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How to get Key Barheim Pessage

Barheim Key Quest
First complete the Hunt : “Dalmasca’s Desert
The Cactus Flower that you get from this
Hunt is a necessary element.
In addition to this
you will also want to complete the Hunt :
“ Nidhog.”
Make sure not to sell the
Great Serpentskin.
This can still be completed
without it, but the rewards will not be as good.
It begins with Dantro who is located in the
Dalmasca Estersand ( at the camp. )
He ’s the one
who gave you the Dalmasca’s Desert Bloom
Make sure not to do this until after you
have completed the Tomb of Raithwall.
He ’ll tell
you to head for the village on the south bank of
the Nebra.
Take the east exit from here and begin heading
very far north.
About three screens or so north,
just above the Banks of the Nebra.
Dantro ’s wife
is the villager standing in front of one of the
In return for the Cactus Flower you will
get a Bundle of Needles.
Leave the village and then immediately come
back in.
There is now a group of people waiting
by the dock at the north beach.
Speak to the kid
on the dock and agree to accompany the boy.
On the other side, go and speak with Ruksel.
After learning about the Cactoids, it ’s time to set
sail back across the river.
Speak to Dantro’s wife,
then go around behind the house ( make sure to
use the Save Crystal here so you can teleport to it
later. )
Examine the flower and a cactoid will pop out.
Cross the river again and speak with the cactoids
For returning their precious baby you are
awarded 1000 Gil and a Pouch of Wyrmfire Shot.
Cross the river ( again ) and speak to Dantro’s wife.
She says that in order to subdue the pain she
needs some Semclam Shells.
Just walk along the
beach and keep an eye out for anything sparkling.
Examine it to get a shell.
Get at least two of them
and you should get a Golden Amulet as a reward
for this quest.
Take them to Dantro ’s wife.
She wants you to go speak with Dantro, so head
back to his little encampment.
Talk to Dantro and
then examine the phial sitting atop the big pile of
crates in the middle.
With that in hand it ’s time to
return to his wife in the village.
Now she wants some Valeblossom Dew which
will be a little harder to obtain.
Cross the river to
the north side and leave the village through the
west exit.
Head north through this area to the
Broken Sands.
The enemies here are quite
difficult, so you may just need to hold R2 and run
( though in some cases you may actually find that
more dangerous given the number of enemies
you will
pull. )
When you enter the Broken Sands you will reach
a fork in the main path.
Take the left branch and
go north.
Around the ( exact ) middle of this area
there is a rock, that when examine, can be
knocked loose to connect the two paths.
A few
steps west of this rock, stand right against the
south cliff overlooking the area below and you
should be a prompt of something “glimmering.”
That is
the Valeblossom Dew.
Bring the dew back to Dantro’s wife and give it to
her, along with the Great Serpentskin.
Now you
need to play the waiting game.
I ’m not quite sure
what variables are involved in the passage of time
( perhaps just time? ) but I would still suggest you
at least get a reasonable distance from the area
while waiting.
Head a couple maps in either direct
and just fight stuff for a little while.
Five or ten
minutes should be more than enough.
Speak to the traveler around back and get the
Barheim Key.
You ’ll also get another item for your
The sidequest is now complete.

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