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the good the bad and the ugly poster - Man

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Italian: Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo) is a 1966 Italian epic spaghetti Western directed by Sergio Leone, starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach in the title roles.The Plot Three unnamed bounty hunters ambush Tuco in the restaurant of a desolate ghost town, before Tuco successfully shoots his way to freedom. Later, presumably miles away, Angel Eyes, employed by Baker, a bed-ridden former Confederate soldier, arrives at a distant farm to interrogate Stevens, a farmer and former soldier, regarding information about a missing man named Jackson. Stevens, Baker and Jackson were all previously involved in a scheme regarding stolen Confederate gold, with only Jackson knowing its current location. After revealing Jackson's alias as Bill Carson, Stevens offers Angel Eyes money to shoot Baker. Angel Eyes accepts the contract before fulfilling Baker's contract and shooting Stevens. Later, in the dead of night, Angel Eyes approaches a bed-ridden Baker and updates him on Carson and the hidden Confederate gold. He then slides a pillow over Baker's face and murders him.Meanwhile, Tuco's journey across an empty desert inadvertently wanders into the rifle sights of three bounty hunters, who knock him off his horse and apprehend him. They are subsequently approached by Blondie, a mysterious lone gunman who challenges all three to a draw, which he wins with lightning speed. Tuco, appreciative of the stranger's assistance, is dismayed to learn that Blondie simply wants to deliver Tuco to the local authorities for the reward money himself. Hours later, Tuco sits atop a horse, a noose around his neck. As the authorities prepare to execute him, Blondie appears from the rafters of a barn and shoots the noose rope, allowing Tuco a quick escape. The two later meet at a secret location to split the reward money, revealing their secret partnership and lucrative money-making scheme.

They ride into the next town, where Tuco is summarily surrendered again for more reward money. In that same town is Angel Eyes, following information and leads directing him to Bill Carson. Shortly before departing in a horse-drawn carriage, he notices Tuco in the noose and Blondie nearby with a rifle and predicts Tuco's imminent escape, courtesy of a "golden-haired angel." Blondie fires just as Tuco's execution is carried out, but needs two shots to sever the rope. After their escape, Tuco is furious, spitting ominous warnings to Blondie as they stop at a desolate patch of desert. Blondie, annoyed and weary of Tuco's consistent complaints, abandons him in the desert without a horse or water while keeping the reward money for himself.

Angel Eyes follows clues leading him across the Western frontier, in the footprints of Confederate and Union soldiers alike, gradually closing the distance between himself and Bill Carson. Tuco survives the 70-mile trip back to civilization, where he assembles a custom pistol from designer Remington and Colt parts of a hapless gun store owner, whom he later robs. Tuco tracks Blondie to a town filled with Confederate soldiers fleeing Union cannon fire and ambushes him in his hotel room, standing Blondie atop a chair with a noose around his neck. As Tuco prepares to hang Blondie, a cannonball demolishes the hotel, disintegrating the floor beneath them. When Tuco regains his senses, Blondie has escaped.Tuco relentlessly tracks Blondie through the frontier, ambushing him in the middle of another catch-and-release scheme arranged with another criminal, currently awaiting execution. After forcing Blondie to let the criminal die, Tuco travels through the harsh desert, dragging Blondie along without a hat or water. After Blondie collapses from exhaustion and dehydration, Tuco prepares to kill him when he sees a runaway horse carriage approach on the horizon. He stops the carriage and discovers a small group of dead Confederates inside. While searching the bodies, he encounters a survivor, Bill Carson, who reveals the existence of stolen Confederate gold worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in a grave in Sad Hill cemetery. Carson falls unconscious before giving the name on the grave, and Tuco runs to his horse to find water. When he returns, Carson is dead, and Blondie lies slumped against the side of the carriage. Just as Tuco prepares to kill Blondie, he reveals that he knows the name of the grave, shortly before passing out.

Disguised as Confederate soldiers, Tuco takes an unconscious Blondie to a local Catholic mission run by his brother, Father Pablo Ramirez, a Franciscan friar. While Blondie recovers, Tuco and his brother (Luigi Pistilli) confront each other about the mistakes each has made in life. After Blondie's recovery, the two leave the mission, impersonating Confederate soldiers. Days into their journey, they notice a group of apparent Confederates approaching on the horizon. To Blondie's distress, Tuco calls out, praising Confederate generals and admonishing the Union cause, before realizing the soldiers are really Union soldiers with dusty uniforms. The Union forces capture Blondie and Tuco as prisoners of war, and the two are led to a Union prison camp.

