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Jyoti 2

By: vijay saraswat

After making me fuck her, jyoti became very uninhibited with me and started coming to my room quite often. Instead of her mother or brother she alone started bringing my breakfast, meals and evening tea and snacks.

Whenever there was none in the house she would passionately kiss me with tight embrace in which her boobs and nipples will press my chest. I also started kissing her with tight embrace. She will also grab my cock and i will grab her tits. She will also open my fly and take out my cock and give me a hand job(masturbate) till i got discharged.

One day when there was none in the house she came to me and said that let us bathe together. We therefore became totally naked and came under the shower for shower- bath. I applied soap on her tits and cuntal region while she applied soap on my cock and balls and also inserted her soapy finger in my ass. I then also inserted my soapy fingers in her ass and when i found her ass is fit to be entered inserted my cock in her ass and fucked her in the ass.

Sometimes when there was none in the house and i was alone she will come take out my cock which always becomes erect by her touch and she used to take it in her cunt by sitting on it by raising her sari and petticoat and fuck me and also open her boobs for me to suck which i do.

Luckily jyoti's father and mother went out for a week to attend some marriages and connected ceremonies and only jyoti and her brother deepak remained in the house.

Jyoti, one day, said to me that her friends have shown her blue films in which the girls were taking dicks of two guys simultaneously in their cunt and ass.

She asked me: "kaisa lagta hogaa ek saath gaand aur bur mein lund."

Maine kaha ki "main kaise bataa saktaa hoon. Mere to kewal gaand hai aur lund hai, bur to hai nahin. Yeh to koi ladki hi bata sakti jisne apni gaand aur bur mein ek saath lund ghuswaaye hon."

Jyoti ne kaha:"main bhi azmaana chaahti hoon."

Maine kaha: "iske liye mere lund ke alaawaa ek aur laude ka intezaam karnaa padegaa. Tum kisi ladke ko janti ho jo tumhein chod sake ya tumhari gaand maar sake."

Jyoti ne kahaa ki uski saheliyon ke bhai hain unse kahanaa padegaa.

Maine kahaa ki is se achchha hoga ki apne bhai deepak ke lund ka istemaal karo---kisi ko pataa bhi nahin chalegaa aur tumhaaraa kaam bhi ban jayegaa. Nahin to jo bhi tumhein chodegaa ya tumhari gaand maaregaa woh sab se kahegaa aur isse tumhari aur tumhare pitaji ki badnaami hogi.

Jyoti boli ki baat to tum theek kahate ho par main apne bhai se kaise kahoon hi mujhe chodo ya meri gaand maaro. Mujhe sharam aati hai.

Maine kahaa ki baahar-wale kisi ladke ko mat bulao aur agar main tumhein chod rahaaa ho-oongaa aur deepak aagayaa to kaam ban jayega.

As the parents of jyoti and deepak had gone out for a week all of us were quite free and one day when i was quite alone in my room doing no work jyoti came and said let us fuck. So both of us went to my bed room and became totally naked for fucking.

I started sucking on her nipples; then started probing her cunt(choot/bur) with my tongue and then started sucking her clit. Jyoti started moaning with pleasure and started crying:"badaa achchha lag raha hai. Ab apne lund se mujhe chodo." i then inserted my cock in her pussy and she started crying:"jor se chodo,aur jor se,aur jaldi jaldi chodo."

While this fucking was going on, the door of the room opened and there was deepak standing. Seeing me fuck his sister he lost control on him and shouted: "madarchod. Tu meri bahen ko chod raha bhosariwale tujhe is liye rakkha tha .aane de mere maa baap ko tujhe dhakke maar kar nikalenge."

I then withdrew my cock from jyoti's cunt. Jyoti tried to pacify him. She said:"bhaiya ghussa na karo,mere kahane par hi yeh mujhe chod rahe the. Aisa karo ki badle mein tumvijai(my name) ki gaand maar lo."

I then said to him:"theek hai tum meri gaand maar lo magar ya to apne lund aur meri gaand mein achchhi tarah thook laga ke ya achchhi tarah tel laga ke." i gave him a bottle of oil and he then became completely naked and applied oil liberally on his cock and then with his oiled fingers in my ass.

