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My lecturer aunt

By: Vaibhav

Hi ISS readers. I am Vaibhav from Delhi, 34 years old, 6+ ft tall with moderate body. I work in a reputed organization and my colleagues say that I'm quite handsome and smart. Today I want to share a true incident, which took place almost 15 yrs back and changed the philosophy of my life and views towards sexuality and relationships. Well, I'm not a good writer and not well versed in typing, there might be mistakes, also I'm short of words which describe such stories in a fantastic way, so please bear with me and let me know your reaction so as I can write and post more experiences of my life.

Originally I hail from a town of Uttar Pradesh where my parents still live. If I was not extra ordinary in studies, I was not below standard. My parents always wanted to give me quality education. But those days there was no reputed college in my locality. After 10+2, it was a big question before my parents as to where I go for further studies. My uncle was a Class I officer in U.P. administration and aunty was lecturer in Department of Zoology in a college affiliated with Lucknow University. When they came to know about dilemma of my parents they suggested me to take admission in Lucknow University and stay with them. It was fantastic proposal so far my studies were concerned but personally I was not very excited as I had never been emotionally close to my uncle's family. Though I had great respect for both, uncle and aunty, but I had never been vocal to them and there was an apprehension in my mind whether I would feel comfortable with them. Anyways, despite all such apprehensions, now it was final decision that I was going to study in Lucknow University and stay with my uncle and aunt. My uncle had two kids, son Rohit, about 16 yrs and studying in 10th standard and daughter Garima about 18 years old. Contrary to my apprehension, I felt that both, my uncle and aunty were very supportive and caring towards me and my cousins were happy, as they have got an elder brother to talk and study with them. Also, on several occasions they preferred to talk/ask problems to me rather than their lecturer mother.

As I told earlier I was not from a big city, so I had never been exposed to sex or sexually enticing literatures. But here in Lucknow, some students of my class used to bring porn magazines such as “Debonair" or "Chastity" and glimpse on nude models have started working on me and somewhere I felt sexual urge within me. As those days Internet was not available and porn cassettes were far-far way from my access so I used to borrow such magazines from my friends and masturbate while looking at pictures of nude girls; however in reality I had never seen any nude girl or woman. I remember, it was August and my uncle got transferred to another city of U.P., he tried his best to get transfer order cancelled but he didn't succeed and he had to left for there. Now he visits Lucknow once in 15 or 20 days.

One day, one of my friends brought a sex storybook written by some "Mastram" type authors. There was a story titled “Maine chachi ko choda". After reading this story my thoughts changed in one go. My own aunt, who was as caring as my mother, flashed in my mind as a sexual object that can easily pacify my lust. But it was only in the state of mind when I was overpowered with such desires. I knew it was not going to happen ever in my life. But, after this incident I have started to look my aunt in different perception.

My aunt was 40 years old and had a nice figure. Still at this age she looks a sex bomb. She was 5 ft. 6 inches tall and weighs about 65 Kgs. She had gorgeous legs with wide thighs, full round tits, and well shaped round and firm hips. From top to bottom she was fair and spotless like an Angel. I think she was proud of her looks and smooth, silky & voluptuous body, as it was evident from her way of keeping her well maintained. The best part of her body was the huge set of boobs. They were huge & firm till date. I guess every 9 out of 10 men walking on the roads get attracted to her great pair of tits.

In my life I have never thought of my aunt as any kind of sexual object, but in a blink of an eye it all changed and initial feelings of lust for my own aunt were developed in my mind. If I remember, after reading that story, my first memories of feeling stirred up were watching her get dressed in front of me or watching her move about the room, retrieving things from the refrigerator, her tits bouncing and her hips swaying under her saree or looking at her cleavage when she wears deep neck blouse or during her forward bending. Some times after bath she used to come out from bathroom in bra and petticoat, and put rest of her clothes, likes blouse and saree on her body even if I was there in the room but with her back towards me. Though I always use to peep her when I get any chance but never let her know about it. For her I was still a shy and innocent guy whereas for me she was quite the package of sex and I wanted to get the chance to open her up.

It was October and we had two-week long vacations for Dussehra in our college however my cousins' school was still open. My aunt asked me if I want to visit my parents on this occasion or want to stay here to see how Dussehra is being celebrated in Lucknow. With a lust of getting a chance to squeeze my aunt I decided to stay in Lucknow with her and told " Rohit aur Garima bhi hain, do-teen dino mein unki bhi chhutti ho jayegi, uncle bhi aa jayenge, hum sabhi saath honge to bahut maza aayega. Iss baar main yehi rahunga Lucknow mein hi."

