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´¯`°·.´¯`°·.The Heart.·°´¯`.·°´¯`

Love is not a matter of
what happens in life. It's a
matter of what's happening
in your heart.
--Ken Keyes
Love is just a feeling of
togetherness and openness
in your heart.
--Ken Keyes
Love is blind only to the
eyes. The heart sees
everything clearly.
A loving heart is the truest
--Charles Dickens
Inside the heart of each and
every one of us there is a
longing to be understood
by someone who really
cares. When a person is
understood, he or she can
put up with almost
anything in the world.
--Rev Ed Hird
Two hearts, two minds, in
time did find one love, one
two paths the same. Hold
fast. . . and love will last.
--Matt Buttram
The heart is the place where
we live our passions. It is
frail and easily broken, but
wonderfully resilient. There
is no point in trying to
deceive the heart. It
depends upon our honesty
for its survival.
--Leo Buscaglia (Born For
Ah, how skillful grows the
That obeyeth Love's
It is the heart and not the
That to the highest doth
And he who followeth
Love's behest
Far excelleth all the rest.
--Henry W. Longfellow
Give expression to the
noble desires that lie in your
--Gordon B. Hinckley
My heart to you is given:
Oh, do give yours to me;
We'll lock them up
And throw away the key.
--Frederick Saunders
A smooth and steadfast
Gentle thoughts and calm
Hearts with equal love
Kindle never-dying fires.
--Thomas Carew
The night has a thousand
eyes, And the day but one;
Yet the light of the bright
world dies, With the dying
The mind has a thousand
eyes, And the heart but
Yet the light of a whole
dies, When love is done.
--Francis W. Bourdillon
There is no instinct like that
of the heart.
--Lord Byron
The heart has reasons that
reason does not
--Jacques Benigne Bossuel
The dedicated life is the life
worth living. You must give
with your whole heart.
--Anne Dillard
As the ocean is never full of
water, so is the heart never
full of love.
--author unknown
In his younger days a man
dreams of possessing the
heart of the woman whom
he loves; later, the feeling
that he possesses the heart
of a woman may be
enough to make him fall in
love with her.
--Marcel Proust
The best and most beautiful
things in this world cannot
be seen or even heard, but
must be felt with the heart.
--Helen Keller
Love is like an hourglass
With the heart filling up
As the brain empties
--Jules Renard
It is only with the heart that
one can see rightly.
For that which is essential is
invisible to the eye.
--From a book entitled "The
Little Prince"
Some people come into our
lives and quickly go. Some
people move our souls to
dance. They awaken us to
new understanding with
the passing whisper of their
wisdom. Some people
make the sky more
beautiful to gaze upon.
They stay in our lives for
awhile, leave footprints on
our hearts, and we are
never ever the same.
--Flavia Weedn
What the heart gives away
is never gone ...
It is kept in the hearts of
--Robin St. John
The human heart, at
whatever age, opens to the
heart that opens in return.
--Maria Edgeworth
We all mold one another's
dreams. We all hold each
other's fragile hopes in our
hands. We all touch others'
Accept the things
To which fate binds you
Love the people with
whom fate
Brings you together
But do so with all your
--Marcus Aurelius
The heart of a fool is in his
mouth, but the mouth of a
wise man is in his heart.
--Benjamin Franklin
To handle yourself, use
your head, to handle
others, use ... your heart.

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