At the camp, Corporal Wallace begins a roll call, and Tuco answers for Bill Carson, catching the attention of Angel Eyes, a Union Sergeant stationed at the camp. Tuco and Angel Eyes recognize each other, and Angel Eyes arranges for a private meeting and lunch between the two, where Corporal Wallace ambushes Tuco and tortures him into revealing everything he knows about Sad Hill Cemetery, but confesses that only Blondie knows the name on the grave. Later, Blondie is forced into the same room and meets Angel Eyes, who proposes an equal partnership in recovering the Confederate gold. Blondie agrees and rides out with Angel Eyes and his posse. Tuco meanwhile, is escorted aboard a train by Corporal Wallace, to be executed at a different location. During the journey, Tuco escapes from the train and kills Wallace, shedding his Confederate uniform before jumping aboard another passing train.

Meanwhile, Blondie, Angel Eyes and his posse ride into a war-ravaged town, where they stop to rest and wait for the Union Army to march through. Across town, a healed Tuco aimlessly wanders through the wreckage, oblivious to the bounty hunter (Al Mulock) tracking him. The bounty hunter, a survivor of the shootout from the beginning of the film, ambushes Tuco in the middle of a bath, relishing his good fortune but failing to notice Tuco's concealed gun, which Tuco uses to kill him. Blocks away, Blondie hears the gunshots and leaves to investigate. Angel Eyes sends one of his men to follow Blondie, who later ambushes the henchman and shoots him. Blondie tracks down Tuco and briefs him on Angel Eyes's involvement. Tuco offers to team up with Blondie and renew their old partnership, and together they skulk through the wrecked town, killing Angel Eyes' henchmen one at a time, only to discover that Angel Eyes has escaped.

Tuco and Blondie ride further into the frontier, tracking Sad Hill Cemetery, before being ambushed by a team of Union soldiers, who disarm and deliver them to the ranking Union Captain. A great battle is brewing, Union soldiers on one side and the Confederates on the other, separated only by a narrow bridge, itself the objective of the battle, although one of questionable strategic value. As the battle starts and thousands of soldiers charge over the roar of cannon and gunfire, Blondie and Tuco disguise themselves as medics and transport a crate of dynamite to the bridge, wiring it to explode. Acknowledging that either could die at a moment's notice, they trade information regarding the Confederate gold. Tuco reveals it's in Sad Hill Cemetery, while Blondie says it's buried in a grave marked Arch Stanton. The two detonate the bridge and take cover in an alcove while the two sides angrily resume their battle.

The next morning, all is silent. Both the Confederate and Union soldiers have disappeared, and Tuco and Blondie stumble across an empty battlefield to the Confederates' abandoned post. While Blondie observes and comforts a dying Confederate soldier, Tuco steals a horse and abandons Blondie to dig up the gold for himself, finally stumbling upon the sprawling Sad Hill Cemetery, filled with thousands of graves. Tuco frantically runs through the massive graveyard, searching for Arch Stanton's name in a sea of makeshift tombstones. He discovers it and feverishly digs through the sand and dirt before hitting the coffin. Blondie suddenly appears, in time to offer Tuco a shovel, which Tuco puts to use. Moments later, another shovel is thrown onto the grave. Blondie and Tuco turn and find themselves staring at Angel Eyes, who holds them at gunpoint. Blondie refuses to dig, instead kicking open Arch Stanton's grave, revealing a skeleton clad in rags. Blondie says only he knows the true name of the grave, choosing to write it onto a rock in the middle of the graveyard, and challenging Angel Eyes and Tuco to a Mexican standoff, the winner of which will have the name and the gold.The three stare each other down, calculating alliances, odds, dangers, advantages and predicting each other's thoughts. Finally, they draw. Blondie shoots Angel Eyes, who collapses before he can fire a shot. Tuco fires at Angel Eyes, but is surprised to find his gun unloaded. Angel Eyes, on the verge of death, tries to return fire when Blondie shoots him again, rolling his body into an open grave. Blondie explains to Tuco that he unloaded his pistol the night before, and says:
“ You see, in this world there are two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns... and those who dig. You dig. ”

Blondie directs Tuco to the grave marked Unknown next to Arch Stanton's, and throws him a shovel. Tuco digs and is overjoyed to find bags of gold inside the coffin, but is shocked when he turns back to Blondie only to find himself staring at a noose. Blondie wraps the noose around Tuco's neck, ties his hands together and forces him to balance atop one of the graves. Blondie takes half of the gold coins and rides off into the sunset, leaving Tuco screaming for mercy. Moments later, Blondie's horse reappears on the horizon. Tuco, at first elated with Blondie's apparent change of heart, realizes Blondie is just calibrating the sights on his rifle and taking aim at Tuco. Tuco screams, Blondie fires, and the noose rope is sliced in two, dropping Tuco face first onto his share of the gold. From across the field, Blondie smiles at the livid Tuco screaming "Hey blond, you know what you are? Just a dirty son-of-a bitch!", before turning and riding into the frontier.

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