"Its nice Vibhu, I think you will have great fun during these vacations as it’s your first Dussehra in Lucknow."

That day aunt was busy in household chores and I was lending helping hands to her. During this period, several times I tried to touch or rub her body accidentally, whenever I got a chance. At one point she bent down to get old magazines from lower shelf of central table and her nightie was riding up her legs, exposing her marvelous calf and stretched tightly across her round ass. This sight caused my dick lurched in my shorts and began to swell as she remained in that position for 2 minutes. I had conflicting feelings of recognizing my aunt as my local guardian and other hand as a sexual object. I tried my best to wash these feelings but my lust over powered me. I thought I must be losing my mind, but I couldn't stop watching her. Next morning when my cousins were out for school and I and my aunt were at home (as colleges were closed but not schools). My lust for her overpowered me and I decided to go ahead with some clever tricks as it was now or never situation for me. Till then I had no idea about her mind, about her sexual drives and her response to my move. I knew if I go straight forward for her it is not going to happen in anyway. Even it was not certain if my trick would work. It might ruin my life and she could tell my parents about it. With great puzzle in my mind I came out of my study room and approached her. She was in living room sitting on the sofa and watching television. Pretending as I'm in great pain and surprise me went there and sat on sofa beside her. It was evident from my face that I was in some trouble. Looking at me she asked-

“Kya hua Vibhu tum kuchh pareshan dikh rahe ho?”

“Kuchh nahi aunty buss aise hi..."

"Arrey baba bolo to kya hua whets wrong with you? Are you ok?"

"Haan aunty main theek hun but I think I need to go to the doctor”. I replied.

“Why, what happened?”

“Aunty, main aapko nahi bata sakta, I feel shy in telling you”.

“Don’t be shy; c’mon tell me what’s wrong, yaad rakho tumhari maan ne tumhe meri zimmedari par bheja hai, tumhari har pareshani ka khayal mujhe rakhna padega."

“Actually aunty tonight I had a bad dream and when I wake up I noticed that there was" deliberately I ate my words and was looking for her reaction.

"Haan bolo kya hua what happened in the dream? Did you meet with some accident in the dream?" She inquired.

"No, no, not like that actually in dreams I was here at home with you only I don't remember what happened next but when I was awake I noticed that there was a large wet patch on my underwear I think some fluid came out of my I never experienced it before but I'm sure it was not pee as it was quite thick like someone had poured gum bottle on my underwear.”

I could see thrill on her face, I think my trick was doing well on her.

“Oh, is it so now I know what the problem is. Don’t you ever had any talks with your friends about that”?

“Nahi aunty, this is for the first time that my underwear was wet. Kahin aisa to nahi ki mujhe koi serious disease hai."

I wanted to bring sexuality in our conversation so I went little ahead and said. “Actually aunty, kabhi kabhi morning mein kuchh ajeeb sa feel hota hai but I think it is due to pee pressure."

I noticed her expression and can guess that she was in confused state of mind, she switched off the television and after a little pause she asked with completely changed attitude.

"Kya ajeeb feel hota hai, batao. Jub tak tum khul kar bataoge nahi, tab tak main kaise bataun ki yeh disease hai ya nahi."

I was sure that my trick was working and my aunt was curious about my queries. I decided to go ahead with fake problems of mine. With an artificial gesture of sadness on my face, I said, "Aunty, in mornings I feel hardness in my and I think it is due to pee pressure as after urination I feel relaxed. But…"

"But what? bolo."

"Aunty, sometimes there is unusual hardness too specially when any girl touches me in college. I have talked about this to a friend of mine and he told that it is a natural phenomenon. Aunty, I'm really worried of this sudden change.”

“kya, don’t you know what it means when you get a hard-on. I just can't believe Vibhu, your are 18 years old and don’t you know anything about all these?”

I put my face down and confessed, “No aunty, I am really not aware of all these things.”

“Ok, I think by this age you should have know this. But it’s not your fault; actually we don't have sex education in our schools that's why you are still ignorant."

She was again silent for few minutes.

"Well I can tell you each and every thing but in our society it is not expected from a mother or aunt to teach her son about all these things, therefore you have to promise one thing before I tell you any more. I don't want anybody to know about this neither your parents, nor your uncle and even your cousins too. So promise me you won’t tell anyone ...

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