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Massage to my Bhabhi

I'm Ashish here..once again back to share my one more experience with my bhabhi Roma...well for those who haven't read my previous mail...this is abt me and my bhabhi of life..hotness..desperation..and all this in a dress like chiffon sarees...with sleeveless blouses....frankly speaking taking her name only reminds me of those some special moments..times I've spent and enjoyed with her....well all I can say is she is fucker's delight.....n I'm lucky to have her as my sweet..delicious..lucious wont waste much time now and will share another of the truly memorable times I have shared with her...and friends I feel my experiences are different from others as in mine everything happens between the 2 of us when all other family members are at home..not like others in which the 2 lovers r homalone...same old be ready to find ur tools and pink pussies wet.....

Well this happened last week u all no its wedding season going bhaiya,bhabhi and me had gone for a ladies sangeet party at one of our friends was great fun there and we enjoyed ourselves dancing.boozing...etc etc...we left the farm around 2 a.m.and bhabhi said that her back is aching badly...she needs to go for a body massage tomorrow....i quietly whispered ki whats the idea spending 500 bugs..i'l give ur back a good massage......she readily next day bhai went to the office and my honey Roma were at home...basically bhai's room is on the 2nd floor and my and mom-dad's on the 1st I told mom I'l b back in an hr and went out.she doesn't enquires much abt where I'm going n I went to bhabhi's room n knocked the door...she with a voice said..come in massage man...i'm waiting for u...i entered the room n was stunned...the whole room was filled with a sexy...arousing fragrance....n on the bed was lying my bomb Roma wearing a Lime Green and slight Orange nite suit...sleeveless..quite transparent..she was lying on her back reading a book "What Men Want in Bed" with her legs crossed showing her lovely..milky..creamy...clean.spotless legs upto her thighs....well wont deny that Roma bhabhi has such a drastic effect on me ki all this was enough for a hard on n 2 make me mad.....

I imedditaley got on her...n whispered "so is my sex princess ready for the massage?""...she mummered her answer by opening the strap of her nite gown...that was enough for me...i turned her around and started kissing her...cheeks..chin...eyes...moving my fingers towards her soft red lips n playing with them n she taking her lips inside..then I planted a long french types kiss on her lips n lifted her hands backside to have a clear view of her shaved...Cool Water smelling perfume....underarms...mind blowing...i moved towards the underarms n kissed for 2-3 mins there leaving the underarms wet with my kisses...I could c her getting hot my now....then I played for sometime with her earlobes n got ready for the massage..I took off her lovely..soft...silken gown with my hands being helped by amazing hot body was lying in front of me in just a black.lace...bra and black...satin panties.....just 2 hot n horny....I again made her lie on her back....n opened the bottle of Olive oil I had got for the massage...i sat on her buttocks..well adjusted and started putting the my hands were going up and down on her was her voice..breath....and the movement of the lucious...riped lemons..... Which I cud very easily finger were rolling on the back....with different movements at all the times......and making her mad with lust and she was getting hot n horny.....

I moved up a bit and started massaging her neck and earlobes.. this made her wild with the wetness of the oil.and the lovely..round...tickling movements of my hands......she was going out of control...both of us had forgot the main purpose of massage and started paying with each other....she undressed me and started playing with my hair 1st..then with my hairy chest n scratching my nipples...licking..biting them...making we dead hot...I made her lie down and opened the strap of her vulnerable breast holder with my teeth..n gave a small bit on the tits while opening the strap..basically she was wearing front open bra...she yelled with pain n pleasure...I took the oil n massaged on her breasts....rolling the hot oil....her tits started geting erect...the big..brown nipples seemed as if hungry to be eaten by me...i started licking them..sucking them..biting them like a baby dying for milk...and my hands were readily making their way through her black thongs..i cud feel the wetness of her well shaved pink clit n cunt...the scene was amazing.I was playing with ur cunt n she was feeling the hard rock pulsating 8" tool of mine..both of us were so much engraved in our lust n love..didn't cared for any1......just were dying 2 make love..n make this afternoon memorable 1...

I went down slowly after licking..tickling her navel..n putting some honey in her thighs....moved my wet hands on the inner thighs...gave a soft.soothing massage to her legs.....fingered her legs...put some honey on the inner thighs n then on the toes n the part between the fingers..n started licking the fingers like a a mad lover.....she was smiling wit pleasure n wanted I got up and headed towards the it had been waiting for me since long....stretched her legs...n my 8" was ready to explore the heaven n enjoy the wetness n heat in it.....i slowly pushed it was a feeling just cant b expressed in words....the tool was getting in.the pain..pleasure was increasing....our bodies were enjoying n move with the pleasure..the soft lemons were busy in their round movements in my hands...getting a hard erection asking me 2 suck them n eat a wild god...the room was filled with her moans......of pain n pleasure...those cries n smiles were there...i thrusted her for around 10 mins....during this her legs were wide spread and not in a position to get back 2 normal....i had thrusted her with my hot..jerky strokes so much.....i was in the 7th heaven.infact both of us were......wont deny "she is a fucking sex goddess"...any1 delight.....i was about to cum n I took out my hot.shaft it leaked it on her navel..breasts.n in her mouth...she drank more...n I swept all on her neval inside..n then licked from there....

It was a really memorable day for both of us.enjoyed like hell.we still enjoy..but cant share every experience so easily and will wait for ur expert comments...n aftereffects of reading my experiences...

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