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Making Aunty Slut (Desi)

Hello girls and guys. How are you. Hope you are enjoying desi stories. Well i have too my true sex experience which i am sharing with you. Hope you like it.
My name is ahmed ages 22.i am from the heart of pakistan that is city of karachi.let me describe you about my sex partner that is my aunty.she lives near our house.she is just gorgeous in the age of about 29. And her figure wow.its 38-28-32. Whenever i saw my aunty my dick stands like an iron rod.i like her ass very much as it is perfectly rounded.i used to fantasizing about her and always masterbutate before sleeping while thinking about her.and one day all my fantasies came true.
Its so happend that about 4 months ago,my aunty's husband has to go for out of city for about 8 days with his business problems.aunty asked my mother that i stay with her in these 8 days as she is alone with her 1 mother asked me and after a bit hasitation i agreed as it was a golden chance for me to fulfill my dreams.i got my buggage and ready for go.
I reached her home accompanyied by the night took a dinner and about 11pm we go to bedroom to sleep.i was with her 1 kid in one bedroom and my aunty was alone in the other.i was not able to sleep as i was thinking about my aunty.the time passed and it was midnight.i stood up and went to aunty room as i want to see her lying. As i reached her door i heared a sound of "ooohhhhhhhhh".i stood there and i thought that aunty is not sleeping so its better to go back and try some other the meantime i heared another voice of "uuuuffffff hhhhhhooooooo".my dick stand up in a flash.and all i want is to see the cause of this sounds. I opened the door slightly and i was stunned to see the scene aunty was sitting on her bed in lying position.she has a vibrator in her hand which was coming in and out of her choot as the legs of my aunty was wide open.she was also moving to and fro with every motion of vibrator.

Suddenly she saw me and covered her legs with the sheet.i was astonished to see all that.all i said is "aap kiya kar rahi thi aur yeh haath mein kiya hai".she came near me.hold my hand and make me sit on her bed beside herself.then she said to me "ahmed mein iss waqt buhat garam ho rahi hoon aur mujhay koi chahiyey jo kay meray saath khel sakay.kiya tum meray saath yeh kheel khelo gay".i was stunned to hear all this but then my desire of having sex with her overcome me and all i said "yes".she replied "thanks i know you want me" and then kissed me on my was my first time to having a a sex with any woman.she knew it quickly and said "calm down ahmed.aram say koi jaldi nahi hai.jitna aaram say karo gay utna maza aayga". She then make me stand and removed all my clothes.and there came out my dick which was large enough to stunned her as it was about 7 and half inches in length.she said "wow itna bara lund to tumharay khalo ka bhi nahi hai.ab to buhat maza aayga".and take my dick in her hot mouth.i was on the top of 7th was my first time to getting a blowjob.i felt waves of current flowing in my body and soon i was near to cum.i told her "aunty meri manni nikalnay wali hai".she said "koi baat nahi meary moonh mein hi nikal do mein tumharay lund ka zaika chakhna chahti hoon".and there i came in her juices was coming out like an river and my aunty was drinking all of it.she didnot allow a single drop to come out of her mouth.then she opened her was full of my water.and tell you what she was looking for more.she kissed me deep in my mouth and i can taste my salty juices. Then she threw away her both of us were in our original dresses means naked.she then lay on bed and oipend her legs wide and said "meri choot ko chatoo.itna keh meri bhi manni nikal aay".i brought my mouth near her smells great.i opened her clean shaved choot with my hands and started licking in tastes good.
As i was licking her she was moaning "oofff ahmed buhat maza aaraha hai aur zor say chatoo tumharay khalo to iss tarha karna pasand hi nahin kartay woh to buss direct choot mein apna lund dal daitay hain.haan aua zor say hai mein Mari ooohhh aaaah my god . . .". Then suddenly her love juices came out of her pink was flowing and flowing in my mouth.i tried my best to drink all but in was a ocean of her love juices.she said "oh buhat maza aaya.iss say pehlay mera pani kabhi bhi iss tarha nahi nikla tha.i love you ahemd".then my dick came back into his original position.aunty on seeing itsaid "shabaash yeh hui na baat.ahmed fuck me and fuck me hard.mujhay itnay zor say chodo keh mein mar jaoon".i opened her legs and placed my dick on the top of her choot.she was dying in lust and said "ab aur na

Tarpao aur apna lund meri choot mein daal bhi do".then i inserted my dick in her choot and to my surprise it went straight in her with first push.i asked about it, she said "practice makes the man perfect and woman professional" and was i.i took my dick out and inserted in her again.i did it 4 more times then she screamed in a low it was right time to make my movements.i started slowly then i picked up my speed and my aunty was supporting me in every push.we both were moving to and fro and the after about 11 minutes i was near my limit.i told her "meri manni nikalnay wali hain".she said "meri choot mein hi nikalna.buhat maza aaraha hai".i exploded in her as her moans was getting louder because she was also cuming her orgasm."ooohoh uuufffff ma mein mar gai meri choot par do aaaaahhhh buhat maza a raha hai.ahmed apni iss randi aunty ko aur chodo haiy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooooffff".

