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Jyoti 4

By: vijay saraswat

Before shekhar left i again reminded him to bring his three friends who had fucked me and deepak in the ass and had inserted their cocks in our mouths for sucking so that we may take our revenge by doing the same with them. He said he will send ashok who had used abusive language today at 7.00 p.m. and shashikant tomorrow morning at 11.00 and shankar tomorrow at 7.00 p.m. then he left.

At 2.00 p.m. asha came and i asked her: do you know what your brother did yesterday? She said that jyoti had told her every thing.

Then i asked her that knowing every thing how have you come. She said that on the last occasion i had told you that i will like the fucking to be repeated so i have come.

I said that after the previous experience of the treatment i got for fucking you i have no guts to repeat.

Then asha said tum hamaari gaand maarte ho to main to buraa nahin maanti agar tumhari gaand maar di gayee to itnaa buraa maanne ki kya baat hai.

Maine kahaa ki agar tumhein koi dinner par bulaaye aur phir dinner ke baad tumhein gaaliyan de aur tumhein zabardasti chodde tab tumhein kaisa lagega. Ham logon ko bhi dinner par bulaaya tha gaand marwaane ke liye to bulaaya nahin thaa phir dinner ke baad hamein gaaliyan deen kahaa madarchod bhosadiwale haraami inhein nanga karo hum inki gaand maareinge aur inhein apna laudaa chusaayeinge. Kya yeh theek tha?

Asha said this was not right on their part magar isee liye mere bhai ne tum dono se apni gaand marwaali aur tum donon ka lund bhi choosaa aur apne doston ko bhi bhejegaa ki tum donon unki gaand maar lenaa aur apne laudon ko chusaa lenaa. Ashok jisne tumhein gaali di thi use aaj shaam ko bhejegaa aur shashikant ko kal subah 11 baje aur shankar ko kal shaam ko 7.00 baje.

Then asha said let us now begin our chudai. On this jyoti said that in her opinion it will be better that asha calls shekhar, her brother and every thing is done with him participating then he cannot complain to any one.

Jyoti said main usse chudwa loongi, usse gaand bhi maraaloongi aur uska laura bhi choos loongi. Vijay aur deepak tumhari bur chodlein aur gaand maarlein uske saamne. Usse poonchh leinge ki use koi aapatti hai is mein.

Asha phoned to deepak to come then he asked her if they want to fuck his ass again. Then asha told her that there is nothing like this and you will like what we have decided together.

Within few minutes shekhar came and then asha explained to him that you will fuck jyoti both in her cunt and in her ass and she will also suck your cock while vijay will fuck my ass and deepak will fuck my cunt at the same time.

Shekhar said jab tum pahle se hi in donon se chudwa chuki ho aur gand bhi marwaa chuki ho to dubara chudwane aur gand maraane men mujhe kya aapatti ho sakti hai. Main jyoti ki bur chodungaa aur unki gand bhi maaroonga aur apna lund bhi unhein chuswaoonga.

Then jyoti said when shekhar has no objection then let us not waste any more time and start removing our clothes. So all of us stripped our clothes and became naked.

Jyoti first lay on her back and asked me to suck her left choochi and asked asha to suck her right choochi and asked shekhar to tongue-fuck her choot and also suck her clit. The combined effect of this was that jyoti started crying:” shekhar ab mujhe apne lund se chodo.” Then shekhar withdrew his tongue from her choot and inserted his lund in jyoti`s choot aur dhakke lagaane laga. Jyoti boli aur kas kas ke aur jor jor se dhakke lagao. Shekhar phir jyoti ko jor jor se aur jaldi-jaldi apne laure se jyoti ki bur chodne laga. Thodi der baad jyoti boli ki ab main jhar rahi hun and she calmed down. Shekhar also came and erupted his cum in jyoti`s bur.

Asha then also asked me and deepak to suck her choochis. And both me and deepak took one choochi in our mouths and then deepak licked and sucked her choot and clit then when she became very passionate asked deepak to lie down then she came over him and inserted his lund in her choot and started fucking deepak and told me ki ab meri gand maaro. I came behind her and applied vaseline in her gand and on my lund and i then inserted my lund in her gand and started fucking her ass. After some time all of us came together i shot my load in asha`s ass and deepak shot his load in asha`s cunt. After lying for some more time we disengaged from asha.

Jyoti then asked shekhar: are you ready for the second round to fuck my ass. Shekhar showed his cock to jyoti and said see this is again standing like a pole. Jyoti then lay on her stomach with her ass raised and asked shekhar to fuck her ass. She asked me to give shekhar vaseline to apply it in her ass and on his cock. As directed shekhar applied vaseline in jyoti`s ass and on his cock and then inserted his cock in jyoti`s ass and started fucking her ass. Jyoti started crying jor jor se poora laudaa ghuserdo aur kas kaske dhakke lagaao. In a short time shekhar discharged his come in jyoti`s ass. Jyoti also came. Both enjoyed the ass-fucking.

After some time jyoti asked shekhar if you want your cock sucked. Shekhar said he is now exhausted and let it be tomorrow if all agree. We all were really exhausted and said let it be tomorrow. Then asha and shekhar left.

We all then felt like taking rest and slept for some time.

At 7.00 p.m. ashok came and started speaking in the same language: bhosariwale kaise yaad kiya. I said : tumse gaand marwaane mein kal itnaa mazaa aayaa ki ichcchaa hui ki aaj bhi tum se gaand maraayein. Ashok said theek hai abhi tumhari gaand maar dete hain. Phir bola kahan hai woh madarchod deepak lage haath uski bhi gaand maar dein.

