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<<Roughing It>>

In the 10 years that they'd been taking this trip, this was the shittiest hunting either of them had ever suffered through. They'd been in camp almost a week, since the beginning of deer season, and all they'd seen is the occasional sign that something was tramping around in the woods.

Ralph was the first one back by almost an hour, giving him time to grow even more disgusted by the sounds of rifles and shotguns going off in the distance, evidence that someone was having better luck than he. By the time Sam came into camp his mood had turned from bad to worse, and he had added tired and hungry to his list of complaints.

"Looks like a storm's rolling in," Sam remarked good naturedly, looking up at the sky.

Ralph scowled at the dark, rolling clouds. Great, just the fucking thing we need to cap of a spectacular fucking day of chasing our tails around here, he thought.

While they fixed dinner they cracked a six pack and made small talk, both of them avoiding the topic of whether or not they'd be able to get any hunting in the next day if the storm didn't break. As they ate they watched lightning streak intermittently across the sky, and listened as thunder would rumble somewhere far off. A little buzzed, Ralph told Sam that it was too bad he wasn't home, because his wife got so horny during storms that she was an animal in bed.

He was 35 and had only been married a year. He was smaller than Sam, but very muscular from weight lifting. In contrast, Sam was older, with graying hair and on his second marriage, ten years strong and holding. The two men had known each other for years, having met on the job and becoming friends almost instantly. Ralph had been with Sam through his first marriage and subsequent divorce, and they found each other face down and hung over in the other's guest bedroom more often than either would ever care to admit.

Conversation between the two men came easily. The more they drank, the raunchier the talk got, each trying to top the others wild sex story. By the time they crawled into their sleeping bags, they were both on edge, their minds clouded with thoughts of fucking.

Ralph tossed for what seemed hours, trying to get comfortable, willing the pressure in his balls to subside. Squirming uneasily, he finally gave in and cupped his balls, squeezing them, losing himself in the gentle yet insistent manipulation. He bit down hard on his lower lip to stifle a groan, his boxers now wet from all the precum leaking, and he was having trouble concentrating on anything other than his sore, throbbing cock and balls. Peeling back his sleeping bag, he was about to swing his legs out so he could go outside and jerk off when the deafening sound of rain surrounded him. The tent vibrated ominously as the drops splattered its surface, increasing in force until Ralph could feel the ground tremble slightly.

"Damn it!" he swore under his breath, his head falling back on the pillow.

The pulsing in his balls matched the staccato beat of the rain, clouding his reason and leading him to make a decision that under normal circumstances he never would have considered. He was so horny, and so close, that he was able to convince himself that he could probably unload before Sam noticed if he kept quiet. Slipping out of his boxers, he groaned as his cock came free of the binding cotton. Gripping it, he stroked slowly, shivering as the cool night air came in contact with his hot member.

He closed his eyes and thought about his wife, her wonderful mouth, that tight pussy, and stroked harder, grabbing himself all the way down at the base and jerking his hand roughly up to the soft, sensitive crown. More precum welled up and oozed down the shaft, covering his hand, the sounds of his pumping masked by the downpour outside. He grunted softly, arching his back to meet his hand.

The sound of thunder close by, seemingly right outside the tent, shocked his eyes opened. A moment later a bolt of lightning struck much too close for comfort, bathing the tent in a blaze of electric blue light, and Ralph's eyes found Sam's in that brief instant of illumination.

Sam was kneeling next to him, having moved there while Ralph was attending to his need. The knowledge that his friend was so close, had been watching him for God knows how long, was too much for Ralph and his cock exploded. Thick, hot, sticky streams of cum shot out all over his belly and dripped down his balls, pooling beneath his ass. Breathing raggedly, his eyes still not adjusted to the dark again, Ralph's whole body went rigid as he felt Sam's hand settle on his still erect cock. He never softened after the first cum; under the right circumstances, he could easily stay hard for two or three.

The first thing Sam noticed about his friend's cock was that it was thicker than his own. He looked over at Ralph, saw the dazed look on his face, but he also noticed that he wasn't pulling away. He bent over, touching Ralph's cock with his tongue, scooping up some of the cum and swallowing it noisily.

He'd been having trouble sleeping, needed to come real bad, and had turned over to see if Ralph was having the same problem. At first he couldn't quite make out what was going on over there, thought Ralph might be in some sort of trouble; it took him a moment to realize that the "trouble" was just Ralph playing with himself. The longer he watched, the more turned on he got, caught up in the eroticism of the act.

The closer Ralph got to coming, the hotter it looked and the harder Sam got. The need to get a closer look, to be able to see Ralph writhe with pleasure, fought for control. Before he really knew what was happening he felt himself slither out of his bag and make his way stealthily next to Ralph.

