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Worst experiance

I cannot believe I visited such a site and even made my contribution. But girls watch out, Im gone and just to describe my experience.My name is Neha(name not changed as it doesnt make any diff). This happened when I was 23 years of age. I am a Punjabi with good features. Soon after completing my MBA from Delhi, I joined an MNC in Gurgaon. I was very much facinated with my new job and the salary I draw. First few months were the most interesting times of my life with great friends around me. At office we used to have atleast one party every month at some club house or gardens. With my gr8 looks boys gather around me at parties and djs. I felt like princess. One day even my Team Leader, Rohit, proposed me, which I denied politely. He was always polite to me and behaved like a gentleman, even after I denied.

So it was on the month on August, one Saturday after our Independence Day there was a party. It was at Celebration Garden at Gurgaon. The party went on till 12 at night. With pressure from my friends and colleagues, took some drinks also but I was in control. When it was time to leave Rohit told me that he can drop me in his car as he stays at Ashok Vihar. I stay at Punjabi Bagh, and I have to go alone in the cab, so in that condition I thought it would be wise going with Rohit. So I agreed. By 12:30 we left. On the way he offered me limca to drink, which I drank. I had consciousness till I reached Dhaula Kuon, then things stared wading away. I felt something was happening to me, Rohit was doing something to me, but I had no strength and couldn’t make out what he was doing. I was staying with my friends as my family is at Punjab. On reaching my home he sprinkled water at my face and my friends took me to bed. I slept.

Next day my friends scolded me. They told I reached at 3’O clock, I knew I had left at 12:30 and should have been at home by 1. So that day at office I asked Rohit what had happened and he told me nothing. He had given me some vodka mixed with limca last night. He told me that I had vomited on the way and the car also broke down which took that much time. I was not sure but had to believe him. After two weeks one evening Rohit came to me and said he will drop me today at evening. I said no need, I will go by cab, but he insisted. Then I said ok. Our office time is till 10:30 at night. So before starting I gave a call to my friends and we started. He went through Sanker Rd, which will be having no traffic at that time. He slowed the car and began asking me weird questions, like whether I am a virgin, what is my cup size etc. I didn’t reply and asked him to shut up. It was too high when he asked me to cooperate and he will appraise me very well. I was about to slap him, I ordered him to stop the car and that I will be resigning the very next day. He told me he will stop the car and you can resign but what about this. He said this showing me his cell phone. I felt the shock of my life

It was having a video with me almost naked. It was not having his face, but only his hands. I got to know what happened to me that party day. He had undid my T-shirt and bra. He was squeezing my breast. Then he unzipped my jeans and lowered my panties. The video also had pics of my vagina and he fingering it. Shock wave was send through my nerves. He said he has not shown this anyone and he Wont as he loves me a lot and wants to marry me. I was crying and said I don’t want to marry him. He said that’s ok but now I have to do as he says. Saying this he unzipped his pants and asked me to take his penis out from his underwear. I hesitated and his voice turned loud with anger. I obeyed. I am Sunita. It was already hard. I took it out from his underwear it was pretty long. He asked me to shake it and I did it. After a min he asked me to put it in my mouth, I said I cant. Then he started black mailing me. After forcing me a lot I agreed. It’s the first time I have seen a hard penis and that too in my mouth. His penis was all wet, so were my fingers. While I was putting the penis in my mouth he stopped the car and his left hand was running thru my hairs and it went down to my ass. His right hand unbuttoned my shirt and was squeezing my breast from inside the bra. Meanwhile he put his left hand inside my jeans and then inside the panty and ran down to my ass. By then he exploded and all his cum was on my face. After washing my face and dressing properly, he dropped me at my apartment. After this incident he misbehaved in others absence at office and I began searching for other jobs.

During the month of November, our appraisal process starts and one week before that one Friday morning Rohit came to me and said he wants to give me a party at his home. I said I will come if he invites everybody. Then he told, no his parents had gone for a vacation and there won’t be anyone at home and he needs me there. I felt like slapping him but I thought of what he has. I pleaded him, but he was stern and said this is the last time and he won’t call me again and he will delete the video also. I had no other go but to accept it. Saturday morning he came and picked me. There was no one at home. He took me to his bed room and asked me to remove my clothes fully. He also undressed, and then he pounced on me. He kissed me vigorously and began fucking me. This was the first time a penis was entering my pussy. It pained a lot, so he applied some lubricants also. He didn’t put a condom, telling me that he has after pills. He fucked me for an hour. Then I had the shock of my life. When he was through I went to take a shower. He asked me to come out naked. When I came out, there was an old man at his 50s. He was the VP of our company Mr Ankur Goyal.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. He said to Rohit that his appraisal will be the best. He told me to cooperate and he will also give me a promotion. I was in a shocked stage and tried to hide my assets with what all I can. He came closer to me and checked me out. He said Rohit you had taken away her virgin pussy so I have to try something else. He removed his trousers and underwear which revealed a strong penis as strong as Rohits. He asked me to bend down and he entered my ass, which was very painful. But he didn’t show any mercy. They two enjoyed me the whole day and left me at my apartment in the evening.I got a job the next week, changed my number and left Delhi.

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