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The autobiography 3

By: alokji

I remained in the hostel till my final exams were completed. I could have come back home but fearing something bad may happen again I preferred to go for a long tour of different places till the results were published. I passed my school final with very good marks. I came home only when every thing about my admission was decided. I got admission in a college 400 K.Ms away from our town. I stayed at home only for one day and then left for my college. When I was leaving for the collage my mother started weeping like anything. She took me in her arms and kissed me several times before my father. My father also became sentimental but he consoled my mom. “He will be back soon during his vacations.”- He said. Any way I left for my college. I got a seat in the hostel. I got new friends. The college had co-education. Many beautiful girls were there but none was beautiful like my mom. Other students were always after girls but I had no interest in them. I even tried to get rid of my thinking about mom and concentrated in my studies. I did not go home even in vacations and remained confined to my studies. It helped me in my studies. I did not go home for a complete year. My results were the best in the first semester. I stood first in the university. My principal wrote an appreciation letter to my father. After the results we were given one month leave. The hostel was closed and we were asked to go home. I never wanted to go home where my mother was there but there was no way out. I had to go home. I came home after six months. My train reached my town at 4.00 p.m. When my parent came to the station to receive me I could see their happiness. Mom was very happy. She was blooming with joy. I noticed that she has become more pretty. The glow on her face was more visible than earlier. She hugged me at the platform and kissed me on my cheek. I looked in her eyes but did not say anything as father was there.

We went home. My father was so happy that he arranged a party for all his staff in his office to celebrate my success. Father asked us to get ready immediately since we had to go to his office to attend the party thrown by him to celebrate my success. Though I was tired but I got ready and we left by 5.30 p.m. in our car driven by our old driver. We reached there at 7.30 P.M.. Every one was praising me and my parent. Mom would take me every where and introduce to every one. After some time I could notice that all the male in the party were looking my mom only. Their look was not normal. It was full of sexual hunger. Their eyes would follow her, wherever she goes. I felt bad. After all she was my mother. I felt jealous also. I looked her with more attention. She was looking great. She was in Sari and low cut sleeveless blouse. Her hairs were spread on her shoulders. Her lips were looking like a piece of fresh orange. Her buttocks were firm and would swing when she walks. She was looking so sexy. Her solid boobs were peeping through her low cut blouse and her cleavage was apparent. Her big eyes were blushing with happiness. Her thighs were a little visible from her transparent sari. Her white complexion, with a touch of slight redness was shinning in the light of mercury tubes. She was looking hardy 23, though she was 31 now. In nut shell she was looking great. I felt as if my cock is rising inside my pant. I felt a great urge. I left for bathroom to adjust my rising tool in my pant. I went in side a toilet and took out my tool. I thought it would be better to jack off. I started jacking off. I closed my eyes and imagined if I am fucking mom. I had given only a few strokes when I heard some one coming inside.

They were two mails. No doubt, they were officers of father’s office. I was inside the toilet so they did not see me. They started pissing and talking at the same time.

“Yar, did you see Baboo Lal’s wife.”

“Yes yar. They are like beauty and the beast”

“She is looking great, Yar. Do something so that we can get a chance to fuck her.”

“Oh, that will be so nice. Let us thatch a plan.”

“ Only very lucky people will get a chance to enter into her pussy yar.”

“Yes. I agree. I never saw a lady so beautiful in my life. She is much more beautiful and sexy than any film heroin.”

“You are right. But she is the wife of our subordinate.”

“What subordinate? If she would have been my sister or daughter, even then I would have fucked her.”

“You are great Yar. How can you say like that about your sister and daughter?”

“Do not wonder Yar. None of my sister and daughter is that beautiful, yet I molested them and made my sister pregnant.”

“You never told me. I allowed you to fuck my wife. You too must allow me to have sex with your sister and daughter, Yar.”

“No problem Yar. Come to my house when my wife is away.”

“You mean to say your wife does not know about it?”

“Yar! She is a bitch. Always smelling if I am after some cunt? But my Sister and Daughter are very mod. Both do not mind being fucked by me.”

“Do you fuck them regularly?”

“I get chance rarely as my wife seldom goes out of home. But on Sunday she goes to see her mother and father and remains out from morning to evening. We get a chance on that day and enjoy thoroughly.”