The look of intensity on his friend's face was infectious; Sam balled his hands tightly into fists to keep from touching Ralph and stared down at him, tracking the rise and fall of the other man's chest as his orgasm built. The clap of thunder startled them both, and the lightning caught him off guard, exposing him.

He didn't know what made him lean over and taste Ralph, but once he did it seemed perfectly natural to go farther. He just kept lapping and sucking, until finally, he closed his mouth around Ralph's thick cock head. It was a strange feeling having another man's cock in his mouth, but it was also exciting. Sam sucked Ralph's cock deeper into his mouth, not stopping until his nose was buried in Ralph's pubic hair.

"Oh shit that feels good," Ralph moaned, stunned.

He was still reeling from his first orgasm, but could already feel the second one building. Sam released his cock with a loud slurping noise, then wrapped his hand around Ralph's cock, stroking it as he licked his way down to the balls, sucking first one, then the other, into his mouth, cleaning the cum off. He was so engrossed in the sensations Sam was causing that he barely noticed Sam rolling him over and positioning his ass in the air. In fact, he wasn't able to react much at all until Sam reached under him and jacked him off with one hand while he worked a finger into his ass.

"Damn it Sam! What the hell are you trying to do?" Ralph sputtered, trying to maneuver away.

Sam placed both hands on Ralph's hips, managing to hold him in place while he ran his tongue up and down the crack of Ralph's ass. Tracing around the asshole, Ralph's legs shuddered and buckled and Sam grasped his cock again, squeezing it. Ralph felt Sam's tongue travel all the way down to his balls, sucking and nibbling on them.

Sam was going on instinct now, in territory, literally and figuratively, that he'd never been in before. He wasn't sure what he planned to do from moment to moment, but he knew that he was so fucking horny he had to get his rocks off. Under him Ralph struggled half-heartedly, but he was pretty turned on too.

"Sam?" Ralph questioned weakly.

Sam ignored him, choosing instead to run his thick finger in the cum still on Ralph's belly, then slowly insert it inside Ralph's ass. Ralph's head started to spin; he knew without a doubt that he was about to get fucked, fucked by another man no less. The fact that it was his best friend made it that much more confusing, as did the fact that part of him craved it, welcomed it. Sam added a second finger to the first and Ralph groaned loudly, safe in the knowledge that no one could hear them or see them all the way out here in the woods.

Sam slowly pumped his fingers in and out of Ralph's ass, stretching him, getting him ready. As if a signal from on high the storm intensified, the lightning flashing in a bright barrage and thunder cracking loudly in rapid succession.

Sam spit in his hand and rubbed the saliva over his own swollen cock, then pulled his fingers out of Ralph and placed the tip of his cock against Ralph's asshole. He pushed slowly and firmly, feeling virginal resistance that he would never have thought to associate with a man. He was amazed at how fucking good it felt to force his cock head into another man.

Ralph grunted and tried to pull away but Sam held his hips. He clenched his teeth as he felt his asshole spread, maybe tear slightly, and tried to relax. Sam continued to push in until he hit bottom then withdrew just as slowly. Ralph moaned, lying as still as he could as Sam slowly fucked him, grunting softly with each thrust. His ass hurt so bad, he was sure he was bleeding, but deep down there was also the unmistakable tingle of pleasure as the ravaging continued. Unconsciously he arched his ass up, trying to ease the way for Sam.

Sam was shaking, sweat dripping off him and splattering Ralph. In the dim light he could see his cock disappear into Ralph's tight ass and it made him throb painfully. He didn't remember any girl ever being so tight, and part of him hoped he could stay deep in Ralph for hours, losing himself in the warm fleshy hole that belonged to his closest friend. He reached around and stroked Ralph's cock briskly, running his hand roughly over the head, making the poor man shake and tremble. Sam slowly pulled his cock out and groaned; it felt like Ralph's ass was trying to suck him back in. Pushing back in, he felt Ralph push back against him slightly. This act of participation only fueled his arousal, and Sam responded by fucking harder and faster. He timed his jerks on Ralph's cock perfectly to his thrusts. He was close to shooting, the sound of their grunts and lovemaking louder than the noise outside. With a final, violent thrust he buried his cock deep in Ralph's ass and growled, filling it with his load. As Ralph felt those hot jets of cum splash inside him he also let loose, spraying all over Sam's hand and the floor.

As they recovered, Sam lay on Ralph's back, trying to catch his breath. Gradually they moved apart and crawled into their sleeping bags, falling asleep wordlessly.

Miraculously, the next morning the rain stopped. They got up and got dressed, then set out on their quest to bag their first buck of the season. They didn't split up this time, and neither man made any mention of what happened the previous night.

But by midmorning, Ralph was already wondering if maybe he could fuck Sam tonight.

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