Then we assumed the same posture -- jyoti lying on her back with her legs raised and i over her and i inserted my cock in her cunt and deepak inserted his cock in my ass. After fucking for some time all the three climaxed together, i shooting my load in jyoti's bur (choot, cunt) and deepak shooting his come in my gaand ( ass).

Deepak became quite happy in fucking my ass and forgot his anger.

Then both deepak and jyoti suggested that while their parents were away all of us should sleep together in their parents` king size bed and they also suggested that i should have my meals with them in their dining room till the return of their parents.

I then suggested that we should celebrate this occasion by taking beer in the evening to which both deepak and jyoti agreed.

I then went to market and brought three bottles of beer and snacks.

We then sat together in the evening and started drinking beer and eating snacks. When i found that deepak and jyoti have become slightly tipsy i broached the subject.

I asked deepak :" jyoti ki saheliyon ne jyoti ko kuchh blue films dikhlaaeen theen jismein do ladke ek saath ek hi ladki se sex kar rahe the. Ek ladki ki gaand maar rahaa thaa doosraa uski bur chod rahaa thaa. Jyoti bhi dekhna chaahti hai ki is mein kaisa lagtaa hai. Ek ladka to main hoon aur ek ladke ki aur zaroorat hai. Kya tum apni bahen ko chod doge ya apni bahen ki gaand maar doge?"

Deepak replied:"are you in senses?main kaise apni didi ko chod sakta hoon ya unki gaand maar sakta hoon. Main unka chhota bhai hoon."

I told him that your sister wants to know how it feels to have two cocks simultaneously in cunt and ass. I told her that it will be unwise to bring some outsider for this purpose as he may disgrace jyoti and your family and so i have suggested you for this purpose.

Then i asked jyoti:"tumhein koi itraaz hai agar deepak tumhein chode ya tumhari gaand maare?"

Jyoti said :"agar deepak mujhe chodna chahe ya meri gaand maarna chaahe to mujhe kuchh bhi etraz nahin hai."

Hearing this deepak said:"agar didi (elder sister) ko koi itraaz nahin hai to mujha bhi nahin hai.""woh agar mujh se chodne ko kaheingi to main unko chod doonga, agar gaand maarne ke liye kaheingi to main unki gaand maar doonga."

Thereafter after dinner we all retired to the king size bed. We all became stark naked for the fucking. Jyoti lay on her back on the bed and both i and deepak started sucking her nipples-- i left nipple, deepak right nipple. This made her very horny and passionate and excited and her pussy became very wet. Our cocks also became fully erect and hard like rods.

I then lay on my back and asked jyoti to straddle on my cock which she did and my cock was fully impaled in her cunt and her ass was raised. I then asked deepak to apply oil on his cock and in jyoti's ass and then fuck her ass. Jaise tel laga kar meri gaand maari thee usi tarah tel lagaa kar apni bahen ki gaand maaro. He then applied oil on his cock and in his sister`s ass and started fucking her in the ass. We both maintained rhythm in fucking jyoti`s cunt and ass and found this simultaneous fucking of her cunt and ass very pleasurable. Both i and deepak felt each others cocks through the thin membrane separating the cunt from the ass. In this fucking jyoti came several times and both i and deepak also came together, i cumming in her cunt and deepak cumming in her ass. Jyoti said that this was the most pleasurable fucking she had so far.

Thereafter we all disengaged and kissed each other and slept in each others arms and together.

After having fucked her sister in the ass and also having fucked my ass deepak also had no inhibitions left of any kind.

Next day jyoti said aaj raat main deepak se chudwaoongi aur vijai tum deepak ki gaand maarnaa. So in the night jyoti lay flat on her back with her legs raised and deepak lay on her with his dick in her cunt and i came behind deepak and started fucking him in the ass. After this fucking deepak said to jyoti:"didi tumne mujhe bahenchod bana diya." jyoti retorted:"bahenchod ban gaye to kya hua mazaa liya ki nahin."

Next day we all took our bath together. All of us stark naked standing under the shower .we all rubbed soap on each others` body particularly on boobs (choochiyaan), choot, lund and gaand and since my and deepak`s cocks were erect and hard and both i and deepak took jyoti's tits in our mouth she also became very excited and wet in her pussy and held our cocks in her hands. I then took her from the front while deepak took her from the rear and all the three thoroughly enjoyed our sexperience.

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