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A Bus Journey

I and my friend get married befour 2 yaer and our both's wife went for delivary, we dident had sex since long period my friend and i wes working in same company at aurangabad. we decided to go to redloght area but at auranagabad there was no any red light area, so we have decided to go to Ahamadnager for fuck it is 125 Km long form Aurangabad.
we started our journy at evening after office,i put my byke on bus stop. we get bus and bought tickets of AhamadNagar after some distance bus stoped on Dhaba for Nasta we both steped out of bus to have a cup of tea we discussed panwala regarding some sex he told us there near the Dhaba there is Dance part you gan get some fun so we both left the bus on that Dhaba and went to see Dance Party. But we there was rush and no so smart girl and we have to fuck so it was not possible to get chance to fuck in that dance party.
Then we both come to Dhaba where we had left bus. and got another bus for ANagar. but we got let to reach at Anagar, we catched riksha and went to ReadLight area till some of the randi khana was closed so we rikshawal took us to other area but that area was very denger. when we reached there one Mothi Randi catched us and took us at her house and asked us to give money for smart girl we had given money but she asked us to fuck her.
I FUCKED HIR but my friend not fucked her. we leaved place we both get boared due to unsatificatin so returned to bus stop for our city. when we reached on bus stop there one bus was ready for our city. but it was full and same time we find a girl was seeted on last shit. we askes her about shit but there we no shit so we decided to go by different bus. we got another bus. At Anagar there are three bus stop when our bus reached another bus stop we found that girl wa there trying to get in our bus so we catched place for her and asked to sit. we were on last sit. we both me nad my friend were trying to give her sit beside so we both were pushing each other. when she come near i have given sit in between us and she happly aceped that sit. our journy started at 2 Am morning. it was night journy light get off.
During journy i was feeling cold and due to girl near my body was shaking so the girl fill that i am suffring from cold so she put her shawl on my shoulder and let me allow in her shawl. other end my friend touched her body and trying to press her boobs. and am also trying to touch her boobs.. My friend sucessed in his plan and she get horny.My friend was pressing her boobs by one side. i was not till dare to tuch her. but she understand that i also trying to press her boobs. so she catch y hand and put on her one boobs. i thougt that she is giving line to me and my friend thinking that she is giving line to him. when we both pressing her boobs we cought eachother. till Aurangabad we both pressed her boobs and kissed hardly. when we reached Abad.I asked her where to go she had came for intrview so she have to wait on bus stop till 8 Am. so we asked to comt to our room get fresh and then go. i am trying to her to get doun where i want to get down and my friend was tring to her to get doun where he want to get down. At Abad there are also two bus stop my stop was first and my friends stop was second. but when my stop came i get lougage of girl and get down and askes to get down both to that girl and my friend. we all get down there. I had already my byke there on bus stop. i take my bike and get trialsit to my room where my wife was not there. so we reached at my room. she sited on chair my friend prepairing to slip. i went to girl and directly asked for to have sex. she first said she has taied and not fresh. i asked to have bath and get fresh she agried and taken bath. and came to near me till my friend was about to slip he dose not know what we have talked each other. she sited on chare and till i was undressed and wared towal. and i went to her. she put away my tawal and touched my cock above underware i take out my cock and she started sucking my cock. my friend was also in that room he surparised to seeing that and wekup from bed. he alos put his cock out of undreware and came to near us. girl catched my cock by one hand and my friends cock by other and sucking both's cock hardy. it was first time any one sucking to me and my friend.
she was sucking so hardly that we both dicharged on her mouth. she cleared and another section started we both fucked her in pussy and in her ass. we complited three section till 8 o clock. and droped that girl to her locaton where shewant to go..
After that she came to my room two three time and me and my friend enjoyed night with her. after that my wife came during that also she came so i have changed room

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