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My Gang-Bang

I am Kavitha writing about my personal experience that took place a year and a half ago. First some introduction. I am the wife of Mr. Narayanan. I have a 3 year old kid. My husband is a sales executive and often goes on short tours and has satisfied me abundantly (in every aspect). Hope you guys understand.

My brother was staying with my parents and came to Chennai to do some course. He got himself enrolled and made a few friends in the due course of time. They often frequented my home and had become familiar to me and my husband and my child. My brother’s name was Venkat and his 3 close friends were Ramesh, Prasad and Aditya. All of them being in their prime youth had a good physique as all would hit the gyms regularly together.

It was the birthday of my brother. So he and his friends decided to go out and have dinner. I too was invited for that. I dressed up in a navy blue chiffon saree. I didn’t exhibit anything but was surely turning heads at the hotel. We went to a posh hotel and ordered food and the boys ordered alcohol with my prior permission. Since being the sister of the birthday boy I granted permission. As time passed by I too had a small shot of alcohol. As we were nearing the end of our dinner, the boys were drunk but not totally. Only slight blabbering.

After settling the bill, we all got into the car and first headed to my home to drop me and my brother. On the way home, I told Aditya, who was driving the car, to stop at a medical shop as I had to purchase some prescriptions for my child. When I was walking towards the shop, it started to drizzle, and within few minutes started to rain heavily. When returning back to the car I became wet though not completely. The effect of a little alcohol and a little rain stirred up the mood in me. We reached my home. It was pouring and there was no sign of the rain stopping. So I told the boys to stay here for the night and go when the rain had stopped. So the three agreed to stay back. Till then there was no evil intentions in the air.

The boys went into my brother’s room and dried themselves up and came back to the hall. I that mean time I dried my hair as it is of good length. My saree which was wet was sticking my body, making my assets more prominent and my nipples started to poke out. I just overlooked those thinking that the boys wouldn’t notice since all were drunk. I made coffee for all including myself and offered to the boys who were sitting in the hall and watching TV. I offered and sat down to watch TV. While the boys were watching TV, the effect of alcohol and the rain started to take a effect on me. While drinking coffee Aditya was looking straight at me instead of the screen. I then realized that something is wrong with him. I too looked back at him and he turned away. I overlooked that and everything became normal.

I started to feel uncomfortable in the wet saree and decided to go change. While walking back to the room, the eyes of Aditya flashed before me. That took me by surprise as I have not seen such stares ever. I somehow managed to overcome that stare but the effect of alcohol and the weather was stirring up my mood. Then I entered my room and found my child sleeping peacefully. While entering the room I didn’t bolt the door and just shut it which turned into the biggest mistake or should I say boon in my life.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t locked the door and started to change. I usually sleep only in my panties and nighty. I started to remove everything and finally removed my bra, didn’t realize that a gush of wind had opened the door and gave a free show to all the spectators sitting in the hall. All the boys were watching me hungrily including my brother. I immediately covered myself and shut the door. I sat thinking as to what can be done. The thought of being married and having a child never came to my mind and the only the thing that was running in my mind was


Then I went to the hall and talked to the boys in a bold tone but everyone had their heads bowed down not able to face me. I never saw my brother as my brother but saw him as any other man. Then I told them in a bold tone that -


On hearing this, all the boys, including my brother had the shock of their lives. I repeated my statement in a more aggressive manner and said –


Then with a long face on each one of them, they started to undress and stood in front of me completely nude. Imagine, a married lady sitting in front of four young guns. All these guys were having erections. 3 of them including my brother had decently sized penis but Aditya had the largest – in length and thickness. Then I told these guys that i’ll help them with their erections. So I started with the smallest which was Ramesh who was only 5” long. The moment I took his tool in my mouth, within seconds he came in mouth. Watching this Venkat, Prasad and Aditya started to laugh. Then I took Venkat’s tool which was almost 7” and he too within a minute came. Same was the condition with Prasad too who was also almost 7”. Next came the big guy Aditya. His penis was 8” long, circumcised and had a thickness equal to my wrist. I found a certain difficulty in taking his head in my mouth. Once I found the going easy I found out this was the best blowjob I had ever given. He took almost 5 minutes to unload and the load was huge. Could be easily said as the quantity of the other three guys put together. So much was the quantity.

