses two points of Will.

Instinctive and wild, the Gangrel hunts in places inabita to you and they do not show mercy. A Gangrel can have had one whichever mortal life them, but all possess a strong instinct of survival. The Gangrel despises the personal weakness and admires those who makes of the knowledge of same himself, the confidence in itself and the ability to cavarsela by themselves the own points of force.

Nickname: Wild.

Disciplines: Masters of the vampirica Discipline of Proteiforme, the Gangrel leave that their beastly natures influence their same physical shape, transforming itself in lupi, bats and in the same nocturnal fog. Their blood guarantees to Wild affinities with beasts and animals (in the shape of the Discipline of Animality) and with the sovrumana resistance of the Discipline of Resilience.

Weakness: the blood of the Gangrel curses them with a powerful beastly instinct that sometimes renders difficult to clearly think these Siblings. The Gangrel cannot benefit of the rule of Ritira 10 for the shooting with dice reservoirs based on Intelligenza and Prontezza.

He reserves you and sages, the Mekhet are the masters of all the hidden things. They hunt hidden in the shadows, pregiving in secret and revealing secrets that nobody would have to know. The only truly common characteristic to all the Mekhet is one sure affinity for the night same or one only metaforica darkness also, like in the cases of a plagued spirit or of one silks ossessiva for the acquaintance. The Mekhet is intensely is followed from their sire, so that they comprise the nature of the clan and their duties. Some Shadows prefer that their progenie alone discovers the world of the Siblings, but this sire is not never therefore far not to be able to control the progresses of their protect ones.

Nickname: Shadows.

Disciplines: the padroneggiano Mekhet Auspex, supernatural the vampirica Discipline of the perception, earning therefore information that render them particularly dangerous for the other Siblings. Skillful in revealing the other people's secrets, the Mekhet know to guard the own ones, thanks to the affinity with Oscurazione, the Discipline that allows to hide to the other people's sight. Moreover, the Shadows move with a cruel speed, than them it renders how much dead woman them fast.

Weakness: Creatures of the Darknesses, the Mekhet suffer more acutely sure anate me from the vampirica existence of the other Siblings. When they endure damages from the solar light or the fire, the Mekhet endures an additional point of damage aggravated from those sources.

Silent and alarming, the Nosferatu appeals the same fear as it was the blade of a hunter. Their same presence innervosisce the persons, for via of one physical bruttezza, of a nauseous odore or a cloudy aura of malvagità. The Nosferatu comes from the reietti of the society, like the senzatetto, sick mental and the criminals. The Infestatori stretches to being individuals that solitary that faces their new condition pragmatically.

Nickname: Infestatori.

Disciplines: the Nosferatu is the masters of Incubus, the vampirica Discipline of the terror of the fobia. Their weakness them door to learn Oscurazione in order to hide their aspect if it had to serve. Their bodies benefit moreover of Vigor, the guaranteed force supernatural from their vampirico blood.

Weakness: the Nosferatu is cursed to being of the reietti social, and their same restless presence the others. This manifest characteristic in many ways, from one clear physical deformity to one indefinite aura of threat, passing through the odore of obitorio until the undeniable portamento of a predator. With regard to the dice reservoirs based on the Attributes of social Ancestor or Presence used in shooting, the rule of Ritira 10 is not applied.

Gifts, imposing and aristocratic, the Ventrue are the hard getlteman of Danza Macabra. Often the Ventrue comes from that more it is similar today the feudale nobility: freelance, cream of the high society, descendants of ancestral patrimonies and dynasties of politicians. When new professions and new shapes to be able rise, the Ventrue of it carries the members within the clan. Through whichever necessary means, the Ventrue must ergersi on the top of the vampirica society.

Nickname: Lord.

Disciplines: the padroneggiano Ventrue Domination, the Discipline of the mental control. Theirs taken are not smaller on the beasts, since control the inferior beings with the Discipline of Animality. Siccome the Lord must be adapted to resist to the challenges, their died bodies is not graziati from the Discipline of Resilience.

Weakness: the power corrupts, and between the Ventrue also the silks for the power can corrode the moral conduct of an ambitious Brother. With the time, the mind of a Ventrue becomes fragile. For this, the Ventrue personages are more tilt to acquire insanities when forgiveness Humanity.

The congreghe they are like the clans, in the sense that are subdivisions between the vampiri. The difference between clan and congrega, but, is in the fact that this last one can be chosen. If the clan is equivalent to the family, the congrega political, philosophical or even religious faction is one. Some vampiri choose not to affiliate themselves to nobody congrega, not recognizing other authority that if same.

The Cartiano Movement is most modern of the congreghe vampiriche, that vampirica leadership tries to unhinge the tradition in favour of one more egualitaria. The Cartiano is full of ideas, ardent and gets passionate to you with regard to their sideboards on the self-government of the vampiri. Little of they reflect on because the current status quo is lasted a lot over a long time span. Instead, they are yearnings to defy the system, determined to change something in positive in the dark world of the Siblings. The Cartiano Movement is composed generally from babies and the Cartiano stretches to diffidare of the old ones. Older a vampiro he becomes, tinning and more insensitive towards the surrounding world. The Cartiano Movement has caught up some successes in some places and has increased the support to the own cause with the patience and playing in necessary the political arena when. Passion and units are the crews of the Cartiano Movement.

Benefit: being a unitary group of idealists, the Cartiani has facility in being left over in the mortal society them. For this he is more convenient, in terms of expense of points experience, for the player of a Cartiano personage to take the Pregi Allies to you, Contacts, Flock and Shelter.

The Circle is a secret and mystical group of Siblings, that it has the own sideboard with regard to the nature of the vampiri and also regarding own the only Discipline. The so-called the Accoliti believes that the vampiri they make part of the natural order of the world and that they can learn, grow and find the lighting system instead of sguazzare in the anger been born from the sense of guilt of other groups, than is concentrated on the penance. For this, the members of the Circle of the Megera often are found judge to you like political and heretical dismessi like reietti approximately the existence of the vampiri, especially from part of the more religious Siblings. The Circle believes that the creation is power. The vampiri they must exceed their static condition, creating and cultivating whichever thing they can. The Accoliti moreover loves to put itself to the test, because they believe that only exceeding the own physical, mental and spiritual limits they will be able to become something more than creatures of the night. This sideboard can carry to the persecution of the Accoliti, inasmuch as their strange rituali can even seem barbaric and sacrileghi to sure Siblings.

Benefit: the members of the Circle of the Megera can learn the Crúac. This Discipline is a shape of witchcraft of the blood based on rituals and sideboards pay some.
The Invictus is the land aristocracy of Damns to you. A elitaria organization in its deep one, the Invictus standard that the power is all and that those who accumulates to be able deserves mainly it: those that posseggono the best abilities, those with the greater ambition and, above all, those with one taken firmer on the commando.

The Invictus has a greater callback on the old ones that on the babies, and the congrega it believes that ages and experience are of greater value regarding that the youth can offer. The so-called First State asserts to have created the greater part of the titles them and the common positions in the modern nights, especially the title it of Prince. The Invictus thinks in aristocratic way, and as every aristocracy suffers for the disorder. Consequently, the s'adopera Invictus in order to maintain the order between Damns and maneuver in order to maintain in vigor the laws to you of the Siblings. The more frightful aspect of the Invictus is that the First State could have reason: if they did not stop the power on the Siblings, who would make it? Perhaps the long history of the tyranny of the Invictus exists because it is ...

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