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'•´`•Meaning of friendship•´`•'

True friendship is perhaps
the only relation that
survives the trials and
tribulations of time and
remains unconditional. A
unique blend of affection,
loyalty, love, respect, trust
and loads of fun is perhaps
what describes the true
meaning of friendship.
Similar interests, mutual
respect and strong
attachment with each other
are what friends share
between each other. These
are just the general...
... traits of a friendship. To
experience what is
friendship, one must have
true friends, who are
indeed rare treasure.
Friendship is a feeling of
comfort and emotional
safety with a person. It is
when you do not have to
weigh your thoughts and
measure words, before
keeping it forth before your
friend. It is when someone
knows you better than
yourself and assures to be
your side in every
emotional crisis. It is when
you can sleep fighting and
get another morning with a
better understanding.
Friendship is much beyond
roaming together and
sharing good moments, it
is when someone comes to
rescue you from the worst
phase of life. Friendship is
Different people have
different definitions of
friendship. For some, it is
the trust in an individual
that he / she won't hurt
you. For others, it is
unconditional love. There
are some who feel that
friendship is
companionship. People
form definitions based on
the kind of experiences they
have had. This is one
relation that has been
nurtured since time
immemorial. There are
famous stories about
friends in mythologies of
different religions all over
the world. They say a
person who has found a
faithful friend has found a
priceless treasure.
Psychologically speaking,
friendship may be defined
as 'a dynamic, mutual
relationship between two
individuals. As children
become friends, they
negotiate boundaries within
which both partners
function'. This helps them
to function like healthy
individuals in life as they
learn to draw a line as and
when needed in a relation.
This greatly helps in the
emotional development of
an individual. However, any
relation needs constant
nurturing and development
from all the people that are
involved in one. Friendship
cannot survive if one
person makes all the effort
to sustain it without any
mutual recognition from
Since friendship starts the
moment a child starts
socializing, the kind of
friends that the child
chooses should be taken
care of till the time he / she
learns to differentiate
between right and wrong.
Wrong peers or lack of
socializing ...
the development of the
personality of a child. Both
positive and negative
experiences refine the
personality of the individual.
Thus it is essential that you
find friends who are
compatible with you on an
emotional and
psychological basis.

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