I asked him to go to my bed room and remove clothes and i am coming with deepak.

When i and deepak entered the bed room he had removed all his clothes and was standing naked. After entering the bed room we also stripped naked. Then i said to ashok: madarchod hum logon ki gaand maarnaa bhool jaao.aaj hum log tumhari gaand maareinge aur apna lund bhi chuswaayeinge. Bhosadiwale agar heela hawaalaa kiya to tera lund kaat daaleinge. Ab chup chaap aundhe let ja aur deepak ka lund choos. Seeing our temper and mood ashok did not say any thing and lay down on bed on his stomach. Deepak inserted his cock in his mouth. I came behind him and after lubricating his ass with vaseline started fucking his ass and asked him: kaho bhosadiwale kaisaa lag rahaa hai. But he kept quiet. I came in his ass and deepak came in his mouth. I then asked deepak to fuck his ass but he said he is exhausted and so will not fuck him. I then told him that we have taken our revenge of yesterday and he can go now. He then felt highly disgraced and left.

Next morning shashikank came at 11.00 a.m. we took him to our bed room and told him that day before yesterday you had fucked our ass and got your cock sucked so we are going to do the same with you. If you will not allow us to do then we will cut your cock. We also told him that we have already fucked ashok`s ass and made him suck deepak`s dick. Then he abandoned all his idea to protest and said all right do what you like. I then asked him to remove all his clothes and become naked .we also removed all our clothes and became naked. Since he had fucked deepak, deepak wanted to fuck him. So deepak fucked his ass and i got my cock sucked by him. Before i could discharge i asked deepak to let me also fuck him and when deepak had come in his ass i came behind him and inserted my cock in shashikant`s ass and discharged my load in his ass. Then i said to him that we have taken our revenge of day before yesterday and now we are friends. He then left saying o.k.

In the afternoon asha and her brother shekhar came. I thanked shekhar for sending ashok and shashikank. I told him that ashok aur shashikant dono aaye the hum logon ne unki gaand maarli aur lund bhi chusaa diya. Bas ab shankar rah gayaa hai uski aur gand maar lein maamlaa khatam ho jaaye. Shekhar said: woh bhi aaj shaam ko aajaayega. Us ne kaha hai ki zaroor aayegaa.

Then jyoti said let us begin our sexual activities. She said today we will first have sucking session. I will suck shekhar`s cock and asha will lick and suck my cunt and clit. Vijay and deepak will suck each other`s cock lying in 69 position. So we all freed ourselves from our clothes and on one side of the bed jyoti lay and took shekhar`s cock in her mouth. Asha started sucking jyoti`s clit and licking her cunt. I and deepak started sixty-nining. I lay on my back and deepak over me with his cock in my mouth and i took deepak`s cock in my mouth and both began sucking each other`s cock. After a short while all of us came in shuddering orgasms. I shot load in deepak`s mouth. Deepak discharged his cum in my mouth and both of us swallowed the come. Shekhar came in jyoti`s mouth while jyoti`s cunt juices were swallowed by asha. Since asha had not come jyoti asked shekhar to lick and suck asha`s cunt and clit. In a short while asha also came and her pussy juices were swallowed by shekhar.

After taking some rest jyoti suggested we should now have a masturbation session. Deepak was to masturbate shekhar, shekhar was to masturbate me i was to masturbate jyoti and jyoti was to masturbate asha and asha was to masturbate deepak. So we all sat in a circle. Deepak fisting shekhar`s cock , shekhar fisting my cock , i rubbing jyoti`s clit, jyoti rubbing asha`s clit and asha fisting deepak`s cock. Then we began slow stroking then vigorous stroking / rubbing of cocks and clits and after some time all of us came and felt exhauted. So all of us lay down for rest.

Asha and shekhar said that they also felt exhausted and wanted to leave and saying that they will also come again tomorrow for enjoying sex.

We three fell into sleep and awoke at 5.00 p.m.

Then we had our evening tea and snacks and talked on various subjects with each other. Jyoti jokingly said 7 baje shankar aa jaayega tum log uski gand maar paaoge? I said: kyon nahin abhi ham log jawaan hain tab tak ham logon ke lund phir se khade ho jaayeinge.gand to uski maarni hi hai. Bina uski gand maare chain kahan.

At 7 p.m. shankar came. I and deepak took him to my bedroom. Shankar asked : kyon bulaya hai. I said: parson tum ne meri gand maari thee aaj main tumhari gand maaroonga. Then he said : tumhaare jaise bhosariwale bahut dekh liye. Main gand maarta hun gand maraataa nahin hun. I then also abused him saying: tumhari ma ka bhosada, tumhari bahen ki bur.madarchod aaj to teri gaand maari hi jaayegi. Zyada bak bak karoge to tumhara laudaa kaat daalenge phir gaand marwaane ke alaawaa tumhaare paas koi raasta nahin bachegaa. Ashok aur shashikant to apni gand maraakar chale gaye ab kewal tumhin bache ho.

Hearing this he cooled down and asked : kya waqai tum logon ne ashok aur shashikant ki gand maar di. I said: unse poochh lena ham jhooth kyon boleinge. Then he made no resitance and said meri bhi gand maar lo aur apna badla le lo.

Then we removed all ...

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