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love on net

.;i!i;.LøVê Øn ThÉ NêT.;i!i;.

.;i!i;.WêB RêLäTiOnShIp.;i!i;.

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For various reason, such as the impossibility of meeting in person because of the long distances, people who meet through social Web sites make LOVE by correspondence. I was very surprised by the speed and intensity of LOVE on the Internet. When the Internet started, people said "LOVE ON THE NET" would be superficial because there aren't many stimulants, just writing, and so it couldn't be deep and long-lasting.Well, it turns out that the relationships can be very deep. The reason is that the imagination works very,tan interactive imagination, not like with movies or works of art. which are merely seen.
There's a reciprocity here in the relationship and an anonymity that facilitates exposure, and there's a lot of sensitivity. On the Net, it's a lot easier to say things directly"
Can a Virtual relationship be considered CHEATING? Even though people say, "CHATTING" is sometimes "CHEATING",its less of a betrayal.Seventy percent of people who have affairs on the Internet do not consider it CHEATING, while 70 percent of their spouses do consider it as such.
The problem is the slippery slope that has no boundaries or red lines; an emotional connection that strong can evolve into a genuine affair. Someone once told me that his Internet lover was the Smartest lover he'd ever had. It's no wonder, LOVE on WEB is based on discourse alone."
And what happens when people finally meet? "In the most cases, it's a killer.Only about 9 percent make it past this stage, including people who previously told each other,"YOUR THE LOVE OF MY LIFE". One woman once told me: about his internet lover "HE GOT OFF THE PLANE AND EVEN THOUGH HE LOOKED JUST LIKE THE PICTURE HE SENT ME, I KNEW IT WASN'T IT" The arousal in certain areas of the brain didn't occur for her. In the Real World, you meet a person, are attracted to him, and so the outward appearance is very significant, and only afterward do you get to know his other traits. On the Internet, you first get to know the person, correspond with him, fall in love with his qualities, and afterward get to see him."
"REAL LIFE has been greatfully influenced by virtual life. Everything is very quick and available, even though the feelings are real, and the orgasms are real too, and there's even a phenomenon of people who fake orgasms on Internet. You can LOVE and have a RELATIONSHIP simultaneously with several people. Open more and more windows, Most teenagers today are on the Internet all the time, that's where they have their relationships, and changes happen very quickly that when they grow up, they'll maintain the same patterns of behavior. In the future, switching partners will be much more trivial matter.
The romantic realm is becoming much more dynamic, with lot's of far-reaching changes and implications for married life, for the stability of relationships and society's attitude toward this"

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