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How to Get Long Nails

If there is one thing most women try to achieve but just can’t do it, is get longer nails. It’s hard to get your nails to grow because of so many things, including calcium deficiency. If your body does not get enough calcium, your nails tend to slow their growth and they become weak and brittle. Even if you do get enough calcium but your nails are still short and weak, it may be because that calcium doesn’t go through, in which case a lot of people have to take vitamins and calcium tablets.

That being said, there are other factors which stop your nails from growing. One of them is not enough upkeep. In order to get your nails to grow longer, you have to take care of them, just like you take extra care with your hair. If you wash dishes or you use any chemicals and your hands aren’t covered, these things affect your nails and leave them damaged. So next time, put on some gloves!

Also remember that for your nails to grow, you need to file them on a regular basis. Now you might think that doing that will actually shorten them, but it just keep them healthy and gets rid of the top, brittle layer (just like you get your split ends cut, it’s the same with your nails). So file your nails every other day, and you’ll start seeing them grow longer and stronger.

If you’re in the process of trying to get longer nails, try to stay away from nail polishes and they too, can damage the nail. Instead, try using a nail growth publish, as there are tons and tons out there. They nourish your nails, and they are packed with vitamins, giving your nail the treatment it deserves. Use it every other day, and you’ll see a major improvement.

Lastly, take care of your nails by getting rid of your cuticles, and pushing back the skin at the bottom of your nails. Oh, and bitting your nails is a big no-no so try to keep that in mind!

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