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zabka - Animated


Oº°‘¨ W A P ¨‘°ºO






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Oº°‘¨ 1 ¨‘°ºO
There are nearly 4000 known types of frogs

Oº°‘¨ 2 ¨‘°ºO
Adult frogs will eat just about anything smaller than themselves, even including other frogs!

Oº°‘¨ 3 ¨‘°ºO
There are frogs everywhere in the world, except Antarctica

Oº°‘¨ 4 ¨‘°ºO
When frogs swallow their food, they eyeballs close and go down into their head! This happens because the eyeballs apply pressure and help to push the frog's food down its throat

Oº°‘¨ 5 ¨‘°ºO
Frogs can jump over 20 times their own length

Oº°‘¨ 6 ¨‘°ºO
Frogs don't drink water, they absorb it through their skin

Oº°‘¨ 7 ¨‘°ºO
In order to keep it healthy, frogs shed their skin frequently. Once they have shed their skin, they eat it!

Oº°‘¨ 8 ¨‘°ºO
Some frogs can change their color, according to light, moisture, temperature, or even their mood

Oº°‘¨ 9 ¨‘°ºO
The more colorful a frog, often the more poisonous it is

Oº°‘¨ 10 ¨‘°ºO
The smallest frog in the world is from Cuba, and is only 1/2 long. The largest frog in the world is from West Africa (Conraua goliath) and is about 12 inches long

Oº°‘¨ 11 ¨‘°ºO
Some tree frogs live their whole lives in the trees, and never come down. They even lay their eggs in the tree brances or on leaves over water or even just a pool of water. When the tadpoles hatch they, hopefully, fall into the water below

Oº°‘¨ 12 ¨‘°ºO
Some frogs lay as many as 25 000 eggs while others may lay as few as 4

Oº°‘¨ 13 ¨‘°ºO
In Scotland the tadpoles sometimes take up to 2 years to evolve due to the cold weather

Oº° 14 °ºO
Some species of frogs carry their egg clusters upon their backs, sometimes even after the eggs have hatched!


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