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□¡□Orchards Farms□¡□

Farms that grow fruit on trees are called orchards .
Some fruits that grow on trees are apples, pea

In spring some fruit trees are covered with blossoms, like these apple trees.
Many bees visit the blossoms to collect nectar to make into honey. As the bees visit each flower, powder called pollen sticks to them and they take it to the next flower.
At each flower, the pollens mix. The mixed pollen makes a fruit begin to grow when the flower dies. Leaves grow on the branches to shade the fruit as the weather gets hotter.
All through summer the fruit grows bigger and bigger.
Many fruits are ripe and ready to pick in summer.
Some fruits are ready in autumn.
The fruit is picked when it is ready.
The picked fruit is packed into boxes.
Some boxes are sent to the markets where people can buy the fruit to sell in their shops.
Some boxes are sent to factoriesto be put in tins, made into juiceor cordial, or made into jams or pies.
Some fruit is dried in the sun, then put into packs and sent to shops.
In autumn , most fruit trees lose their leaves. In some countries the season of autumn is called 'fall'. The leaves change colour and fall off. When trees do this, they are getting ready for winter.
Some fruit trees do not lose their leaves. Citrus fruit such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit andmandarins stay green all year round.
Fruit trees like coconuts and dates also stay green all year.
In winter, most fruit trees rest, getting ready for the hard workof making lots of fruit again .

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