Then i took my dick was lamp.i laid on her.after about 15 minutes i kissed her then i started to squeeze her nipples.her breasts was very large and i cannot hold them in one hand.i was pumping her breats.she was moaning sofly as her eyes were closed "uff bara maza aa raha hai.aur zor say dubao aur zor say choosoo.mmmm".then she picked my dick and took it in her mouth once again and giving me blowjob.soon i was in full flow.i took out my dick and said "kahal mein aap ki gaand marna chahta hoon please".she said "nahi mujhay patta hai keh gaand marwany say buhat maza aata hai lekin dard bhi buhat hota hai.mein nay kabhi gaand nahin marwai.nahi nahi".i said "khal kuch nahi ho ga buss shoro mein

Thora sa dard ho ga uskay baad mazay hi mazay.dekhay please meri hameesha say yeh khuwahish rahi hai keh mein aap ki gaand maroon.please".she said "ok lekin aaram say karna mein pehli dafa gand marwanay lagi hoon". Then i made her in doggy style.picked up bottle of a vaseline and apply it on her gaand and on my fingers.then i inserted my one finger in her was very light as i expected because she was virgin from that side.when my finger got in her gaand.she screamed "ahmed nahi buhat dard ho raha hai nikal do issay mein gaand nahi marwaoon gi".i said "bas 1 minute aur please phir aap ko maza aana shoro ho jayay ga".then i inserted my second and then third finger in my kahala gaand.after Inserting 3 fingers i stopped a while and then started finger fucking her gaand.soon she was moaning in pleasure "ohhff haaaaan aur aur zor say aaaaahhh".
Then i realized that its time for real i placed my lund in my hand and lubricate it with vaseline and then apply more vaseline on my aunty gaand.she was abusing me like a whore "salay harami aapni aunty ki gaand marta hai.jaa kay apni behan ki gaand mar jis say mein yeh vibrator laeen hoon.sali ki choot aur gannd buhat tight hai.ussay kitni daffa kaha hai keh kisi say chudwa lay lekin manti hi nahi sali randi".i was surprised to know all this.and i was enjoying this a lot.

After that i said to aunty "gashti tayyar ho ga.ab mein teri gaand pharnay laga hoon".she replied while moaning "gandoo mein tayyar hoon aaja meri gaand mar harami".then i inserted my dick in her ass but it was too tight as expected.after about 5 minutes hard working i succeeded and head of my dick was in my aunty ass.she screamed a bit but i pushed hard and inserted my whole tool in her ass.she screamed loudly "uuuuuufffffff aaaaaa main mar gaee".i kept in that position for about a minute and then started to and fro as my dick was coming out and in from her ass.she was moaning a bit loudly "haaye meri gaand buhat dard ho raha hai.aur zor say aur zor say.aur aur yeh dil mangay aur.buhat maza aaraha hai ahmed.meri gaand khoob maro".then i felt that i am reaching to my point of i told her "aunty meri manni nikalnay wali hai.mein aapni manni aap ki gaand mein nikalna chahta hoon".she said "haan ahmed aapni manni meri gaand mein hi nikalna.mein yeh mehsoos karna chahti hoon keh gaand mein manni kaisi lagti hai.aaaah uuuuuf oooooooooohhhh mmmmm yes yes oooeooee".
Then i released all my sperms in her virgin aas which has lost its virginality by me.i took my dick out and my aunty took it in her mouth and licked all the juices and cleaned my dick.i asked her do you like this experience.

She said "yes buhat maza aaya.mein nay iss say pehlay kabhi gaand nahi marwai thi lekin meri sahaylian batati hai keh buhat maza aata hai aur ab mein bhi yeh fakhar(proud) say kaeh sakti hoon keh mein nay bhi gaand marwai hai.i love you ahmed.aaj say mein tumhari aunty nahi balkeh tumhari randi aunty hoon.tum jab chaho mujay chod liya karo aur haan meri gaand bhi mara karo.i love you.mmmm".and then she kissed me.i saw the clock it was 4am in the morning.i went back to kids room and slept you can understand that the next 8 nights brings more pleaseure to both of us.we stil experiene various positions while fucking and we enjoyed all that.

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