“You should take care. Your sister is a married girl but your daughter is not.”

“I always use condom while fucking my daughter. With my sister there is no problem I made her pregnant.”

“You mean to say it is you who fathered her baby?’

“You are right. Every body thinks it is of her husband, but she told me that it is mine and not of her husband.”

“Oh, I am so exited. Tomorrow is Sunday. May I come to fuck her?”

“You are most well come. I will tell both Rani and Rajani to be ready for you. You can enjoy with both of them together.”

They left the room. I was surprised at their conversation. Do all rail people fuck their inner relations like me and those officers? I again started thinking about mom. She is really sexy as observed by them. They are ready to fuck her even if she be their sister or daughter. Then what is bad if I fuck her, though she is my mother? I thought. How I agreed with her and did not fuck her for more than a year? Oh, it was foolish. I would certainly try at the nearest available chance, I decided. I stopped the idea of jacking off. Let me save my strength for a nice fuck with her. I put my tool under my pant, closed the zip and came out. Mother was looking for me –“Where had you been? Son! Every one is looking for you.” - She took a plate and started feeding me with her own hands as if I were still a kid. She was also taking food from the same plate. While eating I took a glance of the surrounding. Everybody was busy having his dinner. No one was around us. I looked towards her and said slowly- Mummy!”

“Yes son.”- She answered while chewing a piece of chicken.

“You are looking very charming and sexy. You are the most beautiful of all the women and girls here.” – I praised her.

She laughed. Happiness was visible in her eyes. She smiled and said- “Thanks for the complement. What are your intensions? Do not be naughty. Please remember the promise we had with each other.”

“Oh! I do remember. We can have a kissing session only, nothing more than a kiss. Am I right?”- I said.

“Yes. That’s like a good boy.”- She said and smiled so nicely.

“Mom, if at all we kiss, it must be very nice, both sides should participate honestly with their full passion. Since we will be kissing after a year, it must be a memorable one. Am I right?”- I said.

“That will be seen, when time comes.”- She said –“Now eat silently.”

The party was over by 9.30 p.m.

Father was busy with some of his officers. All of a sudden a phone call came. The General Manager attended the call and said something to the entire officer. My father came near us. He told mummy -“Ramani, I will have to stay back for some more time with my other colleagues. You and Balu better leave for home. You can take the car. The driver will drop you and come back. The road is nice and quite safe. Nothing to worry, I will be coming latter on.”

So we left for home. I was sitting on the rear seat with mummy. She was asking me about my college and I was answering all her queries. We both were quite fresh and happy. When our town was about 20 K.Ms the car suddenly started knocking and then it stopped. The driver checked the engine and said-“There is no petrol. I will have to go to the town and fetch some. The nearest pump is about 5 K.Ms. Please sit in the car till I come.”

“What are you talking? How can we stay in this lonely place in night? It is about 11.00 P.M.. It is a full moon night as such; every thing is so clearly visible. Any one passing by can see that a lady and a young boy are there in the car in this lonely place. They may attack us. You are a stupid. Why did not you check petrol before starting?”- Mother took the driver left and right.

“I am sorry, but there is no way. Moreover the place and the road are quite safe. So please don’t be scared. Sit in the car. I would be back soon.”- The old man said and left.

My mother was very upset. “Just see this idiot. He has put us in such a dangerous situation.”-She said and started abusing the driver in local dialect.

I took her hand in my hands and said-“Take it easy. Don’t be scared. I am with you. He will be back in an hour.”

She did not say anything. I also kept mum. After some time I started conversation. “Mom! Just see how beautiful the night looks with full moon in the sky”

She looked out of the car and said-“Yes, the full moon is so beautiful.”

“But certainly not as beautiful as you.”- I praised her beauty once again.

“OK,OK do not flatter me.”- She said and shifted nearer to me and said- “It is a bit cold also. Is not it?”

“Yes.”- I said.

“What do you do in such nights in your hostel?’- She asked.

“I study or sleep.”- I answered.-“Some time I talk to my follow students.”

“Do you talk to girls also?”

“No. There is a separate hostel for them.”

“How far is girls’ ...

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