Then I told all the guys to go to my brother’s room and wait. I went in later as I had to wash of all the cum that was in my mouth, dress and face. I washed up and entered their room and said that I want the favor returned back. So I gave each one of them a task. I told Aditya to play with my vagina, Prasad and Venkat on each one of my breasts and Ramesh on my asshole. The first time encounter of being aroused by 4 boys was amazing. I didn’t have to give any other instructions and orders and the boys automatically started to arouse me more. Aditya was great at licking and playing with my pussy and clit. He aroused me so much that, I was about to cum very early. He continued to lick as I had his head pressed onto my pussy and finally the first orgasm of the night came on just by licking of my pussy. Then all of them took chances in licking and kissing me all over my body.

Without my knowledge I started to moan which all the boys by surprise. Everyone had got exhausted with the really long foreplay which lasted almost 2 hours. I decided to take a break and go check on my child. He was sleeping like an angel.

I returned back to the room with a bottle of Vaseline. Then I instructed all of them to start fucking me in the same order in which I gave them blowjobs. All of them agreed. And I again gave instructions that while I am getting fucked the rest of don’t stand simply, come and suck my breasts and asshole.

Then started my journey to endless orgasm. Ramesh started to fuck me. Like the blowjob, his fucking too didn’t last long and came early and went limp soon. Once Ramesh had finished I told everyone to cum on my body or breasts when they were about to climax. After that was my brother, Venkat and Prasad had their chance. Each of them fucked me for 20 long minutes and showered cum all over my body. When I was getting fucked my brother, I climaxed once and climaxed twice when getting fucked by Prasad. Venkat was slow and steady, but Prasad was a bull from the word go. He continued to ram me and made me moan like a whore for those 20 minutes he fucked me.

Then was the turn of Aditya, for whom I had been waiting so long. He mounted me in missionary position and tried to push his huge headed circumcised cock into my pussy but to my surprise me a lot of resistance. Then I told him to hold on and guided his cock into my pussy. The amount of pain it caused reminded me of the pain I endured the first time I got fucked by my husband on my first night. Couldn’t believe I got stretched so much. The pain was sweet. After completely inserting I told him to wait so that I and my pussy get adjusted to the pain. He told as I did. Then he started to fuck me at a steady speed. Then increased his speed gradually. At one point of time he would completely remove his cock and bury it deep into my pussy, which was a great feeling and experience. The first time he did this I climaxed letting out huge amounts of cum. It was almost for half an hour that he had fucked me without climaxing. In that 30 minutes I climaxed 3 times. In another 10 minutes he climaxed a huge load of cum which hit my face, nipples, breasts and my belly. All of us had got exhausted that we lay still in our bed with me drenched in cum of 4 guys and the outside getting drenched by rain and it was 2 in the morning.

After a brief rest I said to Aditya that I want to ride him. He agreed to it and I sucked him to get his cock ready. Then I mounted him and told the other three boys to oil their cocks and fuck my ass. All of them did as per my instructions and shot out their loads on my ass, in my ass and on my back. By the time the three had ended fucking my ass, I and Aditya climaxed and both of us came together. I dismounted him and saw a huge load of liquid dripping from my cunt. It was 3 in the morning when the entire ordeal had got over. Then all of us slept nude in the same bed. I didn’t mind sleeping with a dripping pussy and enjoyed the sight of seeing Aditya’s cock go limp.

Then around 4.30 I woke up hazily and went to the kitchen to drink water. I could smell dried cum all over me. When I came back to sleep to the boys bedroom I found Aditya standing by the window and gazing. I went close to him and asked him as what was he seeing outside the window. He said nothing. I took his face in my hands and kissed him gently on his eyes, nose and lips which turned out to be a passionate one. Then I took him to my room, did a 69, during which I came heavily. Then I mounted and rode him for some time and got fucked doggy style and sucked him till he climaxed.

After that I told him, after my husband you’re the next person to have satisfied me till this extent. When I finished saying this, he said that he was sorry for all that happened yesterday night. All this was because of the alcohol only. When he finished saying that I said that it was no problem. And then morning came and everybody was unable to face me including my brother. I called all of them and told them that this should be a secret between the five of us. I told my brother Venkat that he shouldn’t mention about this to anyone. All of them agreed to it and left happily.

After the first time experience, I got another chance for a gangbang on my birthday during which all were conscious and fucked me properly. And after that my brother finished his education ...

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