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My affair with mom

By: Raj

Hi. My name is Raj. I am 26 years old and I work for a PSU in Delhi. I recently discovered the sire ISS. I was having a nice private life and thought that I should not tell anybody about it. After reading the stories in ISS, I am encouraged to write about my own private life.Well, I belong to a lower middle class typical Indian family. My dad worked in a private company in Delhi. He was staying in a rented house in Kalkaji . My mom was daughter of his landlord. She fell in love with him at very young age of 14 years and she eloped with him to get married at the age of 15. I was born 1 year after her marriage. So she became a mother at a very tender age of 16. My dad was not a good man and he started demanding money as dowry from my mother’s house. Soon my parents had quarrels and I had a very disturbed childhood. My dad left us to work in the Middle East when I was just 8 years old. My mom had great difficulty in bringing me up. She learned typing and steno and got a low paying job. She had only one dream in her mind that I should be able to get a job.

As mom was lonely all her life, after I grew up, I tried to help her in whatever way I could. I used to give her company and started doing small household works to help her. Soon we became just like friends. I knew how much hardship my mom was going through to bring me up. I was determined to be a good son to her and get a job so that I can relieve her from her hard work.My mom is an average looking Indian lady. The hard work had left its mark on her as she always neglected herself over the years. I started making her take care of herself. I made her wear some make ups, trim her hair and eyebrows and wear some nice cloths. I remember how cheerful she was when dad was with us. I wanted to give back that smile to her lips. So I started to make her feel happy and she also started to behave as a friend to me.

I did my graduations with honors and was lucky to get a job in a PSU, 2 years back. Mom was so happy after I got the job that she called everybody in our neighborhood for a party. I never saw her so happy. After guests left, she hugged me and kissed me in my forehead and said, “I am proud of you my son. You have fulfilled my dream.”After I got my job, I stopped mom from going to work and insisted that she stays home and take rest. I told her that now it was my responsibility to make her happy in life. I used to come home straight from office and gave her company. I used to discuss everything that happened in office or in my personal life with her. She always enjoyed my personal things and sometimes also teased me with some girls.

I had to go for a training in Bangalore for 1 month after a few days of joining my job. I wanted to take my mom along with me as she had never gone anywhere outside Delhi. But my financial position was not sound to afford a return air trip for my mother. During that 1 month I used to call her regularly as I missed her so much. I came to know that she also missed me a lot and I could almost hear her emotions while talking to her. Both of us were eagerly waiting for the end of my training. When I reached home After 1 month, my mom hugged me at the doorstep itself and cried hiding her face in my arms saying that I should never leave her alone again. That was the first time I felt a different feeling for her. I kissed her in her cheeks and my eyes also got moistened. I promised her that I would never leave her alone again whole of my life.That night I took her out to a movie. It was a very emotional movie and she hold my hand tightly in some scenes and wept silently. She also rested her head in my shoulders and I caressed her hairs slightly. I was really touched by her reactions and felt love for her in a different way. We went to a restaurant to have dinner after the movie and we sat side by side with her. She was constantly holding my hand. The waiters must have thought that we were married couple or lovers.We reached home just before mid night and when I was about to leave for my room after saying her good night, mom asked me, “Raj, please be with me tonight.” I saw a different look in her eyes. I did not know how to react. I agreed and went to her room after wearing my night dress.

We have a two bedroom apartment which my company has provided me. Before shifting to this place we had only one bedroom where we slept in different beds. In my new apartment it was my idea that mom sleeps in the other bed room as I wanted that mom should have undisturbed sleep when I work till late midnight sometimes. So there is only one bed in mom’s room which is not big enough for 2 people to sleep comfortably without touching each other. As mom wanted me to be there with her I had no option, but to get up to the same bed with her. When I went into the covers with her, she started caressing my hair saying that she had missed me a lot all these days and kissed me in my forehead. I did not know what to do. I was lying straight, but my manhood was aroused and it was hard to conceal it. My mom was making very slow movement with her fingers as she was touching my hair and face. One of her breast was touching my arms. Some strong sensations were passing though my mind and at one point of time, I could not control myself and turned towards my mom and hugged her tight saying, “Mom, I love you.” She equally responded by hugging me saying’ “I love you too Raj”. Suddenly I freed myself from her hugs and looked straight into her eyes and said’ “Will you marry me?’ My mom was shocked when she heard this. She did not say anything for sometime. Then she reacted with an angry voice, “Are you mad? Do you know what you have told me, go to your room and don’t talk to me.” It was like falling flat on ground from a high rise building for me. I wept like a child and came back to my room without saying anything to mom. I cursed myself for misinterpreting mom’s love for me. But at the same time I felt that I really wanted to be in love with her.

Next morning I could not face my mom. I got up early and left home for office without seeing her. I came back late. Mom opened the door for me. I did not look in her eyes and went straight to my room. My mom followed me to my room and asked me why I went without breakfast in the morning. Without replying to her I went to bathroom to have a bath. When I came out of bathroom I saw mom waiting for me. I was wearing only a towel. She asked me again what was wrong with me. I did not reply. Suddenly she came near me and hugged my bare body. She kissed me allover my chest and was crying. I also got emotional and kissed her. She said, “Don’t ever behave like this with me. I will die.” I was very much overwhelmed by her reaction and pulled her to my bed. She did not resist. I was encouraged and Planted a kiss in her lips. She responded and pulled my lips into her and both of us tasted our saliva. It was a divine moment for me as for the first time in my life I had a woman in my arms kissing me. I caressed her hair and moved my hand over her back. She did not resist. I got bold and tried to pull her saree up. She stopped my hand and got herself free from my kiss. She looked straight into my eyes and asked, “What do you want?” I said “You, mom. I want to marry you.” I was worried that she would again get angry after saying so. But this time she smiled at me and asked, “Are you sure?” I said, “Yes.” She closed her eyes and pulled me to her breast. I closed my eyes too and buried my face into her gorgeous breast. It was so heavenly. We remained like that for some time. Then she pushed me up and said, “Let us have some food first. I know you are hungry.” She went to the kitchen and brought food for both of us. She fed me with her hands and I fed her. I pulled her to my lap and she just kept on caressing my hair with a smile in her face. When we finished she hugged me and said, “I love you Raj.”

After washing dishes and finishing her works in the kitchen she came to my room and said, “From today we will sleep in the same room. Is it ok?” She was smiling as if to tease me. I said “My bed is bigger than yours. So you join me in bed”. Since then we have been sleeping like husband and wife. My life has been so much full of love and romance after that night and I am really a happy man. This is my story. I did not make it very spicy as I wanted to tell you only the truth. If you find my story interesting please mail me at,. May be I will write more about my romance with